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Is the Rapture Imminent?

Discussion in 'Christian Chat' started by ElShaddai, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. ElShaddai

    ElShaddai Well-Known Member

    Hello my Brothers and Sisters,

    I know that we are so looking forward to that moment, but just how close do you think we really are?

  2. LivnForChrist

    LivnForChrist Jesus Christ is Lord

    Yes, it can happen at any moment. I think we are very, very close. The
    stage is being set and all the last day players have taken their places.
  3. SonSeeker

    SonSeeker Well-Known Member

    Welcome to RF, ElShaddai.

    The Rapture could occur at any moment. Is that "imminent" enough? No one knows precisely when it will occur except The Father. When Jesus walked the earth two thousand years ago, even He did not know. Our responsibility is to be ready at all times. BTW, there many articles on the main RF website that can explain this far better than I.
  4. faithful09

    faithful09 Member

    That is the most pressing question lol I VERY much hope it is soon, like tomorrow or today would be fantastic!:nod Who knows, I think to myself when it might be, but that never gets anywhere because we all know we won't know. I very much believe that we are in the last days, but the rapture may not be for a hundred years we'll just have to wait and see. While I would find that disappointing due to the state of the world, either way I'll meet the Lord when my days run out. I keep thinking there might be like the ultimate sign that the rapture is close with world events, and maybe it'll be something to do with Israel, but that probably is wrong. I'll just keep holding onto my seat....and waiting!
  5. readytogo

    readytogo Well-Known Member

    It could happen before I finish posting this message! There's absolutely nothing that needs to happen before the rapture occurs (except the full number of gentiles become part of the church)!
  6. RanYakumo

    RanYakumo Well-Known Member

    I hope it is (preferably before 7:30 a.m. tomorrow so I don't have to do my Final :lol:) but truth is, no one knows.
  7. RonJohnSilver

    RonJohnSilver Well-Known Member

    Imminent, any moment, at any ti

    MADE YOU LOOK!! BWAHAHAHA!!! O.K....sorry, yes imminent
  8. Carl

    Carl Well-Known Member

    All I know for sure is that it is later than it has ever been!
  9. maryrae

    maryrae Well-Known Member

    When I see how Russia is getting involved in the Syrian conflict, how almost all the world is against Israel, how the climate/weather is getting more & more extreme & severe....... I cannot help but know that the Rapture truly indeed is imminent...more so now than at any other point in history. I so want Jesus to come, but I think of loved ones, whom I'm not sure are ready.... and that makes me sad.
  10. Lujack Skylark

    Lujack Skylark Well-Known Member

    I also see Russia as a sign the Rapture is imminent. Israel burns Russia and Iran's weapons for seven years. (Ezekiel 39:9) We have a 7 year tribulation, so the anti-Christ likely works fast to secure the false peace.

    March 30, 2013 Natural gas from the Tamar field begins flowing to Israel thus Israel will be on its way to accumulate a great spoil. (Ezekiel 38:13)

    All is needed for Israel to be living safely before this happens is the crushing defeat of Assad & Hezbollah (Isaiah 17:1-14) prophecy and the Sunni Arabs defeat in the (Psalms 83:1-18) prophecy and this war seems like its on the horizon.

    We may witness these wars BEFORE the RAPTURE but the RAPTURE takes place before Ezekiel 38:1-Ezekiel 39:9 for Israel will be living safely (Ezekiel 38:11) at the time the world cries for peace and safety. (1 Thessalonians 5:3) The RAPTURE happens in 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17 before Thessalonians 5:3 so the RAPTURE occurs before the armies of Russia, Iran and Iran's non-Arab armies are destroyed by God. God makes his name magnified. (Ezekiel 38:23)The anti-Christ will go after God's Holy People. (Daniel 8:24) The anti-Christ appeals to the people who saw this destruction in the Middle-East.The nations of the world are demanding peace. By peace the anti-Christ will destroy many. (Daniel 8:25)

    Since we are witnessing Putin wanting to put Russian peacekeeping troops on Israel's Golan Height border we know what Putin's intentions are in the near future.

    All the prophetic pieces of the puzzle are coming together so I believe the Rapture must be near. Israel must have a little time to develope vast wealth-the great spoil (Ezekiel 38:13) for that prophecy to become active.

    God might want us to give a message to the Moslem world by letting us witness here on earth (Isaiah 17:1-14) & (Psalms 83:1-18) so we can point in the Bible to the Moslems our Holy Book has the right answer for salvation. God could either use these prophecies as a witness before the RAPTURE or take us in the RAPTURE before DAMASCUS falls from power and let the 144,000 explain the prophecies of Isaiah, Psalms and Ezekiel all coming true.

    If Isaiah 17:1-14 & Psalms 83:1-18 comes before the RAPTURE we can show further proof to our family, friends, neighbors, fellow Americans and people on the internet how powerful God's words given by the prophets are 100% accurate.

    We may get them to believe in Jesus Christ and they will be able to escape the anti-Christ's reign by leaving in the RAPTURE!
  11. SonSeeker

    SonSeeker Well-Known Member

    And the more people we tell, the more that will give their heart to Jesus, the sooner the fullness of the Gentiles will come in, and the sooner we will be Raptured.:hyper:
  12. mikalikat

    mikalikat Citizen

    faithful09, I have heard many people make the statement, "It could be another 100 years from now," or "it could be 1,000 years from now". That simply isn't possible. We are told that this generation (the generation that saw Israel become a nation in 1948 and take back Jerusalem in 1967) shall not pass before the Son of Man returns. The generation that saw Israel become a nation is getting older and dying by the day. Any time now. If you watch Perry Stone (and please, everyone can save themselves the rush to lambaste me on watching Perry, he's a very good teacher of prophecy and does a magnificent job of overlaying the OT and the NT to show correlations) he does a fantastic teaching on the Jewish feasts and how the Rapture may well be during the Feast of Trumpets, though we do not know the day nor the hour. Fascinating study.
  13. mikhen7

    mikhen7 Freed By Christ to Serve Christ

    Good replies. I think the best way to explain the imminence of the Rapture is to realize:

    Mar 13:28-37 "Now learn this parable from the fig tree [Israel]: When its branch has already become tender, and puts forth leaves, you know that summer is near. (29) So you also, when you see these things happening, know that it is near—at the doors! (30) Assuredly, I say to you, this generation will by no means pass away till all these things take place. (31) Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will by no means pass away. (32) "But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father. (33) Take heed, watch and pray; for you do not know when the time is. (34) It is like a man going to a far country, who left his house and gave authority to his servants, and to each his work, and commanded the doorkeeper to watch. (35) Watch therefore, for you do not know when the master of the house is coming—in the evening, at midnight, at the crowing of the rooster, or in the morning— (36) lest, coming suddenly, he find you sleeping. (37) And what I say to you, I say to all: Watch!"
  14. RonJohnSilver

    RonJohnSilver Well-Known Member

    ....the Jewish feasts and how the Rapture may well be during the Feast of Trumpets, though we do not know the day nor the hour. I've heard this thought as well, but think this through..... If, IF it were possible to pin the rapture to any feast or any event, then it destroys the doctrine of imminency. It simply cannot be tied definitively to any date.....every date has the same chance, if that's the right word, of being the rapture day. If we knew for certain that the rapture would come on the Feast of Trumpets, then once that date had passed, we would know that the rapture couldn't happen for at least another year. Even if it could be proven that this was the year, then it could be argued that the rapture wouldn't happen for 3-4 months yet. The rapture may, MAY happen on a feast day, but the probability is 1 in 365, same as any other day. Studying the feasts is compelling, I'll admit....I've done it, but I can't get past the imminency doctrine and imminency is correct.
  15. newstate

    newstate Well-Known Member

    Good answers, and I want to put in my two cents.

    Fifty years ago, most all Christians, that I heard anyway, all seemed to share a belief in
    the Rapture. Not today perhaps, but God doesn't change, and in my opinion it is going to happen exactly when
    he wants it to. It is getting close now, and some will be surprised, but we won't! Praise Jesus!
  16. TheOvercomers

    TheOvercomers Well-Known Member

    An interesting thing came to my mind while dwelling on the Holy Scriptures and since I believe that every word spoken by our gracious LORD shall be literally fulfilled, if I may, I would like to share it with my brethren.(And please forgive me as I let my imagination run wild, lol)

    I think that the rapture may take place when that last Gentile or Jewish convert comes to Christ as His body shall be complete John 11:26, the very same day, perhaps the very instant, another believer shall die John 11:25 and thus the words of Jesus would be literally fulfilled in one day. At the Rapture. For precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints.

    Another interesting thing that came to my mind, and please do not misunderstand me (as I let my imagination run wild), is, that if 70 years have been determined in the desolations of Jerusalem Dan 9:2 (knowing that they served 69 at Babylon and now we await the fulfillment of Daniel's 70th week), also considering that some prophecies in the Word of God have a DOUBLE FULFILLMENT. Could it be possible that if we count 70 years since the re-birth of the nation of Israel in 1948 that the rapture could very well take place in 2018?

    On the other hand, if we count the number of years since the re-capture of Jerusalem in 1967, could it be possible that it could be in 2037?

    And as I said, please DO NOT MISUNDERSTAND ME....

    I'm not setting dates...

    I'm not into numerology...

    The RAPTURE IS IMMINENT and it could very well happen TODAY...

    It's just a thought.

    God Bless

    Glorious Day (Living He Loved Me) - Casting Crowns (With Lyrics)
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2013
  17. acceptedinthebeloved

    acceptedinthebeloved Well-Known Member

    The passages that folks use to say this ^ (i.e. the Olivet Discourse, "no man knows the day nor the hour") are referring to His Second Coming (to the earth), so I believe they will be fulfilled in that way, somehow, but are not about our pre-trib rapture.
  18. acceptedinthebeloved

    acceptedinthebeloved Well-Known Member

    I've thought of this many times also... but remember that when times are figured for Israel, the "biblical/prophetic" (360-day year) is used. (This would bring it closer by a couple of years, from your first example.)

    This is true of the year Israel became a nation in 1948 (2520 "biblical/prophetic" [360-day] years from 537BC) AND when Jerusalem was recaptured in 1967 (2520 "biblical/prophetic" [360-day] years from 518BC).

    Interesting to ponder! :nod (Many passages of scripture are flooding to my mind...)
  19. mattfivefour

    mattfivefour Well-Known Member

    When all is said and done, the rapture IS imminent ... meaning it could occur at any second. There is nothing necessary to happen before the Rapture takes place. And when it occurs, it will do so so fast that we will one split second be here on earth and in the next be with Christ. No time to prepare. We should, thus, be living our lives in that knowledge ... ready at every instant to be raptured.

    But you don't need to wait for the Rapture to find yourself suddenly and without warning before the presence of God. Death (which equally immediately translates you into the presence of the Lord) can come at any split second. We are only ever one heart beat from eternity ... and that next heart beat is not guaranteed to occur. Death comes to roughly two people every second of every minute of every hour of every day of every week of every month of every year ... 24/7/365. Almost 60 million people go to an eternity in either Heaven or Hell every year. In the time it has taken for you to read this far, roughly 100 people have died. If one had been you, are you ready?

    If there is any hesitation in your answer, let me assure you that you are NOT ready. The only way to get ready is to truly believe that you need salvation and cannot accomplish it for yourself by anything you can do ... but that god has accomplished that for you through His plan of Redemption and by faith accept that plan, which is Jesus Christ and Him crucified ... believing that His sacrifice was sufficient to pay the price you could not pay and that it is efficacious to erase all of your sins and make you a new creation, translating you out of the kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of God.
  20. Sean Osborne

    Sean Osborne Well-Known Member

    Well, not necessarily. The Feast of Trumpets/Rosh HaShanah initiates the "Days of Awe," also known as the High Holy Days. The Trumpets (both strait trumpet/cornet and shofar) are blown over a period of ten days, the 10th day being the "Day of Atonement." Atonement and a new beginning are extremely symbolic of what the Harpazo is all about.

    Thus "that day and hour" remain unknown and imminent as always; Jesus can still be sent by the Father to collect His Bride as "a thief in the night." The Feast of Trumpets initiate on the first day of the new moon of the 7th month.

    I'm not saying the Harpazo will occur at this time in a given year, but it's as good as any other "day or hour" and also has all of the associated symbolism as extras.

    I do like Perry Stone; a very gifted teacher!

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