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Questions Evolutionists Cannot Answer

Questions Evolutionists Cannot Answer
By David Jolly

You hear it every day that science proves evolution is a fact while nothing proves that the biblical account of creation is a fact. To be honest, most secularists say it’s a battle between science and Bible, but they are so very wrong. In reality, science proves evolution is nothing more than a religious belief.

I’ve spent much of the last 30 years studying the subject. I’ve read all of the works of Charles Darwin, Thomas Huxley, Stephen J. Gould and many other evolutionists, especially in those who wrote early on in the field of population genetics. I’ve also read the works of many biblical creationists and have spoken with many of them.

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in wildlife/fisheries biology and a Master of Science degree in biology (population genetics). The title of my master’s thesis was:

‘The Mediterranean Gecko, Hemidactylus turcicus turcicus, In Central Arizona: A Life History And Examination Of The Effects Of Colonization Via The Founder Principle’

It was a two-fold thesis that dealt with the way the gecko migrated from Florida to Arizona, which was touted as being an example of the founder principle, an evolutionary tool for population genetics.

What I found was that as the geckos were transported across the southern US via freight trucks, establishing populations along the way, the geckos gradually LOST genetic information to the point that the geckos in Arizona may now be a subspecies of the original population. This is the exact opposite of what evolution requires.

All this to establish that I have a good idea of what I am about to present to you, several basic questions upon which all evolutionary theory rests.

1- Evolution believes that everything started with some kind of big bang. They surmise that a tiny particle suddenly expanded as a result of a massive Big Bang explosion. If that is true, from where did that tiny particle come from to begin with? It had to have had a beginning, but I’ve yet to see any concept that explains it’s origins. Without the Big Bang, evolution has no real explanation for the universe and everything in it.

2- The formation of the first cell. All evolutionary biology books teach one of the foundational laws of biology is that life cannot arise from non-life. Yet, their entire theory of evolutionary biology is based upon the premise that life DID arise from non-life, thus violating their own basic law. Some try to say that life came from outer space, but that still doesn’t solve the problem because there still had to be an origin somewhere, an origin from a non-living source.

Some say that the first cell formed in some prebiotic soups of chemicals, and have spent years trying to duplicate the process. But know that in all of the experiments, there is some kind of distillation chamber or collection chamber to separate any organic molecules and proteins they produce. If they don’t do that, the very same process that creates the molecules and proteins also destroys them and there were no distillation chambers in their so-called prehistoric world.

3- The basic law of information theory is that intelligence cannot arise from non-intelligence. Please bear with me. All of life, from one-celled organisms to complex creatures such as man, is based on a source of information or language. You are all familiar with DNA and RNA, which in reality are two separate languages, in which one language – RNA – reads, interprets and acts upon the primary language – DNA. According to the basic law of information, the complex languages of DNA and RNA had to come from some source of intelligence. What is that source?

To make this part even more complex and impossible is to know that there is another entirely different language in multi-cellular organisms. Molecules called oligosaccharides exist on the outside of every cell and in between cells. They determine what enters the cell and they also handle cell-to-cell communication. There are many different oligosaccharides, each with a different function. This means that life originated with 3 languages – information, all of which could not arise from non-intelligence, according to the evolutionists basic law of information.

If evolutionists are honest, they will be forced to admit that they cannot sufficiently answer any of these questions, all of which proves that evolution is not fact and it’s not science. Evolutionists and creationists all have the same science, but a different foundational belief (presuppositions) with which they interpret the science.

For example, science says that a dinosaur bone has been fossilized and that the dinosaur is now extinct. An evolutionist looks at the dinosaur bones and assumes it is millions of years old based upon their belief in millions of years. A creationist looks at the same dinosaur bone and theorizes that it most likely was buried quickly during the Genesis Flood and the rapid burial helped preserve and fossilize the bone. Same science, two different interpretations based upon one’s belief.

However, back to science. Based upon their own laws, there is no explanation for the origin of the Big Bang, impossible for life to arise from non-life and impossible for the languages of DNA, RNA and oligosaccharides to have formed from a non-intelligent source. Conclusion – evolution impossible according to their own laws.

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