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How I Got My Passion for Prophecy

How I Got My Passion for Prophecy
By Dr. David Reagan

Greetings in the name of Jesus our Blessed Hope! I’m Dave Reagan, founder of Lamb & Lion Ministries. I also serve as its senior evangelist.


The Lord led me to establish this ministry in 1980 after I had spent 20 years as a professor of international law and politics. The fact that I have been a teacher and preacher of Bible prophecy for almost 40 years is really a miracle of God.

The Gate to Prophecy

You see, I grew up in a church that did not teach Bible prophecy, and although I have been a student of the Bible all my life, the Holy Spirit did not lead me into a study of Bible prophecy until after the Six Day War in 1967. The turning point for me came when I read a news article that said the Israeli military seriously considered conquering the Old City of Jerusalem during the Six Day War by blowing open the Eastern Gate. But, the rabbi who had been present during the discussion said that they would do so over his dead body because the Scriptures say that the Eastern Gate must remain closed until the Messiah returns (Ezekiel 44:1-3, read more about this prophecy).

I had no idea what that rabbi was talking about. So, I got out my concordance and started searching for scripture passages that mentioned a gate. It did not take me long to discover Ezekiel 44 where there is a prophecy that the Eastern Gate would be closed and would remain closed until the Messiah returns. I then discovered Psalm 24 that talks about the opening of the Gate when the Messiah returns in triumph.

I next discovered that the Old City of Jerusalem currently has nine gates and only one of them is bricked up, and that is the Eastern Gate, just as prophesied. That’s when I developed an insatiable appetite for the study of Bible prophecy.

My Study Begins

As I began studying Bible prophecy in earnest, I was astounded over the fact that many ancient prophecies about the end times were being fulfilled before my very eyes.

For example, the most prolific prophecy in the Old Testament is that the Jewish people will be regathered in the end times from the four corners of the world, and we are witnessing that today.

The Hebrew prophets also prophesied that the nation of Israel would be reestablished, that the Hebrew language would be revived, and that the land of Israel would be redeemed from its desolation to become once again like the Garden of Eden. They also prophesied that the Jewish people would once again occupy the city of Jerusalem.

All of those prophecies, and many other very specific ones concerning nature, the church, world politics, and society are all being fulfilled today and are converging, meaning coming together, as never before (read more about the signs of the end times). It’s as if God is shouting from the heavens with signs in neon lights that His Son is returning soon.

God’s Calling Answered

That message began burning in my heart to the point that I felt compelled to proclaim it from the housetops. So, in 1980, I gave up my academic career and stepped out in faith and established Lamb & Lion Ministries. Since that time, this ministry has been passionately sharing the message of the soon return of Jesus Christ at church services and conferences, over the radio, on our internationally broadcast television program called Christ in Prophecy, worldwide over the Internet through our interactive website at, and through the production of many teaching materials such as the Lamplighter magazine, books about Bible prophecy, and a great assortment of video programs.

We also support a number of other Bible prophecy ministries and missions in order to help spread the Good News globally.

The Bible clearly says we cannot know the date of the Lord’s return, but it also clearly teaches that we can know the season because of the signs we are given to watch for. Those signs are all around us today, and I am expecting the Lord to break from the heavens at any moment. For that reason, when I get up each morning, I look to the sky and cry out from the depths of my heart, “Maranatha! Come quickly, Lord Jesus!”

I hope you will consider becoming a partner with Lamb & Lion Ministries in our effort to alert the world to the soon return of Jesus. To learn more about our Prophecy Partner Program, just click Donate on our website.

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