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Smiley Request

Discussion in 'Questions, Comments, & Suggestions ABOUT Rapture F' started by SoftTouch, Dec 19, 2006.

  1. SoftTouch

    SoftTouch Prophetic Realist

    Chris & Buzz, could we please get a 'one on one' HUG smiley (perhaps even on this main message page??) There's just times when ya need to give someone a HUG, ya know? :)
  2. Chris

    Chris Administrator Staff Member

    Sure. I will try to go locate one now. :)
  3. SoftTouch

    SoftTouch Prophetic Realist

    Thanks Bro! I'd hug ya, but I can't yet :D ;)
  4. SoftTouch

    SoftTouch Prophetic Realist

    There we go! :hug2: Thanks!!! :yeah: :hyper: :willy: :dancing
  5. Chris

    Chris Administrator Staff Member

    Yeah, I added a few more. Now we just need to get them in order. :)
  6. walksbyf8h

    walksbyf8h Gone permanently

    Um...what about one that says, Hallelujah, Buzz, ole pal ole buddy? "Praise the L0rd" would be good too. I have looked where I thought they would be but haven't found them. Perhaps you'd have better luck. You seem to have a knack :hat:
  7. Miss Bobbie

    Miss Bobbie Saved, Baptized, Ready for Rapture!

    I have to say that Chris and Buzz are keeping me on my toes as they fine-tune the board and add stuff and modify stuff. Every day the smilies are different! :lol: They've given us some nifty smilies that I can't imagine how I'd use, but I'm keeping 'em in the back of my mind just the same...

    Not too far back of course, else by the time I remember its existence, its demise may already have occurred. [​IMG] Please add this one to the pile??? For those times I should have kept my trap shut? :eek:hno
  8. AngelWings

    AngelWings I'm A Work In Progress

    :lol: Yeah, these smilies are a hoot! I saw Elvis the other day in here! :elvis:
  9. walksbyf8h

    walksbyf8h Gone permanently

    Cool beans! :elephant :apostasy :cheshire
  10. Chris

    Chris Administrator Staff Member

    I added a few more last night, but the problem I have right now is trying to get them in the right order. Whenever we add smilies it messes up the order. :eek:hno We will try to straighten that out soon. :)
  11. paul&katie

    paul&katie Well-Known Member

    We are missing the government agent icon

    Secret agent or spy or something like that. A smiley guy in a trench cote.

  12. BuzzardHut

    BuzzardHut Bird Mod Staff Member

    :spy :strong :stooges :cheese
  13. SoftTouch

    SoftTouch Prophetic Realist

    Thank you for putting the Sheep back on!


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