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my dear wife

Discussion in 'For the Gentlemen' started by ub4war, Jan 8, 2007.

  1. ub4war

    ub4war bond servant of Christ

    around 8 weeks till SAM is born:yeah:
    my poor wife:praying:
    she is uncomfortable alot:hug2: :praying:
    sleeps like 3 hours at the time:praying:

    i feel so bad for her but there is not much i can do
    though i do all i can, but i am feeling really ready to get to march 18th or so

    that women needs 12 hours sleep straight:thumbup

    and she is in full nesting mode now
    the nursery is going to cost me 1000 bucks--to start


    day care 550 a month,but i have a strong feeling i will be able to convince her to stay home for the first 2 or 3 years if she wants

    and the Lord wills it:thumbup
  2. mikalikat

    mikalikat Citizen

    I know this is for guys only, so forgive me. Right now your wife feels like she's got a full size refrigerator in her uterus. She's uncomfortable yes. Love her to pieces, rub her feet, do everything you can. Even just hold her. It's horrible, the last months and weeks till the precious little one arrives. Tell her she's the most beautiful thing you have ever laid eyes on. She will nest, clean, arrange, rearrange, move, sort out, and just let her. It's all part of the process. Two days before my first daughter was born, I was the size of the Hindenberg, and I was lying on my side on the floor chasing dust bunnies underneath the bed. I cleaned THE TOOTHBRUSH HANDLES. If you are feeling like you might be washed, ironed, folded, or rearranged yourself, simply move aside quietly and let her move on. It will all be over with soon enough and then neither of you will get no sleep, so when she's sleeping 12 hours a day, join her. You will need it. God bless and keep us posted!
  3. Sing4Him

    Sing4Him JUDE 1:3 Contender!

    Is this your first child?? Congrats!

    I gained 50 pounds with both of my sons. (32 with my first, a girl)

    I advise lots of Ice Cream and empathy. Emphsis on the former.

    One thing I know is that when you are first preg, you just can't imagine going through labor and even are afraid of it.. but the time you are this far along, labor looks like a trip to wonderland! 'bring it on! :D

    Praying that your wife will get some decent sleep. (use big pillows and lay on her left side)
  4. ub4war

    ub4war bond servant of Christ

    yes it is--thanks so much:)

    i will try that and thank you:thumbup

    i can not wait . i am so freeked out :praying:
  5. Caretaker

    Caretaker Old Greybeard

    God bless you;

    Deepest congratulations, and I will hold you both in my prayers during the days ahead.
  6. OnMyWayHome

    OnMyWayHome Daughter of The King!

    Yes, to the pillows!! I used to make a "nest" so my back and tummy were supported and also had a place to put my knee up on while on my left side. Lying on your left side is preferable for circulatory reasons. If you're on your back too much while sleeping the baby can put too much pressure on the vena cava which is the large vein allowing blood to return to the heart from the lower extremeties (feet and legs). So you can avoid some swelling and improve circulation.........this is not to say you must not switch sleeping positions, but just a little info that may be helpful.:wave

    :pray: For you, your wife and little one....:hug2:
  7. ub4war

    ub4war bond servant of Christ

  8. Adelphe

    Adelphe Member

    I so empathize for you both. My doctor suggested taking benedryl when I was just a couple of months out from delivery so I could get some sleep. Tell her to call her doctor and ask about doing that and see what the doctor advises. Will be praying for you and your wife.
  9. ub4war

    ub4war bond servant of Christ

    :hug2: :hat:
    thank you all

    i just bought[the Lord did it] Sam's bed and dresser and changing table and mattress
    and bedding and .........you know

    :thumbup :wave :)
    its killing me in a good way:yeah:
  10. JAYNA

    JAYNA Well-Known Member

    Congrats and God Bless, everything is going to be just fine!! :heythere
  11. Sing4Him

    Sing4Him JUDE 1:3 Contender!

    ub4war--how is your wife doing? How are things going? Time is closing in on ya! soon!

    what does your name mean???? :scratch:
  12. ub4war

    ub4war bond servant of Christ

    my name is so old

    a left over from my command and conquer and red alert
    rouge spear and ghost re-con days
    i have been thinking about changing it
    its 10 years now..........

    my sweety is fine, thank you

    she is getting more ''ready'' as i am too
    Poor girl, but we try to make it as comfortable as possible
    and we are grateful
    i my self am anxious and scared

    i feel like i am un employed but i am not
    if that makes any sense
    but we are hanging in there and are so happy and just can not wait to see Sam
  13. Sing4Him

    Sing4Him JUDE 1:3 Contender!

    Praying for you both.. get your sleep now!! :p
  14. kendall crawfor

    kendall crawfor Active Member

    Congrats! Get a good night of sleep becasue it will be your last for many many years to come!
  15. canada_1981

    canada_1981 New Member

    How did this ever turn out, that child would be 3 now wouldn't he/she?

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