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buying a new car

Discussion in 'For the Gentlemen' started by thallon, Mar 27, 2009.

  1. thallon

    thallon Well-Known Member

    i hate havin to go into debt for a new car.
    its not like the old one is completely dead,
    its just i can't save the money ,
    or rather its not worth saving the money,
    to do repairs to the old one.

    a new car comes with a warranty from the dealer which
    takes care of any surprises.

    top of my list is the
    new mazda3.
    but it has a fishy look to it. [thats the new release, not the current one].

    but i find myself very very reluctant
    to sign up for a loan, i means its 5 years of slavery.

    i'm just one of those undiciplined types who can't save.
  2. israelmybeloved

    israelmybeloved One of God's Beloved

    I drive brand news cars everyday for a living, and I found that a 2009 does the exact same thing as a 1972. As long as it has a motor, tranny, wheels it's just as good as a new one, may not look like a new one, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I drive Subaru's, there nice, but I still like my little 89 S10 Truck, beat up fenders and all:yeah: Just my two cents:hug2:
  3. Adopted Son

    Adopted Son Well-Known Member

    Is there a Mazda plant there down under? I'd seriously consider buying whatever is made in country, If I could.

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