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What Does the Bible Say About the Rapture?

  • September 16, 2019

What Does the Bible Say About the Rapture? By Pete Garcia Before we begin our in-depth discussion on the Rapture and other eschatological matters, we need a foundational discussion first. There are two types of communication that are delivered through and because of Holy Scripture: Progressive Revelation, and Progressive Illumination.…

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18-Years and a Day

  • September 11, 2019

18-Years and a Day By Pete Garcia Most of you remember where you were on that fateful morning. I was in my senior year of college, living in a crummy old apartment that didn’t central air or heat, heck, we didn’t even have television. I had been sleeping in that…

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The Ghost of a Good Thing

  • September 2, 2019

The Ghost of a Good Thing By Pete Garcia Originally published: June 2014 Recently, I was thinking of the woman Emily Letts, who gained her five, brief minutes of fame, by filming her own abortion. Through the murderous process, she smiles tentatively and tries to put a positive spin on…

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Passing Away

  • August 29, 2019

Passing Away By Pete Garcia "And the world is passing away, and the lust of it; but he who does the will of God abides forever." - 1 John 2:17 What if I told you that one day, you would forget what it was like to be human? You will…

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The Fringe

  • August 25, 2019

The Fringe By Pete Garcia The longer we wait for our Lord’s return, the more antagonistic this world will become toward those who belong to Him. Although this hatred has existed on the earth since Christ physically walked amongst us and has expressed itself through numerous waves of violence and…

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Operation 10/40

  • August 14, 2019

Operation 10/40 By Pete Garcia Originally written March 2012 Having spent three and a half years of my adult life embedded in the Middle East ”sharing our culture” with the Iraqis, Afghanis, Jordanians, and Saudis, I feel like I can speak firsthand about our foreign policy experiment with a high…

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A Kingdom Without End, Amen

  • August 12, 2019

A Kingdom Without End, Amen By Pete Garcia "Why do the nations rage, and the people plot a vain thing? The kings of the earth set themselves, And the rulers take counsel together, Against the Lord and against His Anointed, saying, Let us break Their bonds in pieces and cast…

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The Last Days According to Everyone

  • August 7, 2019

The Last Days According to Everyone By Pete Garcia The ancient Vikings believed in ‘Ragnarok’. The Buddhist believe in the coming of the ‘Maitreya’. The Hindus believe that the ‘Kalki’ brings an end to the current Kali Yuga. Islam predicts that the end will come when the ‘Mahdi’ returns. Even…

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Is the US in Bible Prophecy?

  • August 5, 2019

Is the US in Bible Prophecy? By Pete Garcia Originally written on October 28th, 2017. Updated for you here in 2019 There has been much discussion as of late on whether or not the United States is found in Bible prophecy. How does the world’s most powerful, Christian, and Israel-friendly…

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Ruin Value

  • July 29, 2019

Ruin Value By Pete Garcia Then the devil, taking Him up on a high mountain, showed Him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time. And the devil said to Him, “All this authority I will give You, and their glory; for this has been delivered to…

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