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The just shall live by faith

Discussion in 'Personal Testimonies' started by froggy, Dec 9, 2011.

  1. froggy

    froggy Well-Known Member

    I just thought I'd share what the Teacher has been teaching me lately. With all the uncertainty and chaos swirling around us in these last days--it's easy to get anxious if we take our eyes off of the Savior and look at our circumstances. Lately He has been showing me what it truly means to live by faith. We have all been affected by the financial mess the world is in. I have never been wealthy--maybe lower middle class-- but I always had something in savings or retirement accounts to fall back on. The last few years have changed that--now it's paycheck to paycheck. Savings is gone, retirement cashed in and some credit card debt(workin' on that one). I am living on the edge and have to trust in Him completely.

    Funny thing is, I couldn't be happier. He has been stripping away the attachments and idols in my life that I now look back on and can't believe I ever thought were important. I get to witness His miracles every day and know that He is the provider of all things and that I really, truly have nothing to do with it. The more I lean on Him, the more peace I have. The more I stop maneuvering and manipulating to try to figure out how to change my circumstances and just believe in Him, the more He provides. I finally get it. This is how life is supposed to be!

    When God was preparing the Israelites to enter into the promised land He put them in a situation where they had to rely on Him. He provide just enough manna for that day and made sure they couldn't store it up for later and give themselves a false sense of security. He wanted daily, moment by moment dependence on Him for everything.

    Remember how Moses struck the rock and water flowed from it? God told him to speak to the rock, not strike it. Moses wasn't allowed to enter the promised land because of what he did. He made it appear that his action was somehow responsible for God's provision--manipulating the rock.

    When did you see God perform miracles in battle for Israel? When the people finally realized they were in a no-win situation and that victory by human effort was impossible. They stopped trying to figure it out, humbled themselves and cried out in faith. He did the fighting for them--turning their enemies against themselves or sending an angel to destroy them in the night.

    Has God changed? Is He less powerful in the "modern world"? No way!
    We in the "enlightened" west have lost the wonder of reliance on God. With all our technological "advances" we have been fooled into reliance on ourselves and discarded His supernatural providence.

    I think our present difficulties are the best medicine a loving Father could give His children. I say, keep me living on the edge! I get too distracted, too comfortable, too apathetic when things go too well. Thank you, Father, for training me, your son, in the way I should go. More pain is on the way--but so is an even deeper walk --by faith--with You. I know I wouldn't trade these last few years for anything.
  2. mattfivefour

    mattfivefour Well-Known Member

  3. Robert

    Robert Well-Known Member


    Awesome, Froggy!! It's clear that the Lord has been working with you!! Thanks for sharing that!
  4. SteveJM

    SteveJM Well-Known Member

    Thanks for sharing your insights and praise. It was a blessing to read.
  5. Meg

    Meg Well-Known Member

    AWESOME testimony Froggy!!! Thank you so much for sharing your story and encouraging the rest of us! :hug :hug :hug :hug :hug
  6. cspat64

    cspat64 Well-Known Member

    Thank you brother for sharing this. It's really an encouragement for me. Myself I have a difficulty time as well in this fallen world. Faith is only what we have to hold on to. Without faith we are nothing.
  7. Robert

    Robert Well-Known Member

    Meg and I are :pray: ing for you, cspat64.
  8. myinnuendo999

    myinnuendo999 Well-Known Member

    froggy said-

    That's IT brother you (get it). that's the more abundant life. That's GOD freeing you UP so that instead of going after worthless things, NOW you can go after what is most important and have some FUN just like God's children should be by doing HIS will. Our will lines up with HIS and then we delight in the LORD and he will give us the desires of our heart. :yeah::yeah:Woohooo Praise His holy name forever
  9. ACFI

    ACFI Active Member

  10. Elijah's Mantle

    Elijah's Mantle Well-Known Member

    I got so tremendous much from this thread :yeah: God Bless you real big . Great truth in it :(( and worth repeating for sure

  11. LivnForChrist

    LivnForChrist Jesus Christ is Lord

    BUMP. :hat:
  12. araj54

    araj54 Well-Known Member

    :thumbupThanks for bump this, Mary! So much truth in this short thread. The OP is right on, and I too am living proof of His grace and provision. The ability to recognize how great our Father's love really is sometimes eludes us during our busy lives, but the joy it brings is far better than what the world has to offer. Praising Him forever.

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