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Death Is Merely A Portal – Part 3

Death Is Merely A Portal - Part 3 By Grant Phillips Death is such an ugly word. It is so final, or at least that is what many in the world believe. God says differently. Christian or non-Christian, everyone dies (excluding Christians living at the time of the Rapture), then…

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Death Is Merely A Portal – Part 2

Death Is Merely A Portal - Part 2 By Grant Phillips We come now to that point in all our lives that none of us long for, the actual act of dying. I’ve heard many people say they hope they die in their sleep and don’t have to suffer when…

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Death Is Merely A Portal – Part 1

Death Is Merely A Portal - Part 1 By Grant Phillips This article is a continuation of “Death, Then What?” that I had written earlier. It has been brought to my attention by two brothers in Christ; Arch Bonnema and Scott Isert that Christians aren’t receiving much information on the…

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The Trouble with our Sin!

The Trouble with our Sin! By Don Twobears I often wonder, how many in the world understand the Word of God, when it talks about Sin and the effects that Sin has on the average Human Being? Oh I do know that few will be willing to read what the…

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What Is Sin?

What Is Sin? A Bible Study by Jack Kelley Judging from the feedback I’ve received lately, some of us don’t know what sin is. The word comes from an old English archery term meaning “to miss the mark.” Jesus gave us the mark in Matt. 5:48 “Be perfect, therefore, as…

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Fornication – The Acceptable Sin?

Fornication - The Acceptable Sin? By Dr. Michael Henderson In the Bible there are several sexual sins that are categorized under the term,"Sexual Immorality." Not the least of these is, "Fornication." However fornication has become an outdated, and in many places, acceptable sin in the late 20th and 21st centuries.…

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