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Action Movies for Christians

Discussion in 'For the Gentlemen' started by skywalker, Mar 31, 2011.

  1. skywalker

    skywalker Member

    Ok, I enjoy a good film from time to time. What are some good action movies that Christian men can enjoy? I vote for Terminator Salvation. :nod
  2. Robert

    Robert Well-Known Member


    If you are familiar with the entire Terminator series, it is full of violence, bloodshed and killing. It also pretty much says that Mankind, not God, causes the end of the world and the fall of the human race. Not to mention that it completely contradicts hat scripture says will happen in the end of days.

    Further, they take the Lord's name taken in vain in the film. Do you really think a good christian film would have that?
  3. KR McKay

    KR McKay Well-Known Member

    I HAVE to vote for "Facing The Giants!"

    No, it's not a shoot-em-up kind of "action" flick, but the football action is great, with some convincing hits!

    Plus, of course, the Gospel message is wonderfully presented and we get to see good ways to "live" your testimony!

  4. ronen

    ronen Well-Known Member

    i grew up on bruce willis and mel gibson :)crying)
    die hard and lethal weapon are awesome and i dont see what would be inappropriate in them
    well there is some killing but come on i dont think there is an action movie without any killing
    also "bird on a wire" is worth a distinct mention

    of course they are all from the 80-90s so you probably seen them
  5. DanLW

    DanLW Well-Known Member

    Off the top of my head... Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Indiana Jones (except the last) But those are movies everybody knows about. Demolition Man, partly for the action, and partly for the satirical look at a world where the liberals have taken over to the nth degree. Rambo: First Blood, although not really action packed. The latest Rambo movie I enjoyed, but it is up there with "Saving Private Ryan" in terms of gore. (Apparently, that movie was based off stuff that is actually going on in Burma)

    What sort of action movies are you looking for? Like non stop, plotless, everything blows up at the slightest touch action, or action with a discernable plot?

    I like Terminator 2, but I do agree it's not a family movie. But movies in the man vs machine genre (Matrix comes to mind), along with the older ones like 2001: A Space Oddesy, Collosus (US Supercomputer teams up with previously unknown Russian supercomputer and take over) and to a lesser extent War Games explores an interesting topic of how far do we let technology take us. Sure, we know that machines will never take over because if they did, the Bible would say something about it. But in the meantime, we probably aren't that far off from being able to create machines which can think autonomously, and potentially be entrusted with kill/no kill situations in a military battlefield environment. What if Christ doesn't return until 2148? (just a random year for the sake of argument) How much suffering could potentially be caused by technology that can potentially get out of control from time to time? Brings whole new meaning to a "Blue Screen of Death" error...

    I don't think we should throw out a movie because it isn't framed within a purely scriptural worldview. If we did, we would have to throw out Narnia, Lord of the Rings, just about every Disney movie, probably all of science fiction, comic book (sorry... "Graphic Novel") based movies, and if we really want to go off the deep end, Veggie Tales, and even the Passion of the Christ (I don't remember reading about Judas being tormented by orc type creatures...) Admittedly, I can think of some who would probably agree with throwing out 99.9% of movies. And good for them... they won't have to waste money buying Star Wars for the 27th time when it comes out on Blu Ray later this year...

    Now, I can recommend some movies NOT to watch. Running Scared... I wish I could take that one back. The SAW movies... haven't watched them, but I've read their descriptions. Sounds like gore for the sake of getting rid of a big batch of stage blood that was about to expire. Sweeney Todd... another one I wish I could take back. (can you tell I'm not a horror buff?) I just don't like some of the more twisted psychological stuff.
  6. arapahoepark

    arapahoepark Well-Known Member

    I like James Bond....probably not the best for a christian :doh: but the action scenes and his character are quite entertaining!
    My favorite is the darkest of the whole serious Licence to Kill
  7. Mad Matt

    Mad Matt Well-Known Member

    Star Wars (the original three) and Indiana Jones got my vote.:nod
  8. RonJohnSilver

    RonJohnSilver Well-Known Member

    Recent releases? I loved Unstoppable, with Denzel Washington. Pretty much action, start to finish. One scene w/profanity..appropriate for the situation, but still. No nudity or grossness. Denzel W. is a christian, or so I'm told.

    I know some will avoid all action movies because it is so hard, if not impossible to find any that are clean throughout. I can't argue with their position, it's valid...but, I confess, I enjoy the action flicks, not the slasher type but well, ..Unstoppable and that genre. Maybe it comes down to discernment...am I affected by what I see on the screen? Can I just compartmentalize it and not let it affect my behavior or attitudes? Can I enjoy the story without acquiring the attached baggage? I can't answer that except for myself. I guess it falls into one of those gray areas where each person has to balance it against their own behavior. Anyway, ..Unstoppable.
  9. Twinklingofaneye

    Twinklingofaneye Well-Known Member

    The Core PG-13
    Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow PG
    Wing Commander PG-13
    Tron (original) PG
    Time Bandits (Monty Python) PG
    Jurassic Park III PG-13
    Sahara PG-13
    Titan A.E. (animated) PG
    The Italian Job PG-13

    Before we needed ratings
    Rio Bravo 1958
    Run Silent Run Deep 1958
    The Adventures of Robin Hood 1938
  10. GlennO

    GlennO Well-Known Member

    NetFlix'd Skyline and watched it last night. It is a total waste of time !

    5 out 5 on the Barf - O - Meter
  11. DanLW

    DanLW Well-Known Member

    The Stargate franchise is good if you like sci-fi action. It's kinda in the ilk of the original Star Trek where you have lots of exploration, action, and intrigue, and well placed moments of comic relief.

    However, a couple important caveats. If you get into Stargate SG-1, watch the more recently released "Children of the Gods" (2009) pilot before watching the rest of the season 1 episodes. The original pilot contained some brief scenes of full frontal nudity which were insisted upon by Showtime. The director never like that, and indeed cut those scenes from the 2009 re-issue of the pilot episode.

    The rest of the series is fairly family friendly. I'm almost certain that George Carlin's 7 dirty words are never heard in the series, and gore is at a minimum.

    A brief synopsis of the series would be Military finds device which enables almost instantaneous travel to various points throughout our galaxy and beyond, and get entangled by an evil race (the Goau'd) who control vast armies of slaves by posing as ancient earth gods. The Goaul'd, seeing the people of Earth as a threat, determine to destroy Earth, and the battle rages on for 8 seasons, with a couple additional seasons battling a new enemy before the series finally ended. Additional intrique is brought on by the universal scope of the stargate, and the needs to keep it a secret from the people of Earth at large, balancing our relationship with at least 7 discernable factions by season 8, and occasional episodes where we see US politicians (and eventually politicians from around the world) bickering and vying for control of the stargate as the fate of earth continues to hang in the balance. The series doesn't take itself too seriously, and pokes fun at itself in the 100th and 200th episodes. Comic relief is plentiful but not over the top. And the series does have it's poignant thought provoking moments.

    Stargate: Atlantis was spun off as of season 8, and enjoyed 5 seasons. Atlantis, while still having heavy military involvement, featured a multi-national crew, which led to some quirky interpersonal relationships. However, Atlantis is a bit darker and has some horror elements which would not be suitable for younger children.

    As for Stargate: Universe... avoid it. This one is a major departure from the overall look and feel of the series, and will hopefully die quickly and quietly. This time around, the show has several characters with homosexual relationships... nuff said.
  12. ronen

    ronen Well-Known Member

    there is a new movie called the rite
    its with anthony hopkins
    its about exorcism. he is a catholic cleric and he deals with demons
    i can provide a link
  13. Twinklingofaneye

    Twinklingofaneye Well-Known Member

    I just watched the first episode before I saw your post. Any time they try to include the homo lifestyle as ordinary, it ruins any and every movie for me. Thanks for the warning.

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