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Ideas and suggestion for Senior Citizen home ministry

Discussion in 'Bible Study Q & A' started by FaithInChrist, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. FaithInChrist

    FaithInChrist Well-Known Member

    God put it on my soul to begin a Bible study at a Senior Citizen home. I procrastinated inquiring into this for over 3 weeks. I finally made the phone call when everytime I bowed my head to pray I heard the words "You haven't obeyed me". So yesterday I looked up homes, found one and called. The activities director called me back today. She was so excited. She just started working at this place, and is trying to get activities scheduled for the seniors. I asked her if the home is okay with a Bible study and she is thrilled and said the seniors will be thrilled. She wanted to meet with me next week, so I scheduled to meet her next Tuesday morning. I almost forgot, she wanted to put this on the books asap, so I asked her what day works best. She said Friday mornings. That is the one morning a week I do not watch my grandson. It's just amazing to sit and watch God at work. I know this is so obvious that ofcourse everything will work out if God is the one in charge, but it is still so awesome to see the supernatural at work.

    Anyway, I am up for all suggestions including some ideas of what to cover. I was thinking of simply doing Bible reading and discussions, no other materials. I know that most likely the participation will probably be limited to listening. My grandmother is in a nursing home in MO and I know that most cannot hold up a book and read, also writing is most likely a challenge for most, so anything will have to be pretty much done for them.

    Thanks for all ideas!

    Oh, I also discussed this with my ladies Bible study class tonight and there are already 2 women that want to help, so I don't have to try and do this all alone. God has blessed me greatly with this church I go to.
  2. Hannah

    Hannah Well-Known Member

    The death and resurrection of Christ might be a good place to start as it is on our minds with Easter just coming up.

    Make it simple and let your ladies talk so you can get to know them. :nod

    You want to get to know them so you can prepare future studies that are appropriate for them.

    These ladies may not be up to deep bible studies.

    Do be aware some may have a little dementia and so not able to concentrate for long. Some are still sharp but there are those who can hide their dementia well.

    You will work out what to do with your ladies after you get to know them and the Holy Spirit will I'm sure guide you.

    Praying for the Lord to give you His wisdom and guidance as you prepare your studies and as you lead the group. In Jesus Name Amen.
  3. mattfivefour

    mattfivefour Well-Known Member

    Hannah has great suggestions, sis. :thumbup

    May I add a couple more? My first suggestion ties with Hannah's about Easter. It is because of Easter that we are Christians. Without that we would have no hope. What an excellent opportunity then to use Easter to introduce the topic of salvation!!! It is quite possible that some of those who sign up for this study are not Christians in the sense of having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and an absolute assurance of their salvation. So to use talking about Easter to begin talking about the love of God for man and how that relates to the possibility of salvation would be an awesome thing. Following that, some weeks spent on the assurance of that salvation and the promises we have in Christ would be highly beneficial. From there service to God and how we can serve when we are limited in body. Finally, in weeks to come, you could even speak of facing the future and the certainty that the curtain that will fall on everybody's life at some point. We all die. They may be considered closer to that time than others, but not necessarily. God alone knows when we will pass from this life into the next. A child, a teen, a twenty-something is just as likely to die as a Senior. So it is not a "seniors" thing to consider death and what awaits on the other side. (And I say that as a man who is a LOT closer to the final limit of life than he is to its start.)

    Anyway, Dianne, just a couple or so suggestions to add to Hannah's.
  4. FaithInChrist

    FaithInChrist Well-Known Member

    My grandmother is in a nursing home in Missouri. I know they have many activities and the citizens of the home get to sign up for the ones they are interested in, however, there are some that are completely helpless that are put into their chairs each day and are wheeled to sit in front of whatever activities are going on.

    It is doubtful there will be a first class before Easter, since I am just meeting with the director on Tuesday for the first time. However, it's close enough and I think starting with the Easter story is a great place to start. Even if it's a bit after Easter, it's a Truth that is never a bad time to tell.

    When this all started God only impressed on me to read from the Bible, so I think limiting all readings to coming from the Bible is what I am going to do. It can be a time for discussions, prayer requests, prayer and Bible reading. My daughter said she would come up occasionally and sing, she has a beautiful voice.

    The pastor's elderly mother is going to go with me to the meeting on Tuesday, it will be nice to have somebody there with me.

    I do have one dilemna, our church, does not believe that women should "preach" or teach men. There are likely men that will want to be part of this group. I do not want to exclude anybody that is hungry for the Lord.

    Our Pastor has said in the past that if men don't stand up and take positions that put them in leadership of men, God will fill these positions with women. I wonder if this is one of those positions? I really cannot stand controversy, or arguments, but I want everybody that wants to join to feel free. Any suggestions? (no my husband is not interested in doing this with me, already asked :( )

    Thanks for all the suggestions, they helped a lot.
  5. mattfivefour

    mattfivefour Well-Known Member

    I happen to agree with your pastor. So imo there is no need to worry.

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