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A Leap of Faith…Ya Think?

  • January 12, 2020

A Leap of Faith...Ya Think?! By Don Twobears My Friends, I am guessing by the current events taking place now days, it is time to look at the Holy Word of God, concerning the Rapture of the Church of Jesus Christ...once again! The Rapture is very, very, close at hand!…

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You Want It, Ya Gotta Ask For It

  • January 5, 2020

You Want It, Ya Gotta Ask For It By Don Twobears My Friends, we have so many things that we want everyday and yet so many of us don't have those things. Why is it that so many of us are not Happy or Joyful? Is it because we like…

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Acceptable Prayer

  • December 13, 2019

Acceptable Prayer By Don Twobears That last Article was very difficult, because it was about my Grandson, but also because I was on so much pain Medication as well. The Medication made it difficult to think, it just looped-me-out! So, I am now about a Month and a Half out…

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Life is Tough, Jesus Christ is Stronger!

  • November 25, 2019

Life is Tough, Jesus Christ is Stronger! By Don Twobears My Dear Friends, this article is going to be a tough one for me to write. We lost our oldest Grandson Donovan in a horrible auto accident. This is tough, considering my age, as compared to Donovan's age of 20…

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Know the Truth and Believe It

  • October 19, 2019

Know the Truth and Believe It By Don Twobears Just wondering here, since I have had so few responses to my Previous articles, mostly because they were about “Our Sin”, which few want to discuss. Still as yet, it is our Sin that stands between God and all of us.…

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How Profound is Being Profound?

  • September 24, 2019

How Profound is Being Profound? By Don Twobears Thoughts were coursing through my mind this morning. I came upon a Word that sort of confused me a bit. “Profound”! How strange is this? Being a writer, words are my stock and trade (So to speak). It sort of struck me,…

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Serious, Pertinent Issues!

  • August 18, 2019

Serious, Pertinent Issues! By Don Twobears My Friends, we have so much to be thankful for in our everyday lives, that being the case I wonder how many of us take that to the Lord. I know there have been people that would thank me for something and it was…

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The Writing on the Wall…Says It All!

  • August 8, 2019

The Writing on the Wall...Says It All! By Don Twobears My Friends, have you been looking around and noticing, that the Passage of Scripture below, is exactly what is going on every where?! Please, read the words slowly and let them sink in, because this was written long before 4500…

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Ignorance…is NOT Bliss!

  • August 2, 2019 NOT Bliss! By Don Twobears Let me ask you a simple question, What do you deserve in this Life? Do you deserve the next breath of air, or the next Heart-beat, or the next mouthful of food? And if you do think you deserve these things, to what do…

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Death Ain’t the End of It!

  • July 22, 2019

Death Ain't the End of It! By Don Twobears I am going to be a straight-forward and truthful, as I know how to be. Death is inevitable...for everyone! I don't care where you live, what religion you are...NO Jesus Christ...NO Heaven! John 14:6-7 "Jesus saith unto him, I am the…

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