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the next pope the last

Discussion in 'Ecumenism & Roman Catholicism' started by thallon, Mar 23, 2009.

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  1. thallon

    thallon Well-Known Member

    based on the visions of pius1x,
    and st malachy.

    his name will be pius x111 [thirteenth]

    the current pope benedict
    is only likely to live another few years,
    and according to the visions above
    rome will be nuked.
  2. DavidTR

    DavidTR Well-Known Member

    Leo XIII - Was a Diplomat; Pro American and interested in Science.
    (In this regard he seems out of place in your list)

    Pius IX - Was the one that defined MARY's Immaculate Conception and declared (re-affirmed?) Papal Infalibility. (I think he was the one around when Bernadette said she saw Mary at Lourdes? - i.e. she saw dead people - anti Biblical). He was called the 'Rosary Pope'. A BIG Mary worship fan - anti Biblical.

    Pius X - Was a big Marian (Mary follower) Pope - anti Biblical.
    Pius XII - Was the guy who negotiated with the Nazi's and Mussolini and was also a big 'Mary follower' (Same).

    Malachy - (Over a thousand years ago) predicted that the next pope would be the last one, recogniseable via the phrase - 'Peter of Rome' and Malachy predicted that then Rome would be destroyed. (Sorry it wasn't over a thousand years ago it was 13C or thereabouts).

    Pius XIII - THUS FAR, only a fictional character in the movie 'Foul Play.

    Its all interesting stuff given our (or should I say my) Biblical interest in 'The Pope' - VICARIVS FILIIS DEI - The Vicar of the Son of God (Name and number 666) - and links to developing prophesy delivery.

    I think the Mary thing is significant in your list. But I did not know about the 'last Pope' visions by all of those Popes you listed.

    Last edited: Mar 23, 2009
  3. LostNoMore4

    LostNoMore4 Well-Known Member

    I saw on a youtube video last year that St. Malachi, one of our former popes who was also a reformed Catholic, had a vision that there would be 111 more Popes after him. Guess what-Benedict is the 110th.

    Here's my best guess what will happen with the last Pope...

    1) It's in the trib, and when the OWR turns out to be something other than RCC, the Vatican will feel backstabbed, and the AC and his people will nuke Rome.

    2) He'll be a reformed Christian and preach Christianity like HE SHOULD, and The Vatican will be persecuted for it.

    Anyhow-that's my take on it. If anything-Benedict seems like a puppet more than anything else. It was largely John Paul II who layed out all the groundwork during his long time.
  4. Robert

    Robert Well-Known Member

    [07]No Dream threads or threads supporting 'Words of Knowledge', WOF, Angel or Ghost sightings, Rapture dreams or prophetic visions, Words of Faith, Bible Codes, personal spiritual encounters, astrology, star gazing, Rapture trumpet sounds, the Hebrew zodiac, Jesus comets, personal messages or words from God, personal letters from Jesus, self perceived signs of future events, unique events perceived as signs from God, personal prophecies, cloud formations, Holy Laughter, psychic abilities, trips to heaven or hell and back, or any other subjective experiences that suggest these observations are common Christian experiences.
    We encourage you to study and read from God's Word and keep a credible appearance before the watching world. (II Timothy 2:15) Dream threads spiral down into subjective vain reasonings and will be closed or removed.
  5. mattfivefour

    mattfivefour Well-Known Member

    A prophecy by an unsaved man carries NO weight whatsoever. Even considering it is no different than that which was done by the ones who consulted mediums and false prophets regarding their futures rather than asking God. The Bible tells us God destroyed them. He has given us His Word ... it is at our peril that we look elsewhere.
  6. LostNoMore4

    LostNoMore4 Well-Known Member

    When they said St. Malachi was a "reformed Catholic", what did they mean by that?

    Anyhow-thanks for clearing this up(i.e. how prophecies are fruitless with unsaved men). I'll admit for years, I drank the Nostradamas Kool-Aid...until I found out he used FORTUNE TELLING TECHNIQUES!:doh:

    BTW-you discover prophecies THROUGH SCRIPTURE!
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