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Master's new video contest.

Discussion in 'Evangelism' started by Cheryl, Jan 22, 2007.

  1. Cheryl

    Cheryl Well-Known Member

    Just wondering what everyone's thoughts were on this. I listen to WayoftheMaster radio with Todd Friel, Living Waters Ministry with Ray Comfort. This is a contest to video your witnessing encounters. 1,000 dollar prize for the best video. Just seems like they focus alot on certain groups instead of all people. Seems like wasting valuable time.

    This is my question. This new contest seems to emphasize running down the cults, apostate people to make a impact and more sensationalism more than being sensitive to the spirit leading to find someone who needs to hear about Jesus so they can go to Heaven. I do not see the Bible telling us to spend time going after the apostate. Maybe we should look up all the verses on this.I love most of the things that they preach and it is a encouragement to listen but this is what I have trouble with, how about anyone else, does anyone listen to them.

    Here is the contest that is on the LivingWaters website.
    You could win $1,000 :thinking: They will sell this DVD..and make lots of money on it. They will put it on TBN a apostate channel. :scratch:

    Go out and film witnessing clips; put your best clip up on a new "You Tube"-type site called "Christ Clips." Drop us an email linking to it, and if you get first place you will win $1,000. Ten other people will get $100 runner-up prizes.

    We are going to put the best clips onto one DVD called "Cream". Then we will take the cream of "Cream" and use it in the Third or Fourth Season of our television program.

    So now you have a real reason to take a team and go witnessing with a camera. You can approach strangers and legitimately say, "We have entered a contest put on by a Southern California television production company, and we are asking people what they think happens after someone dies? May we interview you?"

    1. Make sure you have good sound. Don't use a cheap microphone, and remember to hold it out for the person you are interviewing (it's easy to forget to do this). We can't use clips with bad sound.
    2. Get on-film permission from the person. Ask (on camera) "Can we have permission to use this film on national television?" Make sure you use these exact words, and get footage of them saying a clear "Yes." We can't use it on TV unless we have this.
    3. You must use digital video on Mini DV. Also, don't forget to use the zoom. Get up close and personal. Keep the person framed correctly.
    4. Make sure you go through the Commandments, present the cross clearly, then repentance and faith. Keep it to about 5 minutes (10 minutes maximum), and PLEASE don't send it to us unless you think that it is a good interview--colorful/interesting.

    Use your imagination. Interview Jews in synagogues, give a psychic a palm-reading (tell her future if she dies in her sins), talk to businessmen in elevators, Mormons on bikes,:rolleyes JW's at the door, rock musicians after a concert, chase down celebrities,:pound: interview police officers when they are arresting you for chasing down celebrities. The world is your oyster... this entire lost and dying world. So be prayerful, be creative, and try and stay out of trouble (if something does go wrong, make sure you get it on film).

    The contest officially begins on February 14th, 2007, but you can begin filming immediately. Winners will be notified by May 30th, 2007. Make sure you keep the master video in a safe place, because that’s what you will need to send us to collect your prize.

    After you have posted the clip on www.christclips.com (after February 14th) remember to email us and give its name (e.g. "Witnessing to Mormon on bike"). Send the details to: Mark@livingwaters.com

    Contest Rules and Notices
    No purchase or entry fee is necessary to enter the Cream of the Cream Video Contest. Video and media guideless must be followed as outlined above in order for your entry to be eligible. If after winners have been notified, upon receipt of the winners’ media, an entry is deemed by Living Waters Publications to be unusable for any reason; an alternate winner will be chosen at the sole discretion of Living Waters Publications. Living Waters Publications and its affiliates will not be held liable for any actions of the entrants of this contest in obtaining, producing and posting of their video, and all entrants have been informed that a minimum of video captured verbal permission must be obtained prior to any filming of interview participants. Entries will not be reviewed if permission is not easily intelligible at the beginning of the clip submitted. Video clips will be reviewed beginning February 14, 2007, and all entries must be submitted by midnight, May 20, 2007. Winners will be picked by a panel of judges to be selected by the management of Living Waters Publications. Winners will be notified via email by May 31, 2007. The names of winners and finalist will be posted on our websites. Cash prize winnings will be paid via check in the name of the entrant. All winners will be sent and required to submit an IRS W-9 form before payment is issued. All winners will be sent and required to complete and return a release form to be included with the original media containing the winning video footage. This media will become the property of Living Waters Publications and its affiliates, and will not be returned. If the winner declines to sign the release form, he or she will be disqualified, and an alternate prize winner will be selected.

    What does everyone think about it.
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2007
  2. SoftTouch

    SoftTouch Prophetic Realist

    Something troubles me about this as well. I don't like that they use money and fame as an incentive for this at all. This is nothing like the Challenge Blasphemy/Praise the Lord Challenge that Bro Mike is doing on YouTube. The Entire focus of that challenge is to bring Glory to God and Praise to HIS Name... No Earthly Rewards!

    There's something wrong about this new thing IMHO
  3. Deborah

    Deborah Member

    I agree. This doesn't sit well with me either. I don't see how this glorifies God, it just seems to be for the fame and recognition of man.

    And the name "Cream"? What's up with that?
  4. Cheryl

    Cheryl Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys anybody else want to comment?? Does it appeal to anyone to just go out and give the law and the gospel. I would love to name a day to fast and then the next day go out to witness to whoever and pass out tracts, anyone interested in this let me know.
    Like next week on Monday fasting just juice...prayer..then Tuesday pass out tracts along your daily duties and let the Lord lead...then report on how God blessed?? Sounds exciting to me...
  5. Berean Girl

    Berean Girl Princess of King Jesus


    I like Way of the Master but as with anything, if this is bothering you, drop Todd an email at studio@wayofthemasterradio.com or write to Ray, and seek an explanation concerning your uneasiness. Then post back here and let us know what you find out.
  6. sandy

    sandy Well-Known Member

    I dont see fame in this but rather when one witness's to another person, that is'nt to be BROADCAST all over the place and NOT TO MAKE MERCHANDISE out of these people.

    the lost Jesus came to save, this is degrading to us and to them.

    and if ya want to harden someones heart just go right ahead.
    some folks would be humilated and think all people who use Jesus name are creeps.

    something about wom always set wrong with me.
    too in with tbn maybe I dunno.

    but this sure is'nt helping with something about them I cant put my finger on....

    boy talk about heartless and rude.
  7. sandy

    sandy Well-Known Member

    another thought,

    to me it is like MOCKING the lost.

    and that is BEYOND WRONG and I know the Lord would have nothing to do with it.

    we are NOT to be mockers
    and they are helping people to sell themselves and their morals
    for a their pieces of silver.

    think of how many are going to go out there in their greed,
    only their greed and make a film.
    their thoughts are not turned to a lost and dying world but to how much money they can make.

    and they are teaching people to sell others down the drink for a peice of silver.
  8. Berean Girl

    Berean Girl Princess of King Jesus

    I wrote

    To someone I know at Living Waters and hopefully will find out more and get feedback.... I suggest you guys do the same. Until then, as far as I know, they are solid as I also had opportunity to work with them when they were here a few months ago.
  9. justme

    justme In Jesus' Kingdom Soon!

    Something about doing this for money seems greedy to me. Personally, I think the offer in and of itself is offensive to any true "born again" believer. How could anyone do this for money and not be convicted by the Holy Spirit? Why make money off of people's souls? Why not just witness out of love for the lost like all Christians should do without the recording, attention and monetary gain?
  10. Deborah

    Deborah Member

    Wow, good point!!
  11. Cheryl

    Cheryl Well-Known Member

    Todd said on the show January 26 ,hour one in the first part of that "the film is not "evangelism" it is a film" I thought it strange. It is not even to share the Gospel.
    A boy named Matt had e -mailed him and asked what the difference was for a church that was giving their members 1,700 dollars for bringing the most people, and Todd said that was bad, how come the contest is right. Todd said the film is not evangelism, it is a film. That paying people to bring people to church is radically different. Listen to the broadcast on previous shows...Jan 26 hour one. Some good stuff is on the show always.

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