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A gentle breeze.

Discussion in 'Personal Testimonies' started by readyforhome, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. readyforhome

    readyforhome Well-Known Member

    As you know I recently lost my dad. What I haven't told anyone aside from one of my sisters, is that I firmly believe that at one point before he died that the Lord told me everything was going to be okay.:yeah: I was walking in my parent's backyard in an extremely saddened state. He was in the hospital and the way he looked hooked up to all the machines that were keeping him alive had made me very sad, as I hated seeing him like that. A gentle breeze came along and I was filled with an immense sense of peace. I know there are those who would say that it was my imagination and that it was just a breeze. But they weren't there. I do believe it was the Holy Spirit being poured out trying to comfort me. My dad was a Christian, and he's the reason I came back into the fold after having being a backslider for many years. The Bible says that the purest form of religion is helping Widows and orphans in their time of need. That was something he was doing only days before he went into the hospital. He was a simple man, and he practiced what he preached.
  2. mattfivefour

    mattfivefour Well-Known Member

    And what hope and what joy God has given, assuring us without any doubt whatsoever that you will be reunited ... and upon that reunion you will NEVER be separated ever again! :yeah:
  3. Kathy_57

    Kathy_57 Well-Known Member

    That is the blessed hope we have as believers in Christ. We do not grieve as those without hope. One day we will be together with our loves ones and for all of eternity.
  4. LivnForChrist

    LivnForChrist Jesus Christ is Lord

    God is so good. :nod

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