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Wednesday Night's RNC-My Thoughts

Discussion in 'Christian Citizens' started by Eraserhead, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. Eraserhead

    Eraserhead Member

    I know McCain belongs to the CFR, but I also know how often John McCain has bucked people, presidents and parties for what he believed to be the good of our nation, as unpopular as some of those stances have been.

    Watching the speeches of Romney, Huckabee, Giuliani, and Palin tonight, I was reminded, (because I NEEDED to be reminded) of how John McCain heroically and honorably gave of himself for our country.

    I needed to be reminded of the details of his captivity and torture. I needed to be reminded of why he can’t raise his arms to salute our service men or our flag. I needed to be reminded that he believes in a people – a nation, bigger than himself as evidence of him never giving up information to his captors and refusing to be released ahead of prisoners who were captured before him.

    I’m ashamed to say the reason I decided to initially vote for John McCain was because of him picking a pro-life, conservative V.P. , even though John McCain’s voting record shows he’s pro-life himself. After tonight, I am no longer voting for John McCain because of Sarah Palin. I am voting for John McCain because Sarah Palin, along with the other speakers, reminded me what courage, character and love of country look like.

    Palin said John McCain was a “profile in courage.” I need to remember that when thoughts of the CFR run through my brain. I need to remember how much John McCain really does love this country, and how much he sacrificed for this country.

    Can I swallow the possibility that he joined the CFR in order to get on the road to the White House? Yes.

    Can I use his past actions of bucking people, presidents, and parties as evidence that he may do the same with the CFR once he is elected president? Yes, because I believe, I truly believe he loves this country. John McCain IS part of the masses that fought for those school desks I sat in, and the talk-radio shows I listen to, and my freedom to speak here in the internet.

    To not put my “hope” in John McCain to bring about the “change” this country needs is to concede the loss of my country to the likes of Barack Obama. Tonight, with the Republicans energized and rallied, it was like the McCain/Palin ticket WAS “The Surge”!! And off to the side are the Democrats chanting “You will fail.” Luckily with crusty, maverick, John McCain, failure is not an option. For if he fails, I fear our country fails at the hands of Obama.

    On the topic of Sarah Palin tonight I will say this…I believe the most powerful punch she pulled was thrown without any words at all. It was accomplished when her family joined her on stage and she held her downs baby…that bundle of joy and gift of light in her arms…for all America to see exactly who the “left” has been making a target.:cry

    God Bless the Palins. God Bless John McCain. And God…please Bless America.:prayer
  2. open door

    open door Well-Known Member

    kGREAT post, eraser, i agree l00%. God builds up kings, he tears them down. He has blessed this nation from the beginning, we have turned from Him, and if we're ever going to turn from our evil ways, it's NOW. let's humble ourselves, get on our knees, and pray. He blesses that. if this nation chooses obama, with wht will result, i'm afraid to say. May He continue to bless us. keep looking up

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