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  1. Israel Closes Crossing into Gaza
  2. PM: 'My Policy is to Strike at Those Who Try to Attack Us'
  3. Rockets fired from Gaza land in southern Israel after weeks of relative calm
  4. PM: Israel to continue acting against Gaza rockets
  5. Hamas: Stopping Assad priority over 'jihad in Palestine'
  6. Report: Abbas interested in restarting limited peace talks
  7. Lebanon faces tumult after Syria-related clashes
  8. Egypt crisis worsens as gov't blamed for lynchings
  9. Kerry to defend Syria policy in Mideast visit
  10. Israel on alert for further rockets after IDF reprisals
  11. Kerry to return to Israel to double down on peace push
  12. A Closer Look at the Moslem Brotherhood
  13. Fighting breaks out in Lebanon?
  14. Can's trust Turkey's Bark
  15. Friends of Syria group agrees to give urgent military aid to rebels
  16. US troop buildup in Jordan after Turkey shuts US-NATO arms corridor
  17. And the Bible Prophecy Beat Goes On
  18. Russia is crossing Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu's Red Line As War Clouds Brew
  19. Lavrov: Russia will honor its S-300 missile contract with Damascus. Two Russian warships head for Sy
  20. Is the Middle-East Going Prophetic or What?
  21. PM Benjamin Netanyahu says 40% of Israel's Natural Gas will be Exported!
  22. US, Taliban to start talks in Qatar office
  23. Activist to Netanyahu: Keep Your Promises, Build!
  24. Netanyahu: Israel won't accept less than total halt of Iran's nuclear enrichment
  25. Peres: Ahmadinejad will be accountable
  26. Russian FM: Iran willing to halt 20% uranium enrichment
  27. Abbas: Palestinians keen to see Kerry's peace efforts succeed
  28. Turkey PM Erdogan welcomes Hamas leaders
  29. What makes Russian President Putin tick?
  30. Jordan's King: We Can Defend Ourselves from Syria
  31. Russia says it will not allow Syria no-fly zones
  32. Assad warns: Europe will 'pay price' if it arms Syrian rebels
  33. PM reaffirms two-state solution after Bennett says itís a dead-end
  34. Revealed: Olmert's 2008 peace offer to Palestinians
  35. Bill Clinton: Only a 2 state-solution can preserve Israel as a Jewish, democratic state
  36. Report: France, Belgium, Saudis Send Weapons to Syrian Rebels
  37. Assad Threatens Europe
  38. Hamas Sends A Message To Hezbollah
  39. IDF not reporting on Israel hitting Syrian airport
  40. Assad must not win
  41. Mideast Expert: Assad is Winning Ė and Thatís Bad for Israel
  42. Analysis: What does the election of Rohani mean?
  43. Report: Iran sending 4,000 troops to aid Assad in Syria
  44. Israel, US, Mull Raids on '18 Chemical Targets' in Syria
  45. Israel: Khameini Decides on Nukes, No One Else
  46. 'US decision to arm Syrian rebels made weeks ago'
  47. US to Iran: Respect people's will after election
  48. Moslem Brotherhood Egyptian leader Morsi cuts ties with Assad
  49. A Closer Look at the Moslem Brotherhood
  50. What German inteligence has to say about the Syrian Civil War
  51. Dozens of Syrian officers defect to Turkey as Russia warns against arming rebels
  52. 'Assad hopes to unite war-torn Syria against Israel'
  53. 'US studying Syria no-fly zone near Jordan border'
  54. UN skeptical of US drums on Syria chemical arms
  55. 'Sweden considering reducing aid to Palestinians'
  56. UN's Ban calls Israeli settlement plans 'illegal'
  57. Iranian polls close, 70% turnout estimated
  58. 'After Syria chemical arms use, US to arm rebels'
  59. Nasrallah vows to back Assad as UNHRC condemns Hezbollah
  60. Assad wants to open up resistance front in golan.
  61. Gaza suffers drop in foreign aid over Syrian war
  62. Minister: 1,000 New Homes to be Built in Judea
  63. News Flash: Obama says the Syrians have Crossed the Red Line
  64. Clinton calls on Obama to act forcefully in Syria
  65. PA objects to Israel's Western Wall plans
  66. UN report says 93,000 killed in Syrian conflict
  67. Turkey's Erdogan gives final warning to protesters
  68. Sunni Meeting in Cairo, Egypt calls for Holy War Against Assad
  69. PM: Israel ready to defend itself against another Holocaust
  70. White House: Obama considering 'other' options in Syria
  71. Israel Ready to Defend Itself Against Another Holocaust
  72. Controversy Over a New Entrance on the Temple Mount
  73. U.N. General Secretary Ban Ki Moonie Take on Syrian Civil War
  74. What Egyptian politicans think of America
  75. UN Expert Falk: I Don't Intend to Quit
  76. Gaza May Bring Back Public Hangings
  77. Kerry: U.S. Considering Options to Help Rebels
  78. Senior Likud minister: Israel won't accept Palestinian state based on pre-1967 borders
  79. UNís Ban warns of renewed Syria-Israel conflict
  80. UN slams Syrian rebel's recruitment of children
  81. Experts: Elections meaningless for Iranís nuclear policy
  82. Hamas to execute two Palestinians they say were working for Israel.
  83. Iran's former president: Khamenei erasing elections
  84. Syria opposition: Rebels kill 60 pro-regime Shi'ites
  85. UK: Israel at greater risk if US peace bid fails
  86. Syrian helicopter fires on Lebanese town, two wounded
  87. Mossad's Director Tamir Pardo speaks with Turkish leadership
  88. Mass Expulsion of Shites from Sunni Arab Gulf Nations Begins
  89. Iranian FM Says about the Golan Heights...
  90. Nearly 15 Million Sign Anti-Morsi Petition
  91. Iranian Official Admits Bushehr Plant 'Malfunctioned'
  92. Iran Launches Rearmed 50-Year-Old Destroyer on Persian Gulf
  93. Steinitz: Iran is Getting Closer to Nuclear 'Red Line'
  94. Freed Hunger Striker Proudly Announces Return to Terrorism
  95. Ashrawi: We are witnessing end of two-state solution
  96. Russia: Assad could have avoided civil war
  97. Putin says has no doubts about Iran's nuclear program
  98. Ahead of vote, Iranian opposition kept indoors
  99. Austria begins withdrawing Golan peacekeepers
  100. PA: 'Difficult' financial crisis hits $4.2 b. debt
  101. 'Russia concerned with stability, not keeping Assad'
  102. Turkish police battle protesters in Taksim Square
  103. Palestinians want peace Abbas tells Colombian President
  104. America to take "no more than 70,000" Syrian refugees?
  105. Putin's Words of Wisdom
  106. Austrian U.N. Peacekeepers Going Home
  107. United Nations wants Germany to take 10,000 Syrian refugees
  108. PM: Construction in West Bank settlements continues
  109. Steinitz: Assad May Just Survive
  110. Bennett: Keep High Tech in Jerusalem, and PA Out
  111. Deputy defense chief: Israel to keep most of West Bank
  112. Muslim scholar: Hezbollah is the 'party of Satan'
  113. Iran nuclear plant suffers generator malfunction
  114. Turkish PM Erdogan to meet Istanbul protesters
  115. Stay away from Golan, US Embassy in Israel warns
  116. PM: Palestinians setting preconditions to avoid talks
  117. Palestinians call for right of return at UNHRC
  118. EU slams Falkís Israel report as biased at UNHRC session
  119. Morsi says "all options open" on Ethiopia Nile dam
  120. Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu's Comments about Syria's Civil War
  121. Syrian President Assad's latest outbursts towards Israel
  122. Israel FM Avigdor Liberman says the EU should butt out of Israel's Affairs
  123. Maersk Quest For Oil Uses Real-Time Strategy
  124. Hezbollah terrorists kill protester outside Iranian embassy
  125. PM: Israel can't rely on int'l forces for security
  126. Golda Meir: Israel would not withdraw to 1967 lines
  127. Iran's says Arak reactor 1 step closer to completion
  128. Fighting intensifies in Syria's north
  129. US jets, missile experts train in Jordan, in Syria's shadow
  130. PM: Israel needs 'digital iron dome' to stop cyber attacks
  131. Austria still open to sending peacekeepers back to Golan
  132. Barghouti: US not an honest broker, peace talks deadlocked
  133. Council of Europe: Stop settlement construction
  134. Putin acts to override Israeli, UN objections to Russian troops on the Golan
  135. Syria tells Israel not to fire on their tanks as they pursue rebels
  136. UN: Israel threatened to attack Syrian tanks on border
  137. Netanyahu Denies Danon's Hint He's Bluffing on 2 States
  138. Syrian forces capture final rebel post in Qusair
  139. In defiance of Erdogan, Turks prepare for protests
  140. Iran FM: Election outcome won't change nuclear policy
  141. Hezbollah claims Israel has already entered the Syrian Conflict
  142. Doco - War in Syria - Ground zero - graphic
  143. Palestinians slam Israel despite move to restore UNHRC ties
  144. Analysis: Golan fighting spells more Syria woes for Israel
  145. Israel Prepares for Uncertain Future
  146. Philippines considering Golan pullout
  147. Kerry to return to Mideast next week in further peace push
  148. Turkish PM Erdogan to protesters: Stop now
  149. Palestinians campaign to regain 'occupied' Latrun
  150. Jordan threatens to expel Syrian envoy
  151. Jalili: West may take advantage if Iran becomes soft
  152. 'US conducts successful test of bunker buster bombs'
  153. Israel worried after Austria leaves UN Golan force
  154. Russian President Putin says Russian troops can replace Austrian troops
  155. Syrian tanks in Golan; Austria withdraws peacekeeping forces
  156. Syrian MP: Army Has Green Light to Respond to Israeli Attacks
  157. Report: S-300 Missiles Now on Their Way to Syria
  158. Syrian Army Retakes Quneitra
  159. Arab Gulf states press Iran on atomic reactor safety
  160. Al-Qaida leader calls for Jihad against Israel
  161. Austria to pull peacekeepers from Golan Heights
  162. UN's Ban seeks replacements for Austrian Golan peacekeepers
  163. Russia announces permanent Mediterranean naval presence
  164. New PA gov't sworn in amid failure to form gov't with Hamas
  165. Syrian troops are now at Golan Heights border crossing
  166. PA Arabs Fete 'New Mahdi," Establishment of Calpihate
  167. Tens of thousands in Iran protest against Khamenei, chant 'death to dictator'
  168. Qusayr in their hands, now Hezbollah is fighting for Aleppo
  169. Report: Russia not training Syrians to use S-300 missile
  170. Congressmen urges US to move embassy to J'lem
  171. US 'deeply troubled' by Iran nuclear reactor plans
  172. Netanyahu: Iran election won't stop quest for nukes
  173. House c'tee examines Obama policy on Syria
  174. Hezbollah: Defending Assad helps fight Israel
  175. Abbas: No peace without Palestinian capital in J'lem
  176. Jordanian leader calls for jihad against Hezbollah
  177. US renews Iran sanctions waivers for China and India
  178. Obama: World oil supplies ample without Iran
  179. Arab League condemns Hezbollah's role in Syria
  180. U.S. troops landing in Jordan
  181. Syrian News Update
  182. 'Israel opposes intíl forces as part of peace deal'
  183. Abbas threatens to dismantle PA if peace talks donít start
  184. ĎPostí poll: 72% of Jewish Israelis view J'lem as divided
  185. Livni: Delaying 'Two-State Solution' is an Historical Mistake
  186. Erekat Threatens Israel with Third Intifada
  187. Kerry to U.S. Jews: Next few days will determine Middle East fate for decades
  188. Iran's Bushehr nuclear reactor damaged by quakes, diplomats say
  189. China, Russia set to press Iran on nuclear talks
  190. 'Syria's chemical weapons built to counter Israel'
  191. Abbas: Ball in Israel's court to restart peace talks
  192. PA to form temporary cabinet but committed to unity
  193. Ashrawi: Palestinian people will never accept another Nakba
  194. Steinitz: S-300s sold to Syria may end up in Iranian hands
  195. France: No doubt sarin nerve gas used in Syria
  196. Fox News Update
  197. Defiant Erdogan denounces riots in Turkish cities
  198. 'Palestinians to petition High Court over Ulpana buildings'
  199. Rami Hamdallah: A yes man who poses no threat to Fatah
  200. How does June 1967 factor in the capture of Jerusalem?
  201. North Korean officers join Assad's forces
  202. Bolton: Action Needed Now Against Iran
  203. Akunis: No Building Freeze In Jerusalem, Despite Rumors
  204. Israel's defense minister: Hezbollah moving elite fighters into Syria
  205. U.S. will drop peace process if Israelis, Palestinians aren't serious, senior American official warn
  206. Obama signs executive order imposing harsher sanctions against Iran
  207. Palestinians see new PM as blow to national unity
  208. Iraq warns against violating airspace to strike Iran
  209. Medics: First confirmed death in Turkey protests
  210. UN says talks with Iran 'going round in circles'
  211. Analysis: Arab uprising spirit comes to Turkey
  212. Analysis: Hezbollah willing to join fight for Golan
  213. US targets Iran with currency, auto-sector sanctions
  214. Turkish PM Erdogan sees himself leading "Turkish Spring"
  215. US, Israeli, EU lawmakers to jointly call for united J'lem
  216. Rebels Post Video of Tank Kill
  217. Al-Qaeda Plot to Use Toy Planes in Chemical Attack Foiled
  218. Report: Israeli warplanes flying over south and east Lebanon
  219. Gulf Arab countries to consider action against Hezbollah
  220. Russia blocks UN draft on Syrian siege of Qusair
  221. 'Iranian, Russian arms giving Assad edge in Syria'
  222. Syrian rebels, Hezbollah in deadly fight in Lebanon
  223. Report: Egyptian police seize Gaza bound explosives
  224. Kerry to visit Amman over efforts to restart peace talks
  225. Erdogan: Secular Turkish opposition is provoking protests
  226. Abbas names Palestinian academic as new prime minister
  227. Lebanon Star News
  228. Hamas's Mashaal: Assad Refused to Accept Political Solution
  229. Kerry Warns Iran: The Clock is Ticking
  230. Livni Mulling Release of Terror Murderers
  231. Erdogan: For every 100,000 protesters, I will bring out a million from my party
  232. Syrian rebel head: Outcome of revolution dependent on West
  233. Tehran says US, not Iran, sponsors terror
  234. 'UK ready to arm Syria rebels if peace talks fail'
  235. 'Lebanon struck by 16 rockets fired from Syria'
  236. Peri: Adopt Arab peace initiative with corrections
  237. Erekat accuses Israel of trying to get rid of Abbas
  238. Turkish riots continue for a second day
  239. Yemenis enter Syrian civil war
  240. US imposes sanctions on Iran's petrochemical industry
  241. U.S. Officials: Assad Doesn't Have S-300 Yet
  242. Netanyahu Orders Personal Protection Kits for All Israelis
  243. Netanyahu Tells Putin: Weíll Destroy S-300s
  244. US, NATO to hold 2014 summit on Afghan troop withdrawal
  245. Analysis: Air strikes against the S-300? Not so fast
  246. Palestinians, US upset by east Jerusalem building
  247. Assad: Arab world ready to join fight against Israel
  248. Syrian rebels: No talks while Hezbollah backs Assad
  249. US' Kerry: Unacceptable for Iran to have nuclear weapon
  250. Russia to provide Syria with MiG-29 fighter planes