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Christian preacher insulted on street by Arab kids - in Michigan!

Discussion in 'Persecution Watch - Islam in Action' started by mattfivefour, Oct 22, 2011.

  1. mattfivefour

    mattfivefour Well-Known Member

    This silent witness for Jesus Christ had taunts yelled and shoes thrown at him by Arab kids in Dearborn Michigan when he quietly stood during this year's Arab Festival with a sign proclaiming salvation through Jesus Christ.


    Dearborn has more Arabs per capita than any other American city. Fully one third of its residents are Arabs. In fact Dearborn in Michigan and Paris in France are recorded as having the largest numbers of Arabs outside of the Middle East. Islam rules in this city. And the Arab leaders have forged very strong ties with leaders of the Black community. In fact they appear to have co opted the Black organizations to a large extent in order to give themselves an even more powerful voice in local government. Very cleverly, the Islamicists have managed to make it politically incorrect in America as a whole to say anything against Islam ... not from a religious standpoint but from an ethical one. And now the White House, as I saw in one of WKU's threads, has banned any reference to Islam in its US Security training manuals.

    Even though the extremists are a very small minority, many of their views of Islam are silently supported by the vast majority of Muslims here. A few members of Dearborn's Muslim community have reported fundamentalist activity to the authorities. But they are a very small minority. As the global Ummah grows, and as Islam becomes an even greater part of American life, I have no doubt that Dearborn will play (and is already playing) an important role in support of those goals. Please pray for the Christian workers in this area.

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