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God’s Prophetic Plan for Israel Is Evident

God’s Prophetic Plan for Israel Is Evident
By Mike Gendron

In our Sovereign Lord’s amazing providence, the itinerary for our Biblelands Cruise to Israel was changed for some unknown reason. Originally, we were scheduled to be touring in Galilee and Jerusalem when Hamas started bombing Israel from the Gaza Strip on October 7th. I had just finished giving a message on the ship about God’s prophetic plan for the Jewish people that included their future persecution and blessings. Someone in the audience reported he had just received a news feed that Israel was being attacked by Hamas terrorists. In God’s providence, we were spared from the brutal assault on Israel and its people.

Prophecy Is Being Observed

The prophetic time clock started ticking again when Israel became a sovereign nation in 1948. Wandering Jews began returning to their homeland after being dispersed for nearly 2000 years just as God promised. “The Lord your God will restore your fortunes and have compassion on you and gather you again from all the nations where he scattered you…He will bring you to the land that belonged to your fathers, and you will take possession of it” (Deut. 30:3-5). The eyes of the world are now focused upon Israel and its capital Jerusalem just as prophesied. Our Lord declared, “Behold, I am about to make Jerusalem a cup of trembling to all the surrounding peoples” (Zechariah 12:1-2).

Spiritual Forces of Wickedness

The horrific massacre inflicted by Hamas on over 1400 civilians on October 7 was the manifestation of Satan’s relentless hatred for God and His chosen people. He ensnares people to do his will and cunningly uses his false religions to kill and destroy God’s people (John 8:44; 2 Tim. 2:23-26; Rev. 12:17). The devil has been a murderer from the beginning and the whole world lies in his power (1 John 5:19).

The Origin of This Continuous Conflict

Historically, this prolonged struggle in the Middle East has been between the Jewish descendants of Abraham through Issac and the Arab descendants of Abraham through Ishmael (Gen. 17). Islam was formed out of Arab paganism and its roots can be traced back to Ishmael and Esau. The religion, founded by Muhammad in the late 6th century, is a socio-political-religious system with a mission to convert the world into an Islamic society governed by laws of Allah. Not too long after the religion became established, the Muslims conquered the land of Israel in 637 A.D.

Who Has the Right to the Land of Israel?

Since 1948 the growing and never-ending conflict has been centered on who has the right to the land of Israel. The Jewish people believe they have a long-standing and exclusive right. Yet, Muslims believe that any land conquered in the name of Allah must remain in the possession of Islam. The Jews know that God gave them the land as their everlasting possession. The title deed for the land is the inspired Word of God. The Lord made a covenant with Abram, saying, “To your descendants I have given this land, From the river of Egypt as far as the great river, the river Euphrates” (Gen. 15:18). He declared, “I will give to you and to your descendants after you the land where you live as a stranger, all the land of Canaan, as an everlasting possession; and I will be their God” (Gen. 17:8). There appears to be no human solution to this ongoing conflict over the rights to the land. However, there is a divine solution, but it will not be resolved until the King of kings returns to set up His earthly kingdom from the throne of David in Jerusalem (2 Samuel 7).

Who Are the Palestinians?

In the 2nd century, Roman Emperor Hadrian decided to punish the Jews by changing the name of “Judea” to “Palestine.” Yet this has nothing to do with modern-day Palestinians who did not even exist at the time. After the conquest of the land by the British Empire in 1917, many Arabs from neighboring countries made their way into the Land of Israel as migrant workers. Years later after Israel declared its independence in 1948, Arab armies invaded the land with the goal of eliminating every Jew. In the Six-Day War of 1967, Arab nations tried again to destroy Israel but Israel miraculously prevailed and took the Golan Heights, Judea, Samaria, the Sinai Peninsula, and the Gaza Strip. All this to say, there has never been a Palestinian state, a Palestinian language or a Palestinian culture. Furthermore, no Arab state has ever had Jerusalem as a capital. The Koran never even mentions Jerusalem, yet the Bible cites it over 800 times. Palestinians, as a people group, were never mentioned until 75 years ago. Regrettably, these historical facts have been replaced with Palestinian propaganda, which has been dispersed throughout western media and academia alike.

Hamas and the Gaza Strip

The terrorist group Hamas that governs the “Palestinians” in the Gaza Strip is part of a regional alliance that includes Iran, Syria and the group Hezbollah in Lebanon. It was founded in 1987 during an uprising against Israel’s occupation of Gaza and the West Bank. Hamas was originally a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood and has called for the destruction of Israel. Israel gave control of the Gaza Strip to the “Palestinians” in 2005. There are two important propositions to consider as the ongoing conflict between Jews and Muslims continue. If Islam puts down her weapons, there would be no more terrorism. If Israel puts down her weapons, there would be no more Israel.

The Prophetic Future for Israel

The Jewish people will have to endure much more persecution and tribulation in the years ahead, but our merciful God has a glorious future for those who will call upon Him to be saved. Our Lord declares, “two-thirds shall be cut off and perish, and one-third shall be left alive. And I will put this third into the fire, and refine them as one refines silver, and test them as gold is tested. They will call upon My name, and I will answer them. I will say, ‘They are my people’ and they will say, ‘The Lord is my God'” (Zech 13:8-9). This is the faithful remnant who will look upon the One they have pierced and say, “Blessed is He that comes in the name of the Lord” (Mat. 23:39). To God be all glory, honor and praise, now and forever!

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