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End Times Prophecy Movies Online

Discussion in 'Books, Movies, DVD's, Sermon's, and Game Reviews' started by SoftTouch, Jan 21, 2007.

  1. SoftTouch

    SoftTouch Prophetic Realist

    Here are some movies I found at Google

    666 END TIMES PROPHECY MOVIE - Six The Mark Unleashed 1 hr 45 mins

    [GOOGLE VIDEO]-2125059135129782516&q=SIX+the+mark[/GOOGLE VIDEO]

    Description: A film based on end times events as described in the bible . And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

    END TIMES PROPHECY MOVIE - Apocalypse 2 – Revelation 1 hr 38 mins

    [GOOGLE VIDEO]-4505229684823485364&q=Apocalypse[/GOOGLE VIDEO]

    Description: The sequel to the bestselling, Apocalypse: Caught in the Eye of the Storm, Revelation ...the Book has been opened is a gripping, explosive ... all » film experience set against a backdrop of the world of high technology/virtual reality that challenges the notions of good and evil and probes the depths of deception and betrayal. But through the inferno of violence and deceit emerges a passionate and powerful portrait of those men and women of faith who are willing to give everything in the name of God, and who are willing to endure

    END TIMES PROPHECY MOVIE - Apocalypse 1 - Caught In The Eye of The Storm 1 hr. 24 mins

    [GOOGLE VIDEO]7050905926859833525&q=Apocalypse[/GOOGLE VIDEO]

    Description: As army after army descends into the valley of Armageddon in central Israel and the world is about to be swept into total nuclear ... all » destruction, a miracle of astounding dimensions is performed by a great and charismatic world leader. The world has been saved. Or has it?

    END TIME PROPHECY MOVIE - Apocalypse 3 – Tribulation 1 hr 40 mins

    [GOOGLE VIDEO]4035548600267259361&q=Tribulation[/GOOGLE VIDEO]

    Description: Imagine waking up one day and finding yourself living in the heart of the Great Tribulation. That is the stunning premise of Part 3 of the Apocalypse series

    END TIMES PROPHECY MOVIE - Apocalypse 4 Judgement 1 hr 42 mins

    [GOOGLE VIDEO]-5496832578916578880&q=Apocalypse[/GOOGLE VIDEO]

    Description: The last in the series of the end time prophecy movies Apocalypse

    END TIMES PROPHECY MOVIE Left Behind World at War III 1 hr 35 mins

    [GOOGLE VIDEO]-1583390596422052963&q=Left+Behind+III[/GOOGLE VIDEO]

    Description: Third movie in the Left Behind Series (and IMHO the best!)

    Disclaimer: These movies are based on someones idea of what it will be like after the Mark of the Beast (much like the Left Behind Series). This is not necessarily Biblical as it takes much license and goes beyond scripture. The ‘Apocalypse’ series was done by ‘Cloud10 Productions.’ I believe these could be viewed as Christian Sci-Fi? Loosely based on Prophecy.
  2. SoftTouch

    SoftTouch Prophetic Realist

    Here are some older Prophecy movies from the 70's & 80's

    END TIMES PROPHECY MOVIE A Thief In The Night (1972) 1 hr 9 mins


    Description: classic film about the mark of the beast

    There are two more in this series, but I haven't watched them yet.
  3. Anavah

    Anavah *~~*Following the Shepherd*~~*

    Thank you so much!!!!! :D
  4. SoftTouch

    SoftTouch Prophetic Realist

    You're welcome Anavah! :)

    This series is the Best I’ve seen (even though it’s the oldest)

    END TIMES PROPHECY MOVIE A Distant Thunder (1977) 1 hr 16 mins

    [GOOGLE VIDEO]-5733474081597556255&q=End+Time+Prophecy+Movie[/GOOGLE VIDEO]

    Description: 2nd in the thief in the night series classic film about the mark of the beast

    Off to watch #3 now
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  5. SoftTouch

    SoftTouch Prophetic Realist

    Well... I just watched the third video in this series and I have a couple issues with it so I'm not going to post it. However, 1 and 2 are pretty good :)
  6. Anavah

    Anavah *~~*Following the Shepherd*~~*

    I've been watching movies a lot today!
  7. walksbyf8h

    walksbyf8h Gone permanently

    SoftTouch, you must have anointed eyeballs! Thank you!
  8. daileyak

    daileyak New Member

    how do we play a distant thunder
  9. LindaR

    LindaR Well-Known Member

    Welcome daileyak! Where do you see A Distant Thunder? Seems you bumped a thread that is over a year old...the post before yours is dated January 23, 2007 at 8:42PM All I see on this thread are black squares that used to be videos (probably youtubes).

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