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Binding And Loosing

Discussion in 'Bible Study Q & A' started by micah719, Nov 11, 2010.

  1. micah719

    micah719 an adopted son of The Most High God John 6:37-40

    Heard a well-meaning brother say he was binding the evil one recently, and was wondering how the sneaky one kept getting free again to work more mischief; so I did some digging (sorry about the formatting, wysiwig didn't like the transition from pdf to html text):

    Binding And Loosing
    Part 1
    written by Bob DeWaay

    “I bind you, Satan!” is uttered in thousands of prayers every day in America.
    “Spiritual warfare” books that teach Christian how to “bind Satan” are hot sellers. Not only is Satan himself subjectto continual verbal “binding,” but a whole host of demons and “principalities and authorities” of the heavenly realm
    are also thus assaulted. Christians who practice this form of spiritual warfare
    hope to forestall calamities and sickness, convert loved ones, and turn cities,
    states and even the nation to righteousness.

    If binding Satan will do all this, we should put this new spiritual technology into practice. However, if this practice is not Biblical, it may be more harmful than helpful. Those who teach and practice “binding and loosing” as verbal warfare against evil have several Biblical passages that they claim support the practice.

    The two most prominent ones are found in the book of Matthew: Matthew 16:19 and Matthew 12:28,29. Matthew 16:19 states, “I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; and whatever you shall bind on earth shall be bound
    in heaven, and whatever you shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.” By combining that thought with the Matthew 12 passage, which speaks of binding the “strong man,” they draw the conclusion that we have the authority
    to bind Satan, thus making his “goods” exposed for plundering. According to
    many followers of this theory, the “goods” are money, political power, people, etc. The church supposedly, therefore, has the opportunity to take world power away from Satan and deliver it to ourselves.

    The crucial issue is whether this is what Jesus meant by these teachings. What did He mean by the terms “bind” and “loose?” These words were commonly used by Jewish rabbis. New Testament scholars agree that “binding and loosing,” when used in this way, retain the basic meaning that they had in the Jewish culture of the first century. For example, the Theological Dictionary of The New Testament states under the entries for “deÇ and luÇ” (the Greek words for binding and loosing used in Matthew 16:19 and elsewhere), “Jesus
    does not give to Peter and the other disciples any power to enchant or to free by magic.

    The customary meaning of the Rabbinic expressions is equally incontestable,
    namely, to declare forbidden or permitted, and thus to impose or remove
    an obligation, by a doctrinal decision.”1

    TDNT draws the conclusion that this is the meaning of the words as used in
    Matthew 16:19 and 18:18. A. T. Robertson, one of this century's leading Greek scholars, also comments on Matthew 16:19,

    To “bind” in rabbinical language is to forbid, to “loose” is to permit. Peter would be like a rabbi who passes on many points. Rabbis of the school of Hillel “loosed” many things that the school of Schammai “bound.” The teaching of
    Jesus is the standard for Peter and for all preachers of Christ. Note the future perfect indicative..., a state of completion. All this assumes, of course, that Peter's use of the keys will be in accord with the teaching and mind of Christ.2
    Dr. Robertson's comment about the use of the future perfect tense is important.

    If we were to translate the passage very literally (though awkwardly in English), it would read “...whatever you loose on earth shall having been loosed in heaven.” This shows that the disciples were not unilaterally to decide a matter, thus binding “heaven” to their decision. It means that their decision, as Dr. Robertson suggests, will be in line with what already was God's mind on the issue. Passing on an issue of doctrine or ethics does not equal shooting a verbal barrage at Satan or another wicked spiritual entity. It is also quite different from “loosing” the money needed or the job wanted, as some are now prone to pray.

    We can see how Peter and the others understood Jesus' teaching on binding and loosing by examining their actions as recorded in the Book of Acts. Acts 15 records a dispute that arose about the behavior of Gentiles who were recently becoming part of the church. Their customs were far different from the Jews, who then made up most of the church. Should the new Gentile converts be required to be circumcised and to keep other requirements of the Law of Moses? After “much debate” (Acts 15:7), Peter stood up and asked, “...why do you put God to the test by placing upon the neck of the disciples a yoke which neither our fathers nor we have been able to bear?” (Verse 10).

    After James agrees with Peter, quoting Scripture as proof, they reached the decision that the Gentiles should abstain from idols, fornication, and what is strangled. No further burden was to be placed upon the Gentile Christians. The apostles herein exercised the power of binding and loosing, as given by Jesus.

    Did the apostles ever utter “I bind you, Satan?” Not once is such an utterance
    recorded in the New Testament. It is not credible to assume that they understood Jesus' teaching as an instruction to “bind Satan” through prayers
    and verbal declarations and then never followed the instructions personally.
    The church of the twentieth century should not understand and practice the
    teachings of Jesus differently than the church of the 1st century. If it does, the authority of Scripture is depreciated.

    continued on link:

    and in the second issue:
  2. Hannah

    Hannah Well-Known Member

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  3. Meg

    Meg Well-Known Member

    Fabulous find, Stefan!!! The following snippet from your first link seems extremely accurate to me:

  4. Elijah's Mantle

    Elijah's Mantle Well-Known Member

    In the new testament demons were cast out on the streets
    and in the meetings f the believers , with no attempt to hide or conceal
    what was going on . Do you find that is not the case today ? :scratch: why ?

    there is no indication that the events were private affairs
    why in modern times is it dealt with as such ?

    deliverance should not be a limited or restricted field

    more and more it becomes apparent that the only way the war (spiritual)
    exspecially in these darkened times , can be won is to get the body the whole
    body of Christ woke up :((

    a lot of hypocrisy and shallowness can be washed out of the church
    when deliverance comes to be as regarded as it was back in NT times

  5. anath

    anath I Love the Lord

    Binding And Loosing? | GraceThruFaith

    Binding And Loosing?

    Q. What is binding and loosing? Is it appropriate for Christians to pray for binding and loosing? If not then what is the proper way?

    A. The concept of binding and loosing comes from Matt. 16:19 and is repeated in Matt 18:18. It comes from Jewish legal terminology where something bound was forbidden and something loosed was authorized. In Matt. 16:19 it was used in reference to the disciples’ authority regarding the Kingdom. Having the Keys to the Kingdom meant Peter, and by implication the others, could in effect open it to believers and close it to unbelievers on the Lord’s behalf. They did this by preaching the gospel, so when a person heard the gospel and asked to be saved, they had the authority to promise them entry into the Kingdom.

    In Matt 18:18 there was a second, related application. This one has to do with church discipline. If a person refuses to acknowledge his sin and be reconciled to a brother, the church has the authority to treat him or her like an unbeliever. The phrase “like an unbeliever” doesn’t mean the church can revoke a person’s salvation, but that after all the other steps have been followed can suspend the person from the rights of fellowship until there’s reconciliation.

    The Bible never refers to binding and loosing in the context of spiritual warfare. While believers do have authority over evil spirits in the Lord’s name (Luke 10:17), it doesn’t come from these verses, and to use “binding and loosing” in this context is a misapplication of Scripture. Paul demonstrated the proper way to deal with evil spirits in others when he said, “In the name of Jesus Christ I command you to come out of her.” (Acts 16:18) And in personal matters James 4:7 says, “Resist the devil and he will flee from you.” 2 Cor. 10:3-5 also outlines personal application.
  6. Meg

    Meg Well-Known Member

    Because when someone goes through a genuine deliverance, and I have, this is not a procedure for the consumption of whoever showed up on Sunday morning. When God really does show up and take matters in His hands, its better that anyone present be at least reasonably familiar with Him. I was delivered at a women's retreat in 2006 with 30 or 40 serious Christians present, but even so, nobody came near me after that, and nobody who was there ever said a word about it to me. Talk about lonesome... :ohno

    It has to be, Elijah. Very few people can handle genuine spiritual warfare calmly. This is because most people have a critical point exactly backwards. Christians and pagans alike seem to think "I am spiritual, therefore I have truth". Actually, because genuine spirituality is so confusing, truth MUST, absolutely HAS GOT TO define spirituality, or we're all in big trouble.

    Spiritual warfare is won through Scripture and through Jesus Christ alone. If any human thinks in the slightest way that they can do the slightest thing to "defeat" or even resist satan, they are dangerously mistaken. This is why so many ministries are disastrous fakes.

    Only, absolutely ONLY Jesus Christ can and does win these things. Please take my word for that.
  7. mattfivefour

    mattfivefour Well-Known Member

    Excellent! In fact this entire thread is good. Thanks for starting it, Stefan! :thumbup
  8. Meg

    Meg Well-Known Member

    I want to go over some of these points one more time. My first answer stands, I am sure of what I said, but that wasn't all that should have been said, and I want to touch on some of this from a different angle.

    What I said before regarding these points stands.

    Things were a bit different in the times of the Early Church, and your points here are valid. For one thing, there was a lot less interpersonal judgmentalism in those days. People were freer to express their devotion to God back then than we are now, at least when the Church wasn't under a level of persecution that was trying to erase them completely. While the persecution that did exist was often shockingly brutal, it came and went, and there were both seasons and regions which operated pretty freely. So some women, for example, dedicated themselves as virgins unto the Lord, and some scholars did enormous bodies of deep study, for better or for worse. There were very high end Christian scholars working in the great University or Library (its been called both) at Alexandria, for example.

    Now occult practices were also wide open in ways not seen since, so people were really used to seeing the supernatural in action. In fact, the occult was an official part of everybody's general temple practices worldwide in those days. So public demonstrations of the Holy Spirit's power were perfectly appropriate, and even a very good idea. But if you take a good look at the Book of Acts, people didn't necessarily get the right impression, even so. You see Simon Magus wanting to buy the "secrets" to the Apostles "power" and the Ephesian silversmiths wanting to get Paul killed. So public demonstrations of Jesus Christ's authority don't necessarily automatically produce the desired effect.

    Never permit yourself to doubt the Lord's involvement if you can possibly avoid it, Elijah. I know you know I didn't say that lightly either. But for all I have been through, the Lord has always come through, and thats what counts. In His estimation, not one is missing now, and not a single one who should be there will be missing when He Raptures His Church, and I for one am fully assured that when all this is finally over, He will explain everything as only He can.

    So peace to you In Christ.
  9. Elijah's Mantle

    Elijah's Mantle Well-Known Member

    yep I agree meg
    yet it is even more genuine good reason that folks really
    understand what type a enemy they have
    In the book of Romans it goes into deeper things
    that explains much of why modern day church is failing so horrendously
    in some things :scratch:
    I just find it dramatic from the times of the apostles they were commanded to
    cast demons out ,and yet in today's time rarely would any one witness such
  10. Elijah's Mantle

    Elijah's Mantle Well-Known Member

    sadly this may be true meg
    there is probabally a whole lot of show but not
    much deliverance
  11. Meg

    Meg Well-Known Member

    Thats an interesting point, Elijah. And I don't have a fast answer either. I've only spoken to one person once who even has the slightest clue about what these things are really like, and she gave me a piece of crucial advice. I would have liked to have talked to her more in depth, but she didn't well understand her own gifting and was out of balance.

    This really haunts me, but its not recommended for public discussion, and I have discovered why in another forum, where open discussion was tolerated. But I am reasonably open to PM discussion. I can be very reserved though, depending on who I'm talking to and why, as this isn't light stuff for the curious.

    When I was delivered in 2006, there was not the slightest room for doubt in anyone's mind that God had been directly involved. For that reason, the refusal afterwards to have anything to do with me was troubling in the extreme. It is also troubling in the extreme for poorly informed Christians to be out "trying their hand at" casting out demons when they have little or no knowledge of what it is they are trying to accomplish and why. I really do grieve for the innocent deliverees who get humiliated and worse by the attempts... *sigh*... Thats all I have to say on this matter in the public boards.
  12. Enoch

    Enoch New Member

    The general public and the Christian church is in the dark ages when it comes to deliverance.
    Yes the only one who can deal with satan and his minions is The Lord Jesus Christ.

    Here is the problem when we sin we create an open door for the enemy to attack us. But it is much more complicated than that we have to deal with generational sin (curses) that goes back 4 to 6 generations.
    Only The Lord Jesus Christ can reveal this to you and only he can deal with this.

    The last words the enemy wants to hear is satan May The Lord rebuke you.

    What can you do to protect yourself put on the full armour of God. Ask The Lord to put a protective hedge around you as he did for his servant Job. ( Job 1:10 )

    But the best protection is to stay as close to The Lord Jesus Christ as possible thru prayer repentance fasting and reading and studing his holy word.
  13. myinnuendo999

    myinnuendo999 Well-Known Member

    Excellent truth Micah719, that exposes the sham of this kind of belief is not Biblical
  14. Robert

    Robert Well-Known Member

    Anytime I have prayed, I have never commanded Satan to be bound; instead, I asked the Lord if he would bind him. I am no one to command anyone to do anything, except that the Lord gives me any authority to do so. So, in that case, since I was not given any, all I can do is ask the Lord if it be his will to do so.

    I figure when in doubt, ask the Lord. if I am remiss in this, please forgive me. :(
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2010
  15. Elijah's Mantle

    Elijah's Mantle Well-Known Member

    Ive kinda been needing to ask a question on this topic of discussion ,yet avoided discussing it further
    predominately because of past confusion :scratch: regarding the word and testimony of a believer who had quite some extra ordinary claims they made :scratch:

    one being he healed people while under demonic possession
    another being he had other things kept in what was termed
    """the X files"" ....which I always took it to be some type of
    super knowledge type stuff maybe close associated with demon spirits
    aliens ....whatever ............

    I do not know how to wrap my mind around some one who claims salvation and sanctification
    yet testifies openly that they had super natural power given them to heal people ...yet it was demonic
    and later they were set free from such

    In my noggin
    either the person was never saved
    to begin with and or they still can not be honest about
    their X file reports as to whether or not credible :shrug
    it created so much confusion and desertions among others
    it would have been more beneficial that most if the individual had of never of attempted to
    bring his incredible encounters of the X file kind into his authenticated diagnosable super sainthood
    sanctification :ohno it left people mostly seriously confused and rightly so

    It is one thing when a person goes big in media land and stands saying "Glory Glory"
    look who is healed here tonight ...PTL... and quite another when that winds up reported
    as something attributed to demon powers ..... Is such possible ? apparently it is accepted by many
    as credible etc.... yet what I personally saw and learned from the testifier of these wild claims was he did in fact have the ability to bring out the worst in people , and then turn super saint even going so far as to speak things over others as for their destiny and fate :rolleyes
    does Satan have his super power speaking deceivers working among Christians
    ooh yeah :((

    my only notions is Ive learned from experience to avoid the influence of teacher preachers who brag on their association to Bigger more respected theologians who have earned their rightful reputations as (((CREDIBLE))) ... who allow entertain and protect these X FILE cases exspecially considering they did in fact pull of the most incredible deception ...... dividing the body of Christ ...straining at gnats ...splitting hairs and even going so far as to commit deeds that caused others to leave or become accused wrongly and banned based on what he posted :ohno

    I checked the dude off as being a person who did more dividing than uniting and most likely
    because of the fact he was never brought to accountability on his own bad deeds
    he has gotten by with throwing serious stumbling blocks ... right under the watchful eye and nose
    of superior the considered (((very elect))) .... :shocked yeah it was a unreal thing to witness
    happen ..... took me many years to put it into right perspective ... not that is makes the wrongs done right that is apparent not going to ever happen .
    when the higher up called elect ...as they term themselves
    Abuse of authority spiritually when it comes down to allowing a X file individual know it all
    to confuse misguide and negatively influence new believers causing literal divisions and abortions
    to occur ... the way I see it they already abandoned their high calling and display signs of being
    in some fog of a stupor about accountability ... their own ... not the folks they judged and wronged
    then again it is no surprise to God that their are in fact those who do the worst throwing stumbling blocks before the newborn :ohno
  16. Meg

    Meg Well-Known Member

    Elijah, honestly, most people who have had genuine problems with demons don't brag. any discussion I've ever participated in that I deemed genuine boasts of one thing only, the power of the Name Of Jesus Christ to bail your trembling self out of a jam. The guy you're describing can be kindly called a fake, or unkindly called something worse. Avoid 'em and forget 'em. Those types aren't worth the trouble to take seriously. :hug
  17. Elijah's Mantle

    Elijah's Mantle Well-Known Member

    Ive reasoned out rightly from the word that when it comes to binding and loosing
    it is never as simplified as thinking ones way """free"" from the wrong type of influential
    spiritual powers of even man making claim .." God delivered "

    only to have such a one
    go about casting people into confusion and spiritual prisons where they second guess
    their own salvation and worth as a believer in Jesus Christ
    such should remain X filed
    why ?
    they deliver others into spiritual bondage's
    while exercising some brand of Gospel
    that excludes only themselves from accountability
    for their deeds done
    such have proven they should be avoided
    the fact they use God's word even while perpetrating wrong
    God forbid :shocked
    the person was never about "working" God's will
    for God's word states he desires "none perish"
    many have in their cast into prison state of imposed
    punitive's brought about by the hand of those doing more to
    loose souls than they ever tried to do to win souls
    dead works is dead works
    It never worked out to convince me they were superior super saints
    elected to slide under the radar while imputing senseless condemnation
    under their own righteous banner :ohno
    Jesus calls such """BROODS OF VIPERS"""
    they feed on having power
    not power to win souls for Christ Jesus by their testimony and conduct of speech
    using rightly God's word
    Instead and in place they misuse their power to accuse condemn and impute
    certainties over believers certain on doing destruction to that believer
    never coming to see how they in fact
    created and perfected great falls
    those kind have abandoned any callings from God
    they praise only their own destructive works
    truly they receive their just reward
    resulting in no hope or future possibility
    repentance or restoration a possibility
    their choice determined their own fate
    not that of those they did such unto
    Ive stated before those who remove the alters
    reject repentance and deny restoration to the fallen
    have taken a much deeper one than those they condemned :ohno
    by their actionable deeds of works it is not difficult to determine
    who they work for :fear
    God forbid they attribute it to being for God
    God is NOT FOR SUCH ... his word makes it clear
  18. Elijah's Mantle

    Elijah's Mantle Well-Known Member

    :(( I agree Meg
    yet this dude does do worse than brag
    his so called testimony is plastered in various locations about the Internet :rolleyes
    worse is he is responsible for destroying quite a few tight knit fellowships
    by bumping off new believers and mostly has a type X Dr Jekyll Hyde behavior
    that tends to manifest in the most incredible happenings :shocked
    one would be going into the danger zone just to have a show and tell of it :shocked
    your quite right Meg :(( Avoid 'em and forget 'em.
  19. Meg

    Meg Well-Known Member

    This description is accurate...

    This is probably quite correct as well, but I don't like to give up on people...

    Elijah, genuine spiritual warfare is a terrible tangle. There are a lot of people out there who think they know what "binding and loosing" should mean, and when it doesn't work like they think it should work, they only get frustrated and try harder. Thats when you get into the really weird stuff from beating up victims, blaming victims and all manner of odd rituals. I don't know what the "good answers" are supposed to be. I've dealt with a lot of personal attack on myself of the spiritual variety, and the answers I'd get from Jesus Christ after I learned to not turn to the likes of Bob Larson were very unexpected to say the least!

    What I understand so far is that humans can't grapple demons on our own strength, regardless of any sensitivities we might or might not have. Its easy to get the idea that some people have some kind of "deliverance anointing", but its not that simple, and more people get out of deliverance ministry than stay in and be effective. What I am sure of is that forgiveness is really important, I mean forgiveness towards ourselves and others. And thats such an unexpected answer that most people won't accept it, but with the Bema Seat of judgement recording my words, that has been my personal experience with Jesus Christ! Believe me, I tried everything else first, and I've had some strange backfire type experiences along the way. My understanding from Scripture is that our only genuine refuge is to be as much as possible in a Covenant relationship with Jesus Christ by willingly and lovingly keeping (as opposed to angrily obeying) His commands as taught in the Bible, and forgiveness is one of the most important. :idunno: Thats been my experience.
  20. Elijah's Mantle

    Elijah's Mantle Well-Known Member

    that is a genuine and awesome word MEG :yeah:
    I agree :((
    people are no match for demons
    God knows his power has authority over them
    big difference in God's and mans :((
    Gods word does state truth about worse conditions
    Ill see if I can find it :elmogrin
    It would be good to discuss

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