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Just Say No to Judicial Supremacy

Just Say No to Judicial Supremacy By Bryan Fischer I find myself in a place I never thought I’d be: in almost total agreement with the New York Times. One of its regular columnists, Jamelle Bouie wrote a strong piece against judicial supremacy, which makes the same points I have…

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Armageddon and Abortion

Armageddon and Abortion By Dr. Michael Brown It’s not often you hear the word “Armageddon” tossed around in DC politics, but it’s been the operative word when it comes to filling the seat of Justice Ginsburg. Why all this talk about an “Armageddon option”? Why references to “Apocalypse Now”? The…

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Democrats Expand Pre-Payment Plan for Voter Fraud

Democrats Expand Pre-Payment Plan for Voter Fraud Gov. Newsom ramps up benefits for California’s imported electorate. By Lloyd Billingsley Last Friday, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed Assembly Bill 1876, which removes the requirement for a tax filer to have at least one child under the age of six to qualify…

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Trump: Achieving Real Peace

Trump: Achieving Real Peace On our way to a first-class government. By Michael Ledeen Peace. You could probably write a very short summary, something along these lines: “we’re going to actively search for ways to cooperate, bring more countries into this deal, and turn the Middle East into a new…

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Should Christians Vote?

Should Christians Vote? By David Closson Today is National Voter Registration Day, so it is an appropriate time to consider an important question: do American Christians have a moral obligation to vote? During the last election, one Christian leader expressed his discomfort with hosting voter registration drives and providing voter…

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