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Attorney General of Crime Hellhole Spends All Her Time Going After Trump

The LGBT Lobby would love for you to believe that “love is love” when it comes to promotion of this alternative and perverted lifestyle. Is the LGBT lifestyle harmless? You’d be surprised at the studies and reports that show that the LGBT lifestyle increases rates of depression and suicide, HIV/AIDs, cancers, and other horrible medical issues. Rapture Forums believe it is our duty to teach people the truth in love form a Biblical standpoint. God does not make people gay despite the popular LGBT propaganda. Rapture Forums believes that information is critical to understanding the devastating effects of the LGBT lifestyle. Rapture Forums recommends the book “The Health Hazards of Homosexuality” to break through the lies and myths repeated by the LGBT Lobby. Be informed and help save souls who are held in bondage to the LGBT lifestyle.


While the Social Media and Big Tech goliaths continue to try to intimidate and censor Conservatives it is imperative that we do not be silent about the election fraud that took place in 2020. We should never forget this massive election fraud that occurred in the late night hours of November 3rd and early morning hours of November 4th that threatens our republic like nothing ever before. Conservatives and Christians must continue to protest and not accept fraudulent elections when the future of our country is at stake. We believe in peaceful and civil rights to protest. We believe in “law and order” but we will not be silent and accept such treasonous behavior from the political elites who worked hard to steal the election and disenfranchise the American voters.


While the vast majority of the world remains opposed to Israel and very anti-semitic as well, Rapture Forums in contrast stands with Israel. Israel is occupying their ancient homeland that belongs to the Jewish people. This amazing revival of the ancient land of Israel in these end times is a direct fulfillment of Bible prophecy and shows without a doubt that God’s Word is true in the Holy Bible. Rapture Forums believes that Israel deserves the land in which God gave them. We believe Israel does not “occupy” anyone nor is it an “occupation” force, but instead it is Israel that is occupied by “foreigners” from the surrounding Islamic countries. Rapture Forums believes that God was serious when he said in Genesis 12:3 that: “And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.”


Ever wonder what it was about the Roman Catholic Church that was wrong? Was it the works based salvation plans? Was it the creepy perverted priests? Was it the long history of Catholic church approved violence against those who would not bend the knee to Rome? Help save your family and friends from the spiritual and physical bondage of the Cult of Rome. Rapture Forums has all the information you need to know how and why the RCC is a false religion. You can learn all about the errors of the RCC here!


Israel is the “Apple of God’s Eye” and Rapture Forums supports her right to the land. We have many Bible prophecy articles and commentaries on Israel and the Middle East. Rapture Forums provides expert articles and analysis on the conflict that is one the whole world’s mind. The Bible tells us that Jerusalem will become a “burdensome stone” in the end times and nothing more could be the truth in these end times. As the world community rages against Israel to make concessions and give away land to the so called “palestinians” we stand with Israel and God’s Word that the land belongs to the Jewish people.


Want to know how you can witness to a spiritually dying world around you? Do you want to be able to present a clear and concise summary of how to be saved so they can make a decision for Christ? If you answered yes, then the Rapture Forums Gospel and Salvation Tracts may be just what you are looking for. Rapture Forums has just finished producing our very own Gospel and Salvation tracts that you can use to help you carry out the Great Commission. The tracts are 4″ x 6″ and have an “Are You Ready” image on the front side. A call to salvation and how to be saved is on the back side.

If you are serious about making a difference for the Kingdom of God, then these Rapture Forums Gospel and Salvation tracts may be just what you need to help you reach the lost in these end times. We have sent these tracts all over America as well as far away as Canada, India and Australia. If you are interested in distributing the Rapture Forums Gospel and Salvation tracts while you are out witnessing to people, feel free to use the contact page to send me your name and address so they can be mailed to you. I will send you some while supplies last.


The Bible encourages us to put on the full Armour of God in order to stand against the devil’s schemes in the end times. The enemy, Satan, roams like a lion seeking those he can devour. Resist the fiery darts of the enemy by learning how to apply spiritual lessons to everyday life. Rapture Forums is here to help you be successful in living in these end times. Now more than ever, it is important to wear the armor of God on a daily basis.

Rapture Forums can help you by providing your with spiritual training in the form of articles and commentaries to improve your spiritual life. We have a whole section on the the website dealing with the spiritual life and ways to walk in the ways of the Lord. You can find the Spiritual Life section by clicking on the link. If we can be of any help, please let us know.


When the world disappoints, we know that Our Heavenly Father will never disappoint. He is perfect and righteous. His thoughts are not our thoughts. His ways are not our ways. God works all things for the best in the end. We may not understand at the moment, but know that God neither sleeps nor slumbers, nothing gets past Him. Trust in Him as He works His perfect plan out for us. We hope the Rapture Forums ministry will help you in your daily walk with God and provide Bible prophecy studies to help you increase your faith in God. Even with all that life throws at us, we know that there’s nothing too hard for God!


Dirty Deeds - Biden and the Democrats are dropping in the polls because of their disastrous radical left-wing policies.
Political cartoon by A.F. Branco ©2022


The Big Tech Companies have used their platforms to try to silence and shutdown conservatives who do not toe the liberal ideology line. Christian political attacks are at a all time high as the culture wars continue to heat up. Rapture Forums believes it is un-American for Big Tech to silence Christians and conservative who voice pro-life, pro-family, and pro-Christian policies. It is far past time for Big Tech to be regulated and broken up.

Rapture Forums believes President Trump should lead the charge against these Big Tech monopolies who have exploited and abused the privacy of individuals on the Internet for corporate greed. Enough is enough!!!


On the night of November 3rd and early morning hours of November 4th an unprecedented assault on America took place as the Democratic party carried out a sophisticated plot to steal the elections of 2020. Despite massive leads in numerous “battleground” states that favored President Trump, the Democrats carried out flurry of “ballot drops” that included hundred of thousands of ballots out of thin air. The Democrats would like you to believe that hundreds of thousands of ballots were found and they all happened to be for Joe Biden. This is a statistical impossibility. With overwhelming evidence of election fraud such as video, audio, and forensic evidence the Democrats have attempted to turn this country in a banana republic. The plots and actions of those involved in the steal is typical for third world countries, not the world’s most powerful country. Our sacred institution of elections has been destroyed. Patriots must not let that happen. We must insist on election reform and accountability to ensure that only legal votes are counted.


If you listen to the media and proponents of the LGBT lobby, you would think someone adopting the alternative LGBT lifestyle had made a wonderful decision. Some say love is love, but that is not the case. God ordained and sanctioned love is true love. A lifestyle that causes increases in depression, suicide, AIDS/HIV, reduced lifespans, increased rates of certain cancers, etc. is not love. It is destruction!

Rapture Forums believes in telling people the truth about the LGBT lifestyle so that they can escape this destructive lifestyle choice. Unlike some popular personalities who would have you believe otherwise, a person is not born gay. While Rapture Forums certainly does not advocate or tolerate physical assaults, bullying, or abuse of LGBT people, we do believe in verbally warning people of the dangers of the LGBT lifestyle before it is too late. Rapture Forums does so out of love, not hate. We are all born with a sinful nature that only the completed work of Jesus Christ can overcome.

We hope that if you are suffering from same-sex attractions that you will reach out to God for deliverance from this horrid lifestyle. Rapture Forums is here to help you in your spiritual battle against the LGBT lifestyle.


Have you ever thought about where you will spend eternity? There are only two choices – Heaven or Hell. God wants you to be with Him in Heaven. However, He allows us to use Free Will to decide if we want to live in Heaven or Hell. God doesn’t send people to Hell, they choose to go there themselves.

Rapture Forums wants to help you make the right decision for God and go to Heaven. The Lord promised to restore all things and make them new again. Be a part of God’s forever family and trust in Jesus as your personal savior. You can find out more on how to spend eternity with God by clicking here. Do it today, as none of us is guaranteed a tomorrow. God bless!


Rapture Forums is staunchly pro-life and we support the unborn children that are literally slaughtered at abortion clinics around the country. Rapture Forums believes that life begins at conception and that the unborn have rights to live. No one has the right to take their life.  Rapture Forums speaks up for those who can’t speak for themselves. Abortion is not women’s healthcare. It is legalized murder and oftentimes simply for the sake of convenience!

The recent passing of legislation in New York that allows for Infanticide is a glaring example of the madness that is abortion. Rapture Forums believes that abortion is the modern-day equivalent to the child sacrificing to the Canaanite god Molech! It was wrong back then and it is wrong now!


The Roman Catholic Salvation Plan – Rapture Forums has tons of Roman Catholicism articles and Bible studies that show the works based salvation plan of Rome is contrary to the Word of God. Learn how such practices and traditions such as the rosary, praying to the dead, relying on Mary as co-redeemer, etc. have caused many to fall out of line with what the scriptures teach. Rapture Forums can help you learn more to so that you can avoid the pitfalls of Roman Catholicism. Check out the Roman Catholic Salvation plan to see if you really think Salvation is this complicated. Click here to visit the Roman Catholic Salvation plan page.


With all the persecution of Christians going on around the world, Rapture Forums stands with our Brothers and Sisters in Christ as they face increased hostility and persecution for their Christian faith. Persecution can come in many different ways like practicing your faith openly, being censored on social media sites, and using Godly values in the things that you say and do. The Bible tells us that we will be hated for Jesus’ name and while that has been true in every generation, it seems Satan is really ramping up things in these end times as he knows his time is short.

Please join Rapture Forums in praying and supporting fellow Christians around the world. We believe the day is coming when the Lord will remove Christians from this wicked Earth before He punishes unbelieving Israel and unrepentant sinners. Please pray for the persecuted Christians! God bless.


One of the biggest lies promoted by Islam in the end times is that Israel never had a presence on the Temple Mount. But is this really true? What if there was evidence that totally debunked this claim? Well, there is.

Rapture Forums is proud to have a copy of the 1925 Temple Mount Guide that proves without a doubt that Israel owns the Temple Mount. You can read all about it in the 1925 Temple Mount Guide that we have here for you so that you can know the whole truth behind the Temple Mount. You can dispel the lies that are currently being propagated in favor of Israel’s terrorist enemies.

You don’t have to take it for our word, we have it straight from the Islamists themselves. They say facts are stubborn things. See for yourself by clicking the following link – The 1925 Temple Mount Guide


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