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How a 20 year old girl was burnt to death by a cheering crowd

Discussion in 'Persecution Watch - Islam in Action' started by Vic25, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. Vic25

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    Please pray for this too...............

    Orissa: August 31, 2008, 18:40 hrs.


    4000 mobs Attacked churches in Jeypore, Koraput district on today.

    Fr. Edward Sequeira, a priest belonging to the Society of Divine Word (SVD), was one of those who was seriously injured when his mission station was attacked by the mob in Orissa.

    Currently recuperating at Burla Medical College Hospital, Sambalpur, Fr. Sequeira, upon gaining consciousness, narrated the story to his brother Commodore Valentine Sequeira who writes:

    A large mob of more than 700 people were returning after attending the cremation of Swami Lakshmanananda Saraswati who was killed along with four others Saturday evening by suspected Maoist guerrillas at his Jalespata ashram.

    The mob was chanting anti-Christian slogans and when they reached Padampur in Bargarh district, they attacked the orphanage where Fr Edward lived.

    Ms. Rajni, a 20-year-old student who lived in the orphanage and was also working as an auxiliary nurse in the orphanage confronted them. (Picture Right: Rajni's buint death body)

    When Fr Sequeira arrived at the spot, the mob locked him and Rajni into separate rooms, and ordered the children to vacate the orphanage. The mob then ransacked Fr Sequeira's room, poured petrol on him, Rajni and set the orphanage on fire.

    "I was engulfed in flames, I could hear the cries of Rajni and the mob was cheering and shouting through the windows," recalls Fr Sequeira.

    He however, managed to crawl to the bathroom, beat out the flames and closed the windows.

    "When I started to suffocate I found a crack on the wall that was damaged in the attack and kept my nose there to breath some air. All the while I could hear the cries of Rajni from the next room where she was writhing in agony. After sometime, there was silence and I thought she must have managed to escape from the room," recalled Fr Sequeira.

    Unknown to Fr Edward, the girl was burnt alive and had breathed her last. (Picture left: Fr. Edward, in hospital, struggling life and death)

    People from the neighborhood who heard the cries of children rushed to the rescue, broke the walls and brought him to safety. That is when the mob attacked him again outside the orphanage and beat him up mercilessly till he became unconscious. He was initially rushed to the hospital at Padampur and later with the help of local officials was shifted to Burla Medical College Hospital, in Sambalpur.

    Violence against Christian still tense and the mayhem entered 9th day. Report reaching to All India Christian Council on Sunday afternoon, mobs numbering about 4000 went to churches and schools in Jeypore of Koraput district.

    The reports of violence report in other states. This morning during Sunday service in Hardoi of Uttar Pradesh, mobs went inside the church and beaten the pastor and church members. Pastor was taken to police custody in spite of protecting him from mobs.

    In MP, 5 schools were attacked on August 29 for closing down in protest against violence in Orissa.

    Release by

    Madhu Chandra
    Regional Secretary
    All India Christian Council



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    Stuff like this is just cruel and inhuman. I don't know how people can do something like this.

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