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Daniel – Part 3

Daniel – Part 3
By Dennis Huebshman

Before starting with chapter 10, please note this is not a total complete work on the overall book of Daniel. It is meant to be a supplement which would hopefully cause the reader to re-read Daniel again, and possible seek outside resources for further explanations – using quality Christian bookstores for example.

Moving on to Chapter 10, Daniel is in the 3rd. year of King Cyrus. It starts out that Daniel was in distress for three full weeks. He was beside a great river (Tigris) and had a vision of an Angelic being and Daniel fell to the ground as if in a trance. There were others with him, but they ran away even though they did not see the being.

The unnamed being told Daniel he had tried to reach him from the first moment he prayed, however, was held up by the “Prince of the kingdom of Persia” which was either satan or one of his demons, and the Arch Angel Michael had to help this angel break free in order to reach Daniel. Daniel was totally exhausted and spent, but through some “heavenly” powers, the angel was able to give him strength. The angel told Daniel that he was valued which means, like Abraham, Daniel had found favor with God.

The message continues in Chapter 11. The prophecies up to verse 35 have all happened prior to the arrival of the Messiah, and some of the previous prophecies in earlier chapters are repeated.

It starts with the 1st. year of Darius the Mede. A mighty king would stand against (defeat) the Medes and Persians and this would be Alexander the Great who as mentioned earlier died at the age of 33. He had conquered a vast territory including Babylon and all the areas around it. Four of his generals split the territories and they were; Petolemy (Egypt); Seleucus (Babylon); Lysimachus (Asia Minor) and Cassander (Macedonia-Greece).

Concentrating on just the 1st. two as the kings of the North and South the breakdown through about 200 years is as follows:

Ptolemy I – Egypt and the Kings of the South were His group. He reigned from 323-285BC followed by Ptolemy II from 285 to 246; Ptolemy III 246 to 221; Ptolemy IV 221 to 204; Ptolemy V 181-145 and Ptolemy VI 181-145 BC(co-rulers).

Seleucus – Babylon/Syria -Kings of the north, East and West were His group. He reigned from 321 to 218 BC followed by Antiochus I 281 to 262; Antiochus II 262 to 246; Selucus II Callinicus 246 to 227; Selucus II Soter 227 to 223; Antiochus III 223 to 187; Selucus IV Philopator 187 to 176 and Antiochus IV Epiphanes 175 to 163 BC.

The battles between these two kingdoms took place over a 200-year period after Daniel wrote of them and all battles were just as he prophesied. This should be no surprise considering the Lord is the one giving him the details. They had kingdoms that were around Israel and Israel became their main battlegrounds. Antiochus IV Epiphanes, as mentioned in Chapter 8 as a prelude to the final anti-christ, was especially cruel toward the Jews.

Form 11:35 – 45, Daniel is shown the far future and as said in 35, “because it is yet for a time appointed.” It is believed the remaining verses speak of the beast (anti-christ) of Revelation 13. This is the one who will be in the 70th. Week of Daniel before the return of the Messiah to earth. At the mid-point of the tribulation, the beast will plant the tabernacles of his palace between the seas (Mediterranean and Dead Sea) in the Glorious Mountain which is Jerusalem. His reign will be terminated at Armageddon in Revelation 19: 11-21.

Note Daniel 11:41 says the reach of the anti-christ will not involve Edom, Moab and Ammon east of Israel. Micah 2: 12-13 implies this is where the fleeing remnant will hide after the abomination of desolation from Mid-Tribulation to the end. Another location is believed to be Petra.

Chapter 12 is about the resurrection for righteous Jews and deliverance of the nation of Israel. The final onslaught against God’s people after the mid-point is “time, times and ½ a time” or 3 ½ years. After this time and before the millennium, it’s said those who sleep in the dust of the earth will awake – some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt. All who are condemned at the end of the millennium will go to the White Throne Judgment in Revelation 20: 11-15.

There is a wealth of information in the books such as Daniel, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Zechariah and others. Daily reading and seeking reference material from reputable Christian suppliers is a definite plus.

As always, please consider accepting our Lord and Savior Jesus so you will not have to go through the WRATH or Tribulation as spoken of in Daniel and Revelation. Ask Jesus into your life, admit you are a sinner that cannot save yourself, and that you believe He is the Son of God that came to earth to offer the perfect sacrifice for our sins. Believe on Him and be saved. He will be making an appearance soon to call His church home. It would be wonderful to see you there!

Maranatha! Come Lord Jesus!

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