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WCA movement loved 's John Ortberg: “You Don’t Just Become Holier…You Become “You-ier!” ”

Discussion in 'Apostasy in the Local Church' started by billiefan2000, Nov 3, 2010.

  1. billiefan2000

    billiefan2000 Well-Known Member

    “You Don’t Just Become Holier…You Become “You-ier!” ”
    Published November 2nd, 2010 by Christine Pack in Dallas Willard, John Ortberg, Sanctification, Spiritual Disciplines, Spiritual Formation, Spiritual Growth

    “The Me I Want To Be” is a book and teaching program written by John Ortberg for Monvee. Monvee, a program that bills itself as “the future of spiritual formation” is a product designed to help people “experience handcrafted spiritual growth,” but which dangerously teaches and promotes occultic mantra meditation practices. And sadly, it also encourages people to continue in narcissistic self-centeredness, with teaching like this:

    “You don’t just become holier…you become ‘you-ier’.”

    Well, besides being a little cheesy, this nugget of man-made wisdom from Monvee is in direct opposition to what the Scripture tells us about the self. (Read entire article here)

  2. billiefan2000

    billiefan2000 Well-Known Member


    willow creek association Brookside Church of Omaha Nebraska

    pastor Steve Moltumyr (a alleged evangelical and alleged conservative) had Ortberg speak at his church a few months ago.

    Steve Moltumyr needs to apologize to his congreagtion for promoting a false teacher like Ortberg.

    I doubt it will happen, apologizing for promoting false teachers is something
    that willow creek association pastors and churches wont and cant do cause it is

    Treason against the willow creek association if you believe in sound doctrine and stand up to false teachers

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