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The End of the United States Middle-Class

Discussion in 'One World Government and Economics' started by Lujack Skylark, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. Lujack Skylark

    Lujack Skylark Well-Known Member

    All around this nation the Middle-Class are losing their jobs. Corporations are laying off workers and Obama's wanting to tax the rich instead of having the rich invest in our nation will mean more jobs will be going overseas.

    What can out of work Americans buy from overseas corporations? As more Americans are out of work, less consumer items are purchased. World economic conditions will decline rapidly. The world will sink into a global depression.

    This is the goal of the New World Order to shrink the world's economy where there will only be rich and poor people. Revelation 13:16-17 does not mention a Middle-Class. The rich merchants by their greed all nations are deceived. Revelation 18:23

    Perhaps Obama is secretly working with American corporations moving overseas to hasten the New World Order. He tells the poor he is on their side, yet Obama spends millions of dollars on vacations living a capitalistic lifestyle while appearing to be a Marxist.

    Its dangerous for America to lose the Middle-Class. The Middle-Class offers people in this country hope and separates us from the nations south of the Rio Grande where nations are ruled by the rich and there is no Middle-Class. The Middle-Class offers the USA hope and security. Should we one day have no Middle-Class, we would be plagued with violence becoming a survival of the fittest society falling into the New World Order trap.

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