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The Return of the Messiah

The Return of the Messiah The Certainty of the Lord's Coming Reign Dr. David R. Reagan Is Jesus Christ returning to this earth to reign over all the nations of the world? Most professing Christians in the world today would answer, "No!" They argue that Jesus will never put His…

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The Nature of the Lord’s Return

The Nature of the Lord's Return Is the Lord Returning in Love or Wrath? by Dr. David R. Reagan When you think of the coming of the Lord, what do you think of? What is your image? Is it positive or negative? Is it a return in love or in…

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Second Coming of Christ

Second Coming of Christ By Chris Schang Perhaps the most glorious and most anticipated event in human history is the Second Coming of Christ. This event should not be confused with the rapture of the church. While both events are central to the end times that we live in, the…

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Jesus is Coming Soon! We are living on borrowed time

Jesus is Coming Soon! We are living on borrowed time by Dr. David R. Reagan Many people believe there is nothing that can be known about the timing of the Lord's return because Jesus said He would return like a "thief in the night" (Matthew 24:42-44). But Paul makes it…

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The New Earth

The New Earth Are the Redeemed going to spend eternity on a new earth or in Heaven? By Dr. David Reagan All my life, while growing up in the Church, I was taught that the Redeemed would live eternally with God in Heaven. One of the most amazing discoveries I…

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The Earth in Prophecy

The Earth in Prophecy Eternal Restoration or Fiery Finish? by Dr. David R. Reagan Did you know we are living on earth number three? Did you know the Bible reveals that there are two earths yet to come? Did you know the Bible teaches that the earth is eternal? Earth…

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