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Our Hearts, the Signs, and Our Hope

Our Hearts, the Signs, and Our Hope
By Jonathan C. Brentner

We live in exciting times that are also quite sad. We possess great hope for what lies ahead, yet at the same time we remain fearful of what the next year or two might bring for America. We rejoice in the signs that point to the soon return of our Lord Jesus, yet we cannot help but mourn for what those who reject Jesus might soon experience.

Lest you think I’m crazy or perhaps suffering from a split personality disorder, let me explain my thoughts in this matter.

The War on Our Children

My sadness comes as I look at what is happening in this land I love. I see wickedness that exceeds everything I could have imagined twenty years ago. Not only do we murder babies in the wombs, we sell parts of their bodies to the highest bidder. The LBGQT assault on our school age children is abominable and evil.

The horrors of sex trafficking are too much to comprehend; hundreds of thousands of our children face horrors that cause us to gasp. The worship of Satan is rapidly growing exponentially in America and also includes the sacrifice of children in many cases.

Yet, many believe the real war is on women and as a result women march s demanding rights they already possess and are in no danger of losing at the moment. What’s with that? I believe it’s a smokescreen to hide the left’s true agenda: the real battle is a demon inspired war against our children!!

Although my hearts aches greatly because of these things, I know they are signs of the last days. The judgment day for all who support this satanic war against our children is rapidly approaching. An when it happens, judgment will descend quickly on our world.

President Trump and the Gog and Magog War

It also grieves me to see our great President treated with such disrespect and cruelty. The left seeks to destroy President Trump and will stop at nothing to achieve this goal even if it means deceit, lying, and destroying the welfare of many others in the United States. I believe this over-the-top hatred of our President stems from a wicked agenda to destroy nationalism in pursuit of a socialistic new world order.

Although my heart aches because of these things, I know the Bible says that such a world order is surely coming and will manifest itself during the tribulation under the leadership of the antichrist. The left will eventually succeed in their agenda; however, many of them will suffer greatly when they get what they so desire.

The approach of the new world order is but another sign of the nearness of the rapture and the start of the tribulation.

The signs, oh the signs, they are everywhere. Long ago, Ezekiel prophesied regarding an invasion of Israel led by Russia, Iran, and Turkey (Ezek. 38-39). Today, these three countries are amassing soldiers and a great array of weapons in Syria along the border with Israel. All three have a large and growing presence in Syria and through Hezbollah, Iran has amassed considerable missiles and soldiers in Lebanon.

And even though Israel keeps bombing Iran’s weapons in Syria, like the Energizer Bunny Iran keeps restocking their weapons and adding soldiers ready to invade Israel.

We also know that no country comes to the aid of Israel during this war; God Himself acts to defend Israel.

But what if Donald Trump is still the president; wouldn’t he or Vice President Pence launch an immediate counter attack to defend Israel? Yes, without a doubt!

So what does mean that when this war starts, the United States does not quickly come to the aid of Israel? It signifies that things have to drastically, and rapidly, change in America before the onset of this coming war!

It’s Getting Close, Folks

I can think of three possibilities for America’s lack of response for Gog and Magog attack on Israel. It could result from natural disasters that so weaken our country that we are unable to respond. Or, if the left succeeds in overthrowing our government, they absolutely would not help Israel especially with the widespread chaos after such an event.

For me, I like this third option the best. If the rapture happens before that war, it would not only severely weaken our country but also leave a huge gap of leadership in our government and throughout our military. It’s easy to see how the rapture could render America incapable of defending Israel.

Do you see why I am so conflicted?

It saddens me to see the wickedness of our day and in particular the vile and wicked war against our children. I love my country, but I know the tribulation is rapidly approaching and that will bring disaster to the United States.

I believe Putin will never attack Israel while Trump is president. And, President Trump is also a huge obstacle to the forces seeking to bring about a new world order. So while I believe God had a definitive purpose in putting Donald Trump in power, perhaps this objective will end sometime soon, which will pave the way for the invasion of Israel and the New World Order.

All these things tell me that Jesus’ return for us is getting ever so close. How much longer can tensions build on Israel’s northern border without a major conflict? Perhaps a few more years, but something has to give.

How much longer can this savage war on our children continue without the Lord intervening? If I did not believe in the pretribulation rapture, I would be watching for the Lord to intervene very soon to stop this growing wickedness in America and throughout the world, particularly against our children. Throughout the Old Testament, God only allowed the wickedness of nations to go so far before He brought judgment. I believe we as a nation are ever so close to that point.

As we celebrate Christmas this year and welcome in the New Year, I cannot help but wonder if this will be last time we do so before Jesus comes for us. Please know I am not setting a time limit on God’s patience with the United States and our world, but if things keep progressing as they are now I will be more surprised if we are here a year from now than if not. I could be wrong, but I sense that we have very little time left before Jesus’ appearing to take us home.

In Luke 21:28 Jesus said, “Now when these things begin to take place, straighten up and raise your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.” We are getting so, so close folks! I have been watching for the Lord’s return for decades and I can safely say that we are now seeing many more signs today of the approaching tribulation than I ever thought I would see before the rapture occurred.

It’s a time for faith, for trusting that the Lord sees all the wickedness we do, that He is more eager to bring about justice in our world than we are, and that Jesus is coming for us ever so soon!


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