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Abusing Heavenly Mother

Abusing Heavenly Mother
By Ed Decker

Dear Friends,

I want to respond to the Notification by the Mormon General Authorities that a number of new Temple Ritual changes have been made. Remember that Joseph Smith stated that he had “restored” the true and perfect ritual whereby men and their women may enter into godhood.

If truly a god thing, there should not be a single changed word or oath or action within those walls.

This changing of the rituals has been an ongoing thing as the LDS Church leaders become more reactive to negative public opinions and the high numbers of strong members stepping away from the only true church. Let me start with a story.

I Was Terrorized in The Bishop’s Office

I remember the conversation as though it were yesterday. I was still an active and involved member of the LDS church. It was somewhere in the mid-1960s. I was sitting in my bishop’s office and the conversation worked its way around the desire we all had for a Chicago area temple.

I asked the Bishop how he felt about Lucifer’s statements, some of which were solid LDS Doctrine. I told him that the portrayal of all Christian pastors as hirelings of Satan really upset me. I quietly mentioned that when I was told that these pastors had some of the truths but we had the perfect truth, no one said that they were actually demonic, fully under the power and control of Satan.

Up to this point, things were calm and peaceful. Just a member of the Holy Melchizedek Priesthood asking a few theological questions of his superior, the High Priest and Ward Bishop.

However, his response was an immediate explosion of anger and violent indignation. How dare I speak of such sacred things outside the sacred walls of the temple?

I responded and said that there were no opportunities to discuss anything off script in any temple ritual I had ever seen.

I will trim down the fifteen minutes of his tirade. His point, as he raged inches from my face, spittle, and foam dousing me in his screaming rebuke.

His point was this. How dare I, a mere man, question the purity of God’s perfect temple ritual, restored in perfection by God through His holy prophet, Joseph Smith. I was told that each and every word and act within those walls came directly from a perfect god to a perfect prophet and to even speak of them is an act of apostasy.

He referred me to I Nephi: 14: 10 and asked me, “Have you even read the Book of Mormon? If you did, you would know the answer to your question!”
It Reads: “And he said unto me:

Behold there are save two churches only; the one is the church of the Lamb of God,
and the other is the church of the devil; [my emphasis] wherefore,
whoso belongeth not to the church of the Lamb of God belongeth to that great church,
which is the mother of abominations; and she is the whore of all the earth.”

He threatened to pull my temple recommend and told me “Get out of my Office. You defile it! I will be talking to the Stake President about you. This kind of behavior is what gets men like you excommunicated.”

Well, I fled like all the hounds of heaven were at my heels.

It is kind of ironic that years later, that very section of the perfect ritual was removed, among others, after the documentary, The Temple of The God Makers was released, revealing the numerous ungodly, often masonic sections of the holy ritual.

All that to get to my point today.

The LDS Church has once again defied the perfection of their god and changed the ritual to conform to public opinion and pressure. The word is out that there are more people leaving the church than the tens of thousands of missionaries can beguile into the fold. It has been said by insiders that the scare is not the numbers of apostates, but the high number of devout and active families who are throwing in the towel.

I have been quietly listening in on a number of Mormon insider blogs and forums and can see the turmoil that has come within the last few years. There is a struggle and inner upheaval taking place. A literal groundswell of dissatisfaction. The Church will not give them the answers they need and they are getting the truth from all sides.

The Internet is clogged with sites dealing with the false teachings and smug behavior of the leaders.

Stop and test it yourself. Google these words: “False teachings LDS Church.” I just did and received “About 2,540,000 results (0.47 seconds)”

I also tried “Mormon Church problems” and that gave me “about 7,960,000 results (0.52 seconds)”

I entered “Changes to the LDS Temple ceremony” and got “about 293,000 results (0.50 seconds)”

Recently, the #metoo movement brought Mormon sexual abuse victims out of their many closets and caused many LDS leaders to be called out for this publically. Finally, their angry, hurting voices across the world of the internet have been echoing off the Mormon Temple walls enough to bring the church into a crisis mode.

Abusing Heavenly Mother

The women became bolder with their success and in their blogs and forums began to state that Heavenly Mother had been abused by the Brethren.

They were not going to put up with it any longer. They were tired of only singing about her and never praying to her or have the church acknowledge that she was co-creator with Heavenly Father. I personally have a problem with them sorting out which of the many polygamous goddess wives is this co-creator.

The questions and rumblings 0nline go even deeper, much deeper. Why was Mother Eve always silent in the temple? Why must every woman swear a blood oath to be obedient to her husband or suffer not being called out of the grave by him on the ‘morning of the first resurrection? Why are only the wives asked to be chaste and pure for their husbands? Why does the husband get to know the wife’s secret name but his secret name is withheld from her?

Correcting Mormongod’s Errors

Once they began restructuring and re-interpreting the Holy Word of this holy man-god to make it say what you want it to say, they might as well give up the charade.

The LDS Church has just announced that many changes have been made to the present ritual to give Eve a voice and remove some of the more demeaning parts that portray LDS women as chattel. I have read many posts by active Mormon women who have suffered through this terrible, ungodly treatment for years. My heart aches for them and with them. What a tragedy!

The Holy Act of Cursing our Nation

One of the first additions to the early, Masonic-heavy ritual was the Oath of Vengeance placed in the ceremony in 1845, soon after Joseph Smith had his encounter with death in a shoot-out at the Carthage Jail.

LDS apologists today say that the oath was just against those who killed him on that fateful day. Well, they were all long dead while it still continued as part of the ritual. They lied! It wasn’t against the shooters. It was against this nation. Read for yourselves.

You and each of you do covenant and promise that you will pray and never cease to pray to Almighty God to avenge the blood of the prophets upon this nation,
and that you will teach the same to your children and to your children’s children unto the third and fourth generation!

The oath remained in place until the early 1930s. If you estimate a generation [birth of mother/father to birth of a child to be at the least, 25 years. There were people swearing that oath to teach their next 4 generations to curse this nation from still reaching out 1945 through 2030.

Remember that they were still swearing to curse this nation during the First World War, at a time when 116,708 American military personnel died and over 204,000 were wounded. And yet, the Mormons raised their hands to the square and solemnly cursed this country. Treason in the temple.

Blacks are cursed! No, Wait, Blacks are OK now.

Then along came the civil rights movement and its public rejection of the LDS doctrines that taught that blacks were made dark and loathsome through the curse of Cain. The IRS is suspect in the actions that ended in the removal of the curse. Removal of its tax-free status with an organization that size would possibly bankrupt it.

The Mormon man-god again changed the unchangeable and the Brethren removed the eternal curse of Cain from the blacks. They were now able to hold the priesthood and enter begin their temple endowments.

Along came the many ex-Mormon reports of the spiritual darkness of that “Holy Place” and the film, “The Temple of The God Makers” where the occult inner practices were re-enacted publicly and with wide distribution for the first.

Not long after that jolt of bitter truth, in 1990, the Brethren reacted again and removed many of the offensive rituals. It seemed to appease many of the faithful.

But now we have entered the Era of LDS women power and the old fellows at the helm have caved in once again to public opinion and the world of PC America.

Again, let me repeat what I said at the beginning. No human can claim that this ritual is restored to the purity of god’ and then change it, again and again.

The LDS Temple Ceremony, with all its robes and sacred undergarments and bakers’ hats; all the oaths and vows of a people hoping for Exaltation and godhood
are as nothing and an offense to the one true and Mighty God.

It is Heaven or Hell.

The road to heaven starts at the cross that they deny and the Jesus whose gift of life they reject. Their road to hell is centered in their abominable and unholy temple and the darkness that fills each one who steps through its door.

Well, on that solemn warning, let me end this article.

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