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You Play…You Pay!

You Play…You Pay!
By Dontwobears

For whatever reason, Yesterday, I was feeling a little nostalgic, missing my Mom and Dad actually. And then I got to thinking, “What am I doing here?” My Parents were pretty “Straight-Laced!” My Dad would tell of getting a spanking with a Straight-Razor belt, or my Mom being sequestered in a Coal Bin for a period of time. Thus, when I did something wrong, I really got it! Of course it was never as bad as what they had endured, when they were young, still…for me, it was bad enough!

When I realized I was being very selfish, in my missing them, I began to think of other things in this world. I was selfish, because my Mom and Dad would be utterly horrified at how this country was today. My Dad was a World War 2 Veteran and he would have been ashamed at how the Military of this once Great Country is today. My Mom would have been ashamed to see how Self-Centered everyone is today! I am ashamed there is no Praying in Schools, No Ten Commandments in the Courts! So I began to ponder this even more.

What if…you could have anything you want…BUT…the downsides or the Problems that come with your choice are exaggerated by a Factor of 10. In other words, anything that you choose would always come with the Problems associated with your choice and these problems would be 10 times worse! Would you still accept that choice? Let me explain or rather give a couple of examples, just so that you understand what I’m working on here.

Lets take the most obvious choice first, You want all the wealth of the world! What would be the downside to having all this wealth? I would have to guess, it would be that everyone would be after your wealth, to take it for themselves, right?! And then, you would be having to deal with those people that are much more devious…your Friends! How many of your Friends are REAL Friends…and how many are just there for what they can get, with out having to work for it?! Wow! It just got REAL!

What governments could you trust, after all, you have all the wealth Right?! And then we can look out our own window and see that everyone is dying of starvation, Family and maybe some Friends included! I say this because everything comes with a Price Tag! Yet how many think of this?! Suddenly…there is room for more Thinking, more consideration. Somehow, others become more important than you first thought about, feeding the starving would become a Daily Grind. Then protecting your wealth would become another consideration, for instance…could you trust the banks not to steal any of your wealth? Oh Wow! Whom could you trust?! Suddenly, you begin to realize, there are more downsides to your choice than you thought in the beginning and these thoughts are JUST the beginning! More is to come! Remember, every downside will be exaggerated by a factor of 10! How worthy is this particular choice?! How big an Army would you need to protect you and your wealth, as the world dies from Starvation? How many people would you have to Hire to supply you with Clean water and food? How many people would you allow around you to be your Friends and how many of them would truly be a FRIEND to you? Does this choice bring “Peace” with it?

Lets take another popular one! You want all the most Beautiful Women at your “Beck-n-Call!” anytime, anywhere, for whatever reason you could conceive in your head, makes you wonder how decadent and perverse you can think! And so what about THIER self-esteem, their self worth, would this matter to you at any time? Being with so many women at different times, what about your Health, or would it matter to you…their health? As you go from one woman to the next, how many would care about you…and what about Love…Real Love?! For what it’s worth, what about disease processes, would that concern you in the least? Remember now, all the bad stuff is amplified by a factor of 10! For an instant, one single STD would be blown up by a factor of 10! Does this apply to AIDS and then factoring in a level of 10 increase…would you survive?! Evidently, this would Anchor the point of why God Almighty specifies the “Wife of your Youth!” Can you say “Selfish” thinking?! And then we must consider the Divorce rate of today…Right?! Wow! It just got a bit stuffy in here, didn’t it?!

And so now we see your propensity for the saying “To Hell with you and hooray for me?!” There are many, many people out there that want just one partner, Faithful and true to the end! What about them?! Who cares, would be your anthem! Yet you already know, that one day, you are going to want someone that is beautiful and kind and sweet…just for you! Suddenly the idea of a Warm and loving Monogamous Relationship is worth more to you, than going from bed to bed. Yet, when you think of your choice, there is nothing in that choice about Love or Monogamy…Ooops! Can you say “Selfish?”

So here we are, in the midst of our thoughts and wondering…right?! Are you finding ALL the problems associated with your Particular choice? Hmmm…maybe more thought is required! So these are just two of the Big Ones and I agree the second is rather sexist, then again, I am a male, I do not know how to think of being female, nor would I endeavor to try. What is most important here is this, gender is not a factor, because everyone has these ideas…yet…how many consider the downsides for any idea?! Adding a factor 10 to any idea, would simply blow it out of the water and life would cease to exist, as we know of it. Would it be surprising to you to know, almost everyone strives these every single day, all around you?! You are included…that is a fact! In one way or the other, you strive to make your life better than it presently is…am I not correct?! The ideas of any one individual are beyond comprehension…and that is in Least! Have you ever wondered, if anyone sought these ideas out and tried to “Own Them?!”

Ecclesiastes Chapter 1, tells us what King Solomon thought of all the ideas he endeavored. And it says that he tried a great many of the ones we seek in our lives today. The point is this, if we endeavor these things in this life here on earth, they stay here on earth! In other words, these efforts are worthless, benign, “To chase the Wind” and each and every one of them stay right here! In that case, of what real use are they? Will they save you from Death, lengthen your lifespan, add days to your life?!

They end up being sheer non-sense to persue and a real waste of time! So then the question is, why is it this way? Obviously, we have no control of any kind over this and there is not one thing of it, that we are able to change. Of all the people who have endeavored at these ideas, how big a price have they had to deal with?! How Big is that “Price Tag” and are you willing to endure that?!

Our Lord and Father Jesus Christ, created everything and everyone and HE had a specific design in everything. Obviously, the Physical things we strive for everyday, are NOT what the Lord God is concerned with and they are NOT part of the Lord God’s Perfect Plan for each of us! So now the question is, why do we continue to pursue these ideas? If everything is as King Solomon stated, “All is Vanity” (in other words=a Waste of time and effort!) why persue them in the first place?!

The Word of God is plain and simple, we are here to accept Jesus Christ…God…as our Lord and Savior and to work to be more like HIM….THAT’S IT! That’s the whole ball of wax, in a Nutshell, always has been and always will be! You can spin your wheels and get absolutely no where and then in the end realize how stupid you have been! God tells us in HIS Holy Word, You’ll have an Eternity to ponder this! The real question then is, WHERE will you ponder these things?!

If it is NOT for Jesus Christ…it’s worthless…it’s Vanity…it IS Sin!! God Almighty will NOT allow Sin in HIS Presence! IF you have unrepentant SIN in your Life…will you be able to enter into Heaven?! Oooops!! It’s just got very, very, real all of a sudden, didn’t it?! ONLY the Blood of Jesus Christ will cover SIN…and you must ask Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your SIN! Trust me, better yet…Trust the Lord…YOU do not want it (This Life) to end badly, just because your selfish! You do NOT want it to end without Jesus Christ, the thing to remember here is, when does your end come? Your choices here will be your result in Eternity…Heaven or Hell!

Suddenly, it would appear that John 3:16 has more to say, than most give it credit for, right?!

John 3:16 “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

I use the King James version of the Bible and all emphasis is mine.

You may reach the Author at; [email protected]

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