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The Last Generation by Jack Kinsella

Discussion in 'Books, Movies, DVD's, Sermon's, and Game Reviews' started by OneDayNearer, May 18, 2007.

  1. OneDayNearer

    OneDayNearer Forgiven Much

    Jack Kinsella's new book "The Last Generation" will be officially released on June 1st. :yeah:

    Hal Lindsey's Endorsement:
    "You hit this one out of the park. I read every page and found it fascinating. It's a great book. I pray that it will bring many to Christ."

    If you order now, you'll have it before it's available in stores or online. :thumbup

    You can read a PDF of "The Last Generation" Introduction, and the Foreward by Hal Lindsey, and order your copy here: http://www.omegaletter.com/thelastgeneration/

    :pray: Praying this book will lead many to Christ. (I purchased extra copies for unsaved loved ones).

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