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What Does The Bible Say? Part 5, Can We Choose To Be Saved?

By Jack Kelley There are basically two schools of thought where the motivating force behind our salvation is concerned. One is that before God created the first man, He knew mankind would fall into sin and be lost. At that time He chose some of us to be saved by…

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What Does The Bible Say? Part 2, Our Security In Christ

By Jack Kelley In this series we’re taking a look at the most important issues relating to our relationship with our Creator. In each case we begin from the perspective that the Bible is the inspired Word of God, and as such cannot be self-contradictory. So if we think we…

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Given, Just for Asking – Part 3

Given, Just for Asking - Part 3 By Dontwobears We have spent sometime looking at SIN and then moving on to looking at how our Bodies are and why, we have also talked about Our Spirit as well. I have decided that I want to continue in this direction, about…

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