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The Book of Enoch

Discussion in 'Bible Study Q & A' started by 1newman, Oct 7, 2009.

  1. 1newman

    1newman Member

    Was the Book of Enoch ever part of biblical canon(?sp.)?
    If so,why was it removed? Since it's not part of biblical canon today,but Jude is said to have quoted from it,what relevance does the book hold?
  2. ZAGS

    ZAGS Member

    Why Was Enoch’s Book Excluded | GraceThruFaith

    The Book Of Enoch | GraceThruFaith

    Hope that helps.
  3. Robert Cragg

    Robert Cragg Well-Known Member

    I went to the website that you have mentioned and all can say is I would be very carefull believeing in what this website is doing, I just get a funny feeling they may be trying to discredit the Bible.
    This is my opinion. There is reference to angels who rebelled in Heaven and came to earth to and took wives of woman of the earth.
    See Genesis 6: 1-8
    There is a man born of Seth whose name was Enosh, but Enoch is the man who was taken directly to Heaven Genesis 5:21-24
    As far as The Book of Enoch all indication by many theologians and historians is that the book of Enoch and has no verification, It was included in the Bible untill sometime I believe in the 1500's it was part of the Books of the apocrypa, There was 14 in all and 11 of them still remain in the Catholic Bible the Douay. But no longer excist in the King James because there is no proof of them being Holy Spirit inspired.

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