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Satan’s Doomed Agenda

Satan’s Doomed Agenda
By Dennis Huebshman

Satan has tried to destroy God’s creation from the very beginning. We all have heard the story about Adam and Eve and the initial fall of mankind. Even in the book of Genesis, God told satan he would be conquered before it would be all over.

At one point, the world became so evil God destroyed all but eight people and certain animals. From these eight, He repopulated the world. This did not end evil. (Genesis 6)

Later, Sodom & Gomorrah became so evil God destroyed them. There weren’t even 10 righteous people in them. If there had been, God promised Abraham he would spare them. (Genesis 18,19)

Abraham had two sons, Ishmael and Isaac. God told Abraham he would father a son through Sarah, but he tried to make sure he had a son through unapproved methods. As a result, Ishmael, son of Hagar the maidservant, was banished (Genesis 21: 10-21) and Isaac was the chosen son. Since then, there has been conflict between their descendants to this very day. (Ishmael descendants are Arabs; Isaac’s are the Israelites).

All through the first five books of the Bible, we have stories of people who were faithful to God, but also a lot of rebellious people as well. When we get to the book of Joshua, we are in the period of the Judges.

Satan knows of God’s covenants and throughout the Bible, we can see his negative influence. He has tried every way possible to interfere with God’s plan, even to the point of trying to tempt God’s Son, Jesus.

During the time of the Judges, God brought Ruth and Boaz together in order for His divine providence to rule. Ruth was from Moab and Boaz from Bethlehem, and normally would not have associated with each other. Through their marriage, David became king after Saul fell from grace. Satan was able to control Saul, but not David. Yes, David did sin, but he accepted responsibility for his sins and asked to be forgiven. God’s covenant with David said the Messiah would come from his bloodline. After David came Solomon, and though he fell from grace at the end by worshiping other gods, the line continued through one of his sons.

Satan tried very hard to interfere, but God made sure the line of David didn’t get eliminated. Even through the Babylonian captivity, God kept His covenant, and David’s bloodline can be traced as shown in the New Testament. (Matthew and Luke)

Through the prophesies of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel, Ezekiel, Zachariah and others, we are given an insight of the future from the end of captivity to the coming of the Messiah the first time. There is even a great deal of information of the last days of this earth before the 2nd. Coming of the Messiah.’

Jesus will come to gather His Church, but this will not be the 2nd Coming as we will “rise to meet Him in the clouds”. This will be the Rapture and is not referenced in the Old Testament. The actual 2nd. Coming will find Jesus coming directly to the earth and standing on the Mt. of Olives to conquer satan.

After the last Old Testament prophet, there’s a silent period of about 400 years. In the New Testament, Matthew gives one of the bloodlines of Jesus. Matthew is Jewish, and it’s believed the line he gives is Joseph’s, which gives Jesus Credibility. In those days, as with the Islamic world today, women were second-class citizens.

Luke, a gentile, gives a different line believed to be that of Mary.

Both Joseph and Mary came from David’s line, but by different paths. Jesus could not have been the “perfect sacrifice” if Joseph and Mary’s blood combined to conceive Him. Man’s sin nature would have been in Him and God would not accept a less-than-perfect sacrifice. By the Holy Spirit putting the seed in a virgin (Mary), the blood of the Messiah would be uncorrupted, and be able to serve to save all of mankind – if they would accept His sacrifice.

The Pharisees had many old transcripts saying, a Messiah would come. The arrival of Jesus should have surprised no one. Micah 5:2 told that Jesus would be born in Bethlehem. They prided themselves about knowing of the future Messiah. Problem here is PRIDE.

If they had carefully studied the writings of Daniel, he told of the actual day the Messiah would enter Jerusalem. (9th. chapter) Zechariah 9:9 even said the Messiah (King) would arrive riding on a donkey, which is exactly what Jesus did on the specified day.

Gentile kings from the east (area of Iran) knew more than the Jewish priests and came to Jerusalem looking for the Promised One. Only when they approached Herod were the scrolls checked and Zechariah was quoted to him.

The Pharisees were taken off guard because they expected the Messiah to come in on a great white horse with much pomp and circumstance and defeat all their enemies and take His place in the temple. They believed they would be given special privileges by Him because of their titles, and when Jesus didn’t do this He became their enemy.

He didn’t come up to their expectations, but they came down to His. He knew He would be rejected as was written in Old Testament prophecies. (Isaiah 53) He orchestrated everything that would happen over about a 3-year period leading right up to Calvary. Even though satan tried to interfere many times through the actions of the religious leaders and others, Jesus knew His destiny and to defeat satan He had to stay on course.

Satan continued to be a force to deal with, but Jesus was always one step ahead every time. He controlled the entire crucifixion! He told His disciples that no one would take His life, but He would give it willingly. (John 10: 17-18) Jesus was offered something to dull the pain, however He refused. He wanted the full effect of OUR SINS to be felt. He was beaten mercilessly and would have been barely recognizable when finally put on the cross.

Jesus made seven statements from the cross, and with each one further sealed satan’s fate:

1. Father Forgive them for they know not what they do. (Luke 23:34) He demonstrated how we are to love our enemies.

2. Assuredly I say to you, today you will be with Me in paradise. (Luke 23:43) Not only did Jesus pardon the criminal on His right, He let us know that when we die we will be immediately with Him if we have accepted Him.

3. Woman, behold your son. (John 19:26) Jesus blessed Mary by making sure she was taken care of after He would be gone.

4. My God! My God! Why have you forsaken me? (Matthew 27:46; Psalm 22). Jesus knew He would have to be separated from the Father to become the perfect sacrifice, and this terrified Him.

5. I Thirst! (John 19:28) This showed Jesus, even though fully God, was fully man and had normal human reactions to the physical torment.

6. It Is Finished! (John 19:30) The work He had come to do was finished – The Sacrifice Was Complete. Sin and Death are now conquered!

7. Father, into your hands I commit My Spirit. (Luke 23:46) Jesus died immediately after these words. He died voluntarily. The human side was dead, but His Spirit was immediately with the Father, and He was there to welcome the pardoned thief, the first soul to experience the New Covenant of the Cross.

These were not the final words spoken by Jesus on this earth. Three days later He arose and before ascending to Heaven, had many witnesses to His resurrection.

About the resurrection, Jesus’ Spirit was not in the grave – only His earthly human body. On that 3rd. day, the stone was “rolled away” and the seal broken. He could’ve walked through the stone, but this was done to show He was just who He said He was.

Up to the resurrection, satan was confident he would win. He’s so vain he still believes he will overcome the Trinity, however, with the redeeming blood that was shed, there was a “RED STAIN” left behind that satan will never be able to “get rid of”!

Once and for all, sin/death was conquered.

All who call on the name of the Lord will be saved! (Acts 2:21, Romans 10:13 and Joel 2:32)

He Is Risen – He Is Risen Indeed! We are to Rejoice, and as the Angel told the apostles while they were watching Him ascend into Heaven, we who have accepted His sacrifice for our sins will someday go the same way and join Him in the air (Rapture) Acts 1: 9-10.

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