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Former 17 year old muslim girl now a Christian is on the run for her life!

Discussion in 'Persecution Watch - Islam in Action' started by paul&katie, Aug 13, 2009.

  1. paul&katie

    paul&katie Well-Known Member

  2. mattfivefour

    mattfivefour Well-Known Member

    I pray they not return this girl to Ohio or her family.
  3. billiefan2000

    billiefan2000 Well-Known Member

    we need to :pray: for this girl

    also :pray: for her family's salvation
  4. Yeshua is Coming!

    Yeshua is Coming! Christian American Texan


    This has brought me tears .. I pray this young girl is not returned to her family and for their salvation as well. I also pray that her location be not revealed to the family or others who would do her harm. :pray::pray::pray:
  5. snowfox

    snowfox Thank you Jesus.

    Wow! Poor girl, she is really shooken up!
  6. Nalloart

    Nalloart Looking Beyond the Horizon

    Ah, poor girl. She's in my prayers. I really hope that she's able to stay there. Oh, thats so sad. She's my age and so brave. Poor girl. :pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:
  7. DaughterofRuth

    DaughterofRuth Active Member

    praying that she is kept safe and that her family also accepts Christ
  8. sumpwa

    sumpwa Member

    How many more of these "You should judge all of Islam based on this one situation" scenarios are we going to have?
  9. parsifal22

    parsifal22 Well-Known Member

    I have actualllooked alot into this and there really is no happy ending to this. Ether she is fearing for her life from a radical muslum father (which I find highlly dobtfull becuese what Muslum extremeist would let there daughter be a cheerleader?) Or she is just being used as a pawn by third parties. AllI can say is I hopethingsworkout forher and that the rhetroich cools down a bit this is America after all. Certin laws are in place to protect childernin this Country ultmitelly the truth will win out butwhat that is as of right now I dont know so I am less then likelly to "circle the wagons" over this subject. with all that being said Prayer is a must but to qoute blogger Katelyn Beaty "Seeing persecution where there is likely none keeps the church defensive, improperly focused, and forgetful of the triumph it already has through Christ". that's my two cents may God be glorified in this situation whatever the outcome
  10. paul&katie

    paul&katie Well-Known Member

    Runaway Christian Convert Not Required to Meet With Parents, Judge Rules


  11. WhisperWisdom

    WhisperWisdom Faithfully Yours Lord!

    Haven't kept up with this in the news, but I wonder why this girl didn't wait until she was 18 to leave? A simple note to explain her decision, why, etc. I don't understand why all the media is so necessary?
  12. paul&katie

    paul&katie Well-Known Member

    She did not have a choice her muslim parents found out that she became a Christian and was attending Church and Bible study. They are obligated under the qur’an and shariah law to sacrifice her to allah (honor killing) and they were going to take her to Sri Lanka to do just that. Now he parents are getting legal help from the US branch of the muslim brotherhood (who founded al-qaeeda) CAIR.
  13. king'sbloomingrose

    king'sbloomingrose He is able to save

    I've heard that the judge allowed her to live in a foster home with foster parents until she's 18, then she'll be on her own.
  14. paul&katie

    paul&katie Well-Known Member

    Rifqa Bary battling cancer

  15. paul&katie

    paul&katie Well-Known Member

    Teen runaway Rifqa Bary now fighting cancer - Orlando Sentinel

  16. Meg

    Meg Well-Known Member

    Would it be possible to start a petition for Rifqa Bary's acceptance as a legal citizen? Election year and all that...

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