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The Disease, the Remedy, the Cure!

The Disease, the Remedy, the Cure!
By Dontwobears

Just sitting here and wondering some, for instance, “GI Gin (Codiene & alcohol), or maybe Castor oil. I remember these as my Dad was in the Military and when ever we had “The sniffles” of any sort, of any kind, these were the remedies of the day. Of course we can not forget Mercurochrome or Mythiolate (Same as Mercurochrome)! Boy, I remember hating it, when I would get a scratch or a burn! Out came the little bottle of Iridescent red liquid, that burned like fire! Some how or someway we kids learned or at least tried to remember, not to hurt ourselves!

I remember once, in the Philippines, I had been outside playing with friends. We were playing “Follow the Leader” out in this field in our compound. I must first state that over there, they do not make Cinder Blocks like we do! Anyways we were walking on this small wall made of Cinder Blocks and they decided to disintegrate right under my feet…Ahhhh! I fell sort of sideways and the cinder block scraped some of my skin, off my right thigh…Death…for sure, know what I mean?! I gingerly walked into the house and into the bathroom, where I proceeded to cry as quietly as I could…My Dad was home! I Loved my Dad dearly, BUT, he was no field Medic! My Parents believed in the value of the above Medications…SERIOUSLY!

The next thing I know, my Dad is knocking on the door! In my Heart, I believe my Sister told him what had happened….grrr! “Ummm…Yes Daddy?!” I tried my best to sound normal. “What’s the matter in there?” In a sort of strange and calm manner. “Just going to the bathroom” I replied. “Yeah, well…you been in there a half hour! Now what’s wrong?!” Fear coursing through every fiber of my being. “Open the door Son! NOW!” I gently moved and opened the door. Had this been my Mom I would have heard the proverbial “Yee Gods and little fishes! HOW…did you do THAT?!” BUT, this was my Dad…”Let me see…oh…that’s alright, their just scratches! Put some water on it and it will feel better!” So I turned to the sink and began to dribble water on it, still stung some, but it began to feel better. Suddenly my Dad stepped forward and poured Alcohol on it, before I knew what was happening! Needless to say, He had to pry me off the bathroom ceiling! “Okay Son…the worst is now over with, it will stop stinging in just minute!” Which it did stop….For a while! That was my Dad! Lord thank you so very much for Him and I would joyfully accept his medical expertise right now, I do miss Him so.

Of course you must consider the fact that this was back in the 1960’s and Military Families were just like their Fathers….Rough, tough, in every way! Back when the Military made REAL Men out of boys!

What you must realize here, is that we took a very direct approach to everything, “NO whoosing about!” In their minds Alcohol was ALMOST as good as Mercurochrome or Mythiolate! Of course, if you so chose to complain of a sore throat, just to get out of going to school, you would then be given Castor Oil! And if you sneezed once, it would then be GI Gin! The Parents had us coming and going!

Dad was always willing to drop by the Dispensary (Small Military Clinic) and pick up a “Cold Pack”. Trust me, there was never any way around it, any of it, for any reason, kids did NOT get sick back then! Besides that, the germs never had a chance either! BIG, brown bottle of Hell on earth! Now I know many of you, have no idea of what a “Cold Pack” consisted of. A Huge bottle of Clear liquid (GI Gin) some kleenex’s, a small bottle of Mercurochrome or Mythiolate, a small bottle of Camphor oil with Eucalyptus, and instructions for proper usage. It was the medicine cabinet of the day and all the Parents had them!

I once had a cold…pay attention here…just a cold! Yet the entire house smelled like a Medical Clinic! My Dad would rub the Camphor oil with Eucalyptus on my chest before bed and then he would get a dollop of it on his finger and make me swallow it. He would give me a kiss on the fore-head and then my Mom would do the same thing and it would then be lights out! Come the morning, I could smell the Texas dust from half way around the world! But…the cold was gone and so I was off to school! Of course, everyone at school would know you were there and exactly what your problem was…Sympathy was assured!

Do you see the equation? Being Sick, or hurting yourself was bad, a remedy was needed and treatment was then applied, resulting in a cure. Simple right?! Back then, it worked! So what’s wrong today?!

Have any of you taken notice of all the “Infirmities, Diseases and the like of today?!” Zika Virus, Malaria, Cancers, Kids with herpes…whatever, and STD’s, at younger and younger ages? We have even begun to see younger people with Heart Disease and strokes, what’s up with all of that?! And then we can look at all the Murders that have taken place…by young people! What is going on here?!

It once was 50% of all marriages ended in Divorce, now it’s even worse with all the “Gay Marriages!” Children growing up without any kind of Respect for anything or anyone! Moms and Dads too busy with other things, than to be concerned with their own Children! No Praying in schools, the Ten Commandments being removed from our Courts and what about the Pledge of Allegiance?! Why are children out after 10:00PM, when they should be in their homes and getting ready for bed? Today, the kids know more about Computers and tablets and iPhone’s, than they do about good food, or even geography, for that matter. Dying in accidents because to texting and driving! Do you see all of this?! My Friends, there is even more than what I have stated above, it’s incredible to say the least! It appears there is a “Disease” in progress, a remedy is truly needed here and there must be a treatment for it and it should end with a cure! Right?!

For these days, the “Last Days” there is only one remedy, one treatment that will work and the cure is Jesus Christ…the Lord God Almighty!

Sin…is a disease! Without a cure, there will be only death! And this is for all of Eternity!

Jesus Christ died on a Cruel Roman Cross, to shed HIS Blood to cover our Sin! But we must go to HIM and ask for HIS Forgiveness of our Sin and then change the way we are living, because we LOVE and HONOR HIM!

My Friends, we must look around ourselves, we must stop for a moment and see what all is going on! Jesus Christ will provide a way out of all the garbage in this world, because this life is too brief, too small, too short! We are the problem, it is our own Sin that is corrupting everything! If you Love your children, your Precious Family, then you must take the moment to consider how Life here truly is! This life will never get better! Unless…you give your Life to Jesus Christ!

One more thing here ya’ll…time is of the essence! We are living in the “Last Days!” The “Rapture of Jesus Christ” is just about to take place…Where will YOU be…when that happens?! Sin is the reason we are separated from God Almighty. Where do you think all the disease of this world comes from?!

John 3:16 “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

I use the King James version of the Bible and all emphasis is mine.

You may reach the Author at; [email protected]

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