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Isaiah 17 – Damascus

Isaiah 17 – Damascus
By Dennis Huebshman

Isaiah 17:1 – Here is a message about Damascus, “Look, Damascus is no longer a city, it is a heap of ruins.”

You may wonder why I am presenting this verse as Damascus is still a viable city even though there’s much despair in it today. Several events have taken place recently that has put it in a position for the Isaiah 17 prophecy to take place.

In April 2017, a gas attack (either chlorine or sarin) was made on a Northern Syria city. This was carried out by Assad’s forces and about 80 people were killed and many of them were children. President Trump responded with his authorization of a missile attack on the base where the aircraft originated, and the base was severely damaged, if not destroyed. For the first time in a number of years, an American President showed he would not sit idly by and allow these atrocities to take place against innocents.

One year later almost to the day, another gas attack was carried out on a Damascus suburb. This time it has been reported that there are over 100 casualties including many children. This shows a total disregard for innocents and it is also definite crimes against humanity and a challenge to see what action America and Israel will take.

Eyes are now turned to the United States to see what President Trump will do. He did call immediate meetings with the military leaders as well as members of congress. However, this time Israel stepped up with the initial response.

After the news surfaced of the gas attack, reportedly carried out by a single helicopter dropping a barrel of gas on the affected area, Israel was able to determine which base that helicopter came from. Two Israeli jets were dispatched and flew over Lebanon air space into Syria. They fired missiles and rockets at the base causing damage and the loss of several high-ranking Iranian Guard Leaders. Russian workers were there also, however Israel notified Russia just before the attack to allow them to get their personnel out of harms way. It was reported that there were no Russian casualties.

The issue of importance is this base on Syrian soil is run by Iranians. Iran has already called on Russia and Turkey advising they believe America and Israel are about to attack them in Syria, Lebanon and Iran itself, even though Iran and Assad’s actions are the cause of the turmoil. The anti-American and anti-Israel attitude of these countries is growing daily.

Over the past few months, Israel has emphasized they will not sit idly by and allow such evil events to take place without some action on their part. Also, Netanyahu has made it very clear Israel will not allow Iran to go nuclear and if there is no help from elsewhere, Israel will handle it themselves. This could lead up to the fulfillment of the Isaiah prophecy. Another history- making event has taken place with Saudi Arabia stating it recognizes Israel as a nation and will allow the Israeli Air Force to fly over Saudi air space toward Iran if necessary.

Iran is known to establish sites in areas where there is a civilian population to discourage all-out attacks. Even though they use civilians as “shields” for their activities, they are aware that Israel tries to do everything possible to prevent such casualties.

The verse in Isaiah 17 tells of Damascus being a city one day, but totally gone before the next morning. This has not taken place in the past, and it appears the fulfillment of this prophecy is rapidly approaching. It is not written in the Bible how Damascus is destroyed or by whom. If Israel holds true to their word, they will give warning, so the civilians can have time to get out, and then launch an attack against the Iranian and Assad forces there. However, actions on the part of any of the other participants in this conflict could cause this to happen.

Some prophetic scholars believe that if this happens, the Ezekiel coalition of Chapters 38/39 will come together and attack Israel in an attempt to totally annihilate it. At this point, the Lord steps in and protects Israel in a way that there will be no question as to who is responsible for their safety. The coalition that goes against Israel has formed only within the past couple years. Prior to that they were totally independent of each other, and it appeared they would never become partners in anything.

Somewhere during all this activity, I believe ALL believers will be taken out so the 7-year Day of the Lord (Tribulation) will take place, and the man of Lawlessness will be revealed when the peace treaty is signed.

Before anyone says I am setting a day and time, this is not so. All I will point out is how certain events over the past couple years have accelerated exponentially and everything is lining up as the Savior said it would. Also, we have been promised to be kept from the “wrath”. Revelation 6:1-2 shows Jesus breaking the first seal and releasing the White Horse – antichrist.

This could happen very rapidly, or it may be delayed for a short while. I believe God is giving everyone a chance to make a decision because He doesn’t want to see anyone lost (2 Peter 3:9). However, the time will come just as with the days of Noah and Sodom and Gomorrah when He will act. There will be people who scoff and laugh at all of this (2 Peter 3) because they just don’t believe the word of the Lord.

We are in the season that Jesus said would happen just before His return. He told us we won’t know the exact day or hour, but we are instructed to “know” the season. All that He and others talked about is here now, and nothing else has to happen before He comes for His Church.

With all this in mind and all the signs we are seeing today, I encourage you to accept Jesus as your Savior this very minute if you haven’t already done so. This will be absolutely the best decision you will ever make. To wait for a more “convenient” time could be too late. The “Twinkling of an eye” in 1 Corinthians 15: 51-52 is very fast, however if you already belong to the Lord, that won’t matter.

Once the Rapture occurs, anyone not caught up will be facing the worst 7 years this earth has ever seen. It’s so easy to avoid this by calling out to Jesus and asking Him to forgive your sins and to be your Savior.

He’s listening, He’s waiting, but He won’t wait past the time designated by the Father. Today is the right time!

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