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Christian NFL PLayers?

Discussion in 'The Sporting Dugout' started by KR McKay, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. KR McKay

    KR McKay Well-Known Member

    I know that a number of NFL players will, from time to time, "...give thanks to Jesus Christ..." in a post-game interview, and that some claim to have had transformative experiences with Christ (Ray Lewis of the Ravens comes to mind).

    My question is: Does anyone know of a website anywhere that actually lists players who have made such claims, and possibly the date that they first made public testimony concerning their salvation?

    In particular, I wonder about Panthers WR Steve Smith. Certainly, he gave his own rep a "black eye" last year in training camp, when he busted the lip of Ken Lucas, but I was impressed with the contrite way he faced the media after he was handed a two-game suspension by the coaches, and he claimed full responsibility, and apologized. Just wondered if his life -- and the lives of any other NFL players who have claimed Christ -- truly reflects Jesus Christ in day-to-day life. (I'm a BIG fan of "Smitty," so I hope so)!

    Just wondered who the "real" Christians are on the field, so I can try to remember to pray for them if they are in a game I am following!
  2. Sean Osborne

    Sean Osborne Well-Known Member


    It's a much bigger organization than just Christian NFL players. It's called the FCA, or Fellowship of Christian Athletes.


    Here's a page from the linked website I think you'd be interested in seeing.

    The Spiritual Warriors


  3. LostNoMore4

    LostNoMore4 Well-Known Member

    KR, to be frank, even THOSE that DO mention Jesus Christ as being our Lord and Savior...it is STILL hard to tell who is, and who isn't.

    For example, former Dallas Cowboys QB Quincy Carter did so in 2003 after the Cowboys clinched a playoff spot. What happened since? He got caught with drugs in the subsequent offseason, and he got cut from the team b/c of it. And then I've heard a news report like last year or the year before over him being caught AGAIN, this time by the authorities.

    Another thing too - alot of these professional athletes all but scream Jesus' name on the rooftop when they WIN, but when they LOSE, they are SILENT. I mean we should praise Jesus through ALL times(good and bad).

    Anyhow - overall, it's hard to say. But I WILL say that what Michael Vick did 2 years ago after getting exposed was really admirable - witnessing Jesus' name to the entire world. I mean many others I've seen just stuck their heads in the sand and lived a life of denial(i.e. OJ).
  4. Sean Osborne

    Sean Osborne Well-Known Member

    Here's a short list list of "famous" evangelical Christian athletes. This list missed Tony Dungy, coach of the Indianapolis Colts, so it likely is missing others.

    Bobby Bowden - college football coach
    Dennis Byrd - former profession football player
    Vince Carter - professional football player
    Bob Christian - professional football player
    Randall Cunningham - professional football player
    Joe Gibbs - former professional football coach
    Rosie Grier - former professional football player
    Tom Landry - former professional football coach
    Dan Reeves - professional football coach
    Frank Reich - professional football player
    Eugene Robinson - professional football player
    Deion Sanders - professional football player
    Mike Singletary - former professional football player
    Gene Stallings - former college football coach
    Emmitt Smith - professional football player
    Kurt Warner - professional football player
    Reggie White - former professional football player
    Lenny Wilkens - professional basketball coach

    Athletics - Basketball
    A.C. Green - former professional basketball player
    Hersey Hawkins - professional basketball player
    Meadowlark Lemon - basketball player, Harlem Globetrotters
    Pete Maravich (1947-1988) - professional basketball player
    Dikembe Mutombo - professional basketball player
    Mark Price - former professional basketball player
    David Robinson - professional basketball player

    Athletics - Baseball
    Brett Butler - former baseball player
    Joe Carter - baseball player
    Gary Carter - former baseball player
    Darren Daulton - baseball
    Dave Dravecky - baseball
    Orel Herschiser - professional baseball player
    Paul Molitor - professional baseball player
    Terry Pendleton - professional baseball player
    Andy Pettitte - professional baseball player
    John Smoltz - professional baseball player
    Walt Weiss - professional baseball player

    Athletics - Golf
    Paul Azinger - professional golfer
    Bernard Langer - professional golfer
    Tom Lehman - professional golfer
    Larry Mize - professional golfer
    Payne Stewart - professional golfer
    Scott Simpson - professional golfer
    Larry Nelson - professional golfer

    Athletics - Skating
    Janet Lynn - Olympic figure skater
    Shae-Lynn Bourne and Victor Kraatz - Olympic winning Figure skating dance team
    Rosalyn Sumners - Figure Skater
    Paul Wyle - Olympic figure skater

    Athletics - Track and Field
    Gail Devers - professional track athlete
    Jackie Joyner-Kersee - professional track athlete
    Eric Liddell (1902-1945) - Olympic Gold Medalist, depicted in film Chariots of Fire
    Jesse Owens (1913-1980) - professional track athlete

    Athletics - other
    Davey Allison (1961-1993) - professional race car driver
    George Foreman - famed professional heavyweight boxer
    Mary Joe Fernandez - professional tennis player
    Jeff Gordon - professional car racer
    Evander Holyfield - profession boxer
    Todd Huston - mountain climber, motivational speaker, amputee
    Mary Lou Retton - former gymnastics athlete, Olympic Gold Medalist
    Jesse Romero - world chamption kick boxer
    Sheila Taormina - Olympic medalist, swimming
    Petty family - NASCAR professional race car drivers
  5. KR McKay

    KR McKay Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I had actually checked the FCA site a few months ago after hearing Ray Lewis interviewed on a Christian radio station on a show produced by FCA. But, I couldn't find any kind of "list" like I was looking for.

    And, too, what LostNoMore4 said ("KR, to be frank, even THOSE that DO mention Jesus Christ as being our Lord and Savior...it is STILL hard to tell who is, and who isn't") is without question true, although it's also true that I sometimes do or say things that I later look back on and think, "Gee...what kind of witness was THAT?" From there, of course, it's time for repentance...again...(SIGH)...
  6. LostNoMore4

    LostNoMore4 Well-Known Member

    I believe Brian Dawkins, Shaun Alexander, Jon Kitna, and Peyton/Eli Manning are on this list too. As for a few others - I'm surprised Deion is on the list. He mostly lead a wild life(and he was a cancer in that Dallas Cowboys locker room, even more so than TO was), but nonetheless, it's really good to see him getting his act together at the end.
  7. I hear Reggie White formerly of Green Bay Packers linebacker is Christian he was ordinated minister don't forget George Foreman is Chrsitian
  8. Oasis

    Oasis New Member

    I think the FCA is a good organization. The wife(Glenda)and I love QB Kurt Warner and Coach Tony Dungee. They live their faith on and off the field. Win or lose they give thanks to God for the opportunity to be a witness in the game.

    In Christ,
  9. mattfivefour

    mattfivefour Well-Known Member

    The most famous athlete I can think of who became a Christian was a baseball player by the name of Billy Sunday. And within a couple of years of being saved, he gave up sports to preach the gospel.
  10. LostNoMore4

    LostNoMore4 Well-Known Member

    From what I heard - Michael Vick got saved after he got caught and exposed for his crimes last year. Tony Dungy - who was beside him at his PC in Philadelphia after his signing with the Eagles - has been visiting him in prison.
  11. TBONE

    TBONE New Member

    We do a Christian Fantasy Football podcast: ROCK ON FOOTBALL and we're looking for a list like this. If you've got a compiled list you wouldn't mind sharing, we'd love to see it

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