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Circus Church...Literally (AKA Church Circus by the Glades IN Florida)

Discussion in 'Apostasy in the Local Church' started by billiefan2000, Oct 24, 2011.

  1. billiefan2000

    billiefan2000 Well-Known Member

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  2. IamPJ

    IamPJ Well-Known Member

    What on earth was that? I watched the video. Surely this was not a performance at a church??? No way....
  3. JAyres

    JAyres Well-Known Member

    Well, it was entertaining. Surely this was filmed at some sort of concert or something.
  4. billiefan2000

    billiefan2000 Well-Known Member

    sadly it was.

    it was filmed at a seeker church in Florida called Church of the Glades (mentioned them before on here) (this is typical seeker nonsense for them)
  5. IamPJ

    IamPJ Well-Known Member

    That is so disturbing...what has happened to this world? the church?
  6. billiefan2000

    billiefan2000 Well-Known Member

    we allowed Bill Hybels and his lukewarm group called the willow creek association

    and Rick Warren and Joel Osteen and others like them to control our churches and as result: many churches are evanjellyfish type churches.

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  7. billiefan2000

    billiefan2000 Well-Known Member

  8. billiefan2000

    billiefan2000 Well-Known Member

    turns out Church BY the Glades does this seeker driven I need to relevant and cool church needing worship

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  9. billiefan2000

    billiefan2000 Well-Known Member

  10. billiefan2000

    billiefan2000 Well-Known Member

    and as if that wasnt bizarre enough

    This is from the HALLOWEEN sunday october 30 2011 Service at Circus, I mean Church by the Glades:

  11. billiefan2000

    billiefan2000 Well-Known Member

    side note:

    Church (Circus) by the Glades recently worshiping to Secular Artist Nicky Minaj's Fly:


    so sick of seeker churches acting like they are auditioning for American Idol or the X-Factor.
  12. billiefan2000

    billiefan2000 Well-Known Member


    this seeker pastor calls his critics "haters" , gee I wonder who he could be influenced by or is friends with

    (coughs, Steven Furtick and Perry Noble 's names

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  13. billiefan2000

    billiefan2000 Well-Known Member

    update/latest on church in name only by the glades

    (this is from a few days ago aka their christmas 2012 "service"

    (something tells me this should be mentioned at The Museum of Idolatry


    (the seeker churches are just ripping each other off now. others are doing same thing this "church" in florida is doing


    The Museum of Idolatry: Grinch's Thriller??

    (this is from a church in Oklahoma and one of many "churches" from last year

    that Church in name only by the Glades in Florida is ripping off to be "relevant"
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  14. billiefan2000

    billiefan2000 Well-Known Member

    What is ‘churching’ the unchurched all about?

    5 Comments Posted by Acidri on February 6, 2013

    “Churching” the unchurched is a terminology used by many mega churches or purpose driven churches and if you have never heard of it, (let me begin by bursting the bubble) it actually has nothing to do with evangelism. No…

    “Churching the unchurched is an absolute fallacy – it is like purposing to let the tares in.

    It is absolutely bizarre to want to make unsaved people feel comfortable in a church.

    The church is not a building – the church is a group of worshiping, redeemed, and sanctified people among whom an unbeliever should feel either miserable, convicted and drawn to Christ, or else alienated and isolated.

    Only if the church hides its message and ceases to be what God designed the church to be, can it make an unbeliever comfortable.” ~John MacArthur

    What is ‘churching’ the unchurched all about? | A Twisted Crown of Thorns ®
  15. billiefan2000

    billiefan2000 Well-Known Member

    funny how many seeker driven "churches" like CB Glades use the phrase

    No perfect people allowed

    so I guess that excludes Jesus from being allowed at many seeker churches
  16. billiefan2000

    billiefan2000 Well-Known Member

    why would circus "church" by the glades even do this video

    Seeker Driven " church" in Florida "uses" Obama to promote Ed Young Jr. and...

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  17. billiefan2000

    billiefan2000 Well-Known Member

    circus church by the glades asks the age old question

    btw: I am pretty sure Jesus would warn Justin of seeker-driven "pastors" like Hughes (and Bieber 's spitrual mentor and "pastor" Judah Smith

    btw, circus church by the glades also did a JB song cover


    Justin Bieber (who's spirtual mentor by Judah Smith

    and the Jonas Brothers and Kari Jobe (who go to daystar tv pastor Robert Morris 's Gateway "Church" in Texas

    Fighting for the Faith: Debunking Robert Morris' Principle of Multiplication - Part 1

    Fighting for the Faith: Debunking Robert Morris' Principle of Multiplication - Part 2

    Fighting for the Faith: A Biblical Rebuttal of The Blessed Life by Robert Morris

    Robert Morris Makes Money-Back Tithe Guarantee on Vimeo Robert Morris Makes Money-Back Tithe Guarantee

    Robert Morris Explains How He Checks Tithing Records of Daughter's Boyfriend on Vimeo Robert Morris Checks Tithing Record of Daughter's Boyfriend

    and other celebrities who go to bad seeker-driven or dominionist churches I think need to stop going to a church because it's popular church, and find a real bible believing church.

    too many christian celebs like many christians who arent famous pick popularity over truth and it's a tragedy.

    as a discernment blogger and a HPN supporter and actor myself, I feel bad for Bieber (who is being used by folks like Judah Smith and now this Church by the Glades pastor to further their false teachings and popularity

    and I hope and :pray Bieber and others of influence who go to bad seeker-driven churches wake up and go find a real church.

    p.s. just cause a church is Popular and a Pastor is Popular dont make the church or pastor sound or legitimate.
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  18. EnRapturedwithChrist

    EnRapturedwithChrist Well-Known Member

    Really disappointed to hear about Kari Jobe. :crying

    I'd be more disappointed if I heard the same about Chris Tomlin. I quite like his music.
  19. BuzzardHut

    BuzzardHut Bird Mod Staff Member


    Just more reasons why the New Testament church has truly lost it's power and God is calling His true Bride up and out of this mess so these one world religion pagans can carry on with their circus antics.

    ICHABOD!! :apostasy
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  20. billiefan2000

    billiefan2000 Well-Known Member

    :pray: for Kari.

    a lot of CCM artists and christian celebrities and politicians sadly go to seeker-driven or dominionist type churches.

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