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  1. Kerry: Netanyahu told me, Abbas more settlements were coming
  2. Abbas greets newly released Palestinians in Ramallah, vows to free all prisoners
  3. Barak: Iran Ought to be Listening to Us for Its Own Good
  4. Hamas: Peace Talks Only Make the 'Occupation' Look Good
  5. Syrian rebel commander visits front in Assad's home province
  6. Report: Iran's Rouhani appoints female VP in new cabinet
  7. Joseph Kennedy: Israel’s right to exist is not too much to ask
  8. Report: Iran’s new defense minister behind 1983 bombing of US Marine base in Lebanon
  9. Poll: Palestinian youth divided on return to negotiating table
  10. Kerry urges parties 'not to react adversely' to settlement announcement
  11. Iron Dome intercepts rocket fired at Eilat
  12. US: ‘Serious concerns’ over new Israeli settlements (Video)
  13. Livni: EU Doesn't Determine Borders
  14. Abbas: No released Palestinian prisoner to be deported
  15. Iran, Russia to sign deal to build new nuclear plant in Iran
  16. German FM to Peres: Outcome of peace talks 'crucial'
  17. US military chief to arrive in Israel to discuss regional security issues
  18. Israel announces tenders for 1,187 new homes over Green Line
  19. Israel Prison Service names 26 Palestinian prisoners to be released this week
  20. Iraqi Kurdish Leader Threatens Intervention in Syria
  21. Real death toll in Syria could be more than 200,000, human rights group says
  22. Prime Minister Netanyahu hospitalized, to undergo emergency hernia surgery
  23. Turkey to remove troops from UNIFIL peacekeeping force in Lebanon
  24. Report: Egyptian prosecutors have evidence Morsi incited murder of protesters
  25. Assad sends air force to prevent rebel advances in home province
  26. Fatah official: Hamas to conduct security crackdown in Gaza
  27. Panel to approve list of first Palestinian prisoners to be freed
  28. Netanyahu to Kerry: Palestinian incitement undermines peace
  29. Ya'alon: Israel respects Egypt's sovereignty
  30. US decries settlement activity, confirms Indyk headed to Israel
  31. Assad sends in airforce to protect his home province
  32. Jacob is in Trouble
  33. Egypt Denies There Was an Israeli Airstrike in Sinai
  34. Turkish president calls for Morsi's release, slams Egyptian 'coup'
  35. Former MI chief Yadlin cautions over Iran's plutonium program
  36. Iran's Khamenei: Peace talks will force Palestinians to relinquish their rights
  37. US to reopen 18 of 19 foreign posts closed amid security concerns
  38. Regional Affairs: Unrest in Egypt appears far from over
  39. The Genie is Out of the Bottle (tactical nuclear strike)
  40. Iran wants no peace in the Middle-East
  41. New side by side video of the attack in Homs Syria
  42. Israel Says Won't Sign New EU Deal
  43. Across Forbidden Border, Doctors in Israel Quietly Tend to Syria’s Wounded
  44. Jordan lets rebel leader cross border into Syria, in show of support for opposition
  45. Syrian Army Fails to Defeat Rebels Near Israeli Border
  46. Egypt Captures Over 100 Terrorists in Sinai
  47. Abbas: Peace talks, Palestinian prisoner release to start 'very soon'
  48. Assad denies Syrian rebel claim of assassination attempt
  49. Iran launch site likely for testing ballistic missiles
  50. US Air Force chief completes secretive week-long visit to Israel
  51. US speaks to Israel over its approval of 147 new settler homes and plans for 949 more
  52. Report: Al-Qaeda 'conference call' prompted US alert
  53. Top IDF officer: Hezbollah marked our artillery guns
  54. America's Top Military Chief to Visit Israel Next Week
  55. Israeli navy undergoing ‘unprecedented’ upgrade in capabilities
  56. Syrian army ambush kills 62 'al-Qaida-linked' rebels east of Damascus
  57. Saudi offers Russia deal to scale back Assad support
  58. Egypt says Sinai patrols kill 60 militants since Morsi ouster
  59. 4 IDF soldiers injured in explosion during operation on Lebanese border
  60. Iran, US waiting for other side to make nuclear compromise
  61. PM: Iran has set 7,000 new centrifuges spinning since presidential election
  62. PM: US Pressure the Only Thing Holding Iran Back from Bomb
  63. Russia says support for new Iranian leader 'critical'
  64. Assad gains confidence boost from recent victories, belief that West will not directly intervene
  65. Official: Israel capable of unilateral strike on Iran, if US not committed
  66. Report: Al-Qaida affiliate possesses highly undetectable liquid explosive
  67. Abbas cancels Fatah meeting, flies to Saudi Arabia on surprise visit
  68. Egyptian government to say mediation failed to end crisis
  69. Tens of thousands rally to oust Tunisian government
  70. US awaits 'credible steps' on Iran as Netanyahu calls for increased pressure
  71. Over 50% of Palestinians back peace talks, survey finds
  72. Please allow me to introduce myself.
  73. Al-Qaeda Head Ordered Yemen Affiliate to Attack U.S. Embassy
  74. Senators McCain and Graham to visit Cairo in U.S. bid to defuse Egypt crisis
  75. PA official: Abbas looks forward to developing relations with Iran
  76. Syrian opposition: Assad regime used chemical arms in Damascus attack
  77. Syrian rebels capture military airport near Turkey
  78. Report: Obama agrees to meet Muslim Brotherhood officials at White House
  79. Report: Iran's Arak reactor to have nuclear weapons grade plutonium by next summer
  80. Palestinian leader in Canada: Shoot Israeli Jews if they don’t leave Jerusalem
  81. Alleged plot to assassinate Sisi uncovered, as Sinai violence resumes
  82. PA leaders to discuss second round of peace talks set for August 14
  83. Dempsey in Israel to Talk About Syria and Iran
  84. New Iranian president vows support for Assad
  85. Fearing Gazan Spring, Hamas Cracks Down on Dissidents
  86. Shalom: Netanyahu Offered, PA Rejected Yesha Building Freeze
  87. Erdogan cancels Gaza trip after running afoul of Egypt government
  88. Thirty killed in sectarian fighting in Syrian mountains
  89. Israel, US have vastly different takes on Iran's Rouhani inauguration
  90. White House holds meeting over Arabian Peninsula security threats
  91. Obama 'Leaking Info on Israeli Strikes in Syria'
  92. Al-Qaida leader tells Morsi supporters democracy not the way
  93. ElBaradei to Washington Post: Israel has chance for 'real peace' with Egypt
  94. Interpol issues global security alert after prison breaks in Middle East, Pakistan
  95. Turkey appoints new military commanders as government asserts control
  96. Syrian rebels seize anti-tank missiles in raid on army base
  97. Iran's Ahmadinejad steps aside, divisive to the end
  98. Rouhani takes office as Iran's president, promises 'constructive interaction with world'
  99. Erekat, Livni: Israel to release first of Palestinian prisoners by mid-August
  100. Behind the Lines: Meet the new Nasser/Sadat/Mubarak
  101. Column One: Bibi and the true believers :By Caroline B.Glick
  102. Jordan seizes large arms shipment from Syria
  103. UN rights chief calls for investigation into Syria massacre
  104. Livni: More peace talks to be held in Israel within 2 weeks
  105. Hezbollah leader slams Israel in rare public speech
  106. Iranian President-Elect Rouhani: Israel a 'wound' on Muslim world
  107. US Senate warns Obama on Rouhani in letter signed by 76 lawmakers
  108. Nasrallah arises briefly from his hiding place
  109. U.S. issues global travel alert, to close embassies due to al Qaeda threat
  110. KERRY ‘USING EUROPEANS TO BLACKMAIL ISRAEL.’ Threat targets Jews in Jerusalem,bible lands
  111. Obama: Action on Iran In return a Peace deal !
  112. What Iranian leaders think about peace
  113. What Jordan's Moslem Brotherhood is saying
  114. All Gog interconnected economic and military alliance updates
  115. Syrian Rebel Leader Urges Attacks on Russia
  116. U.S. unlikely to sanction another Israeli strike on Syria
  117. New IDF commander: We’re committed to defending the Golan
  118. Assad: We wouldn't have kept fighting for more than 2 years if we weren't sure of victory
  119. McCain calls Dempsey's warning against attack on Syria 'disingenuous'
  120. Netanyahu: US House sanctions send 'clear message' to Iranian regime
  121. Obama holds phone talks with Netanyahu, Abbas to reaffirm support
  122. Message decoded: 3,000-year-old text sheds light on biblical history, places Israelites in Jerusalem
  123. Pakistani Taliban in Syria
  124. Isaiah 19:6-10
  125. Netanyahu will have to show his cards — and a map!
  126. Egyptian Government Takes Off the Gloves
  127. Message decoded: 3,000-year-old text sheds light on biblical history
  128. Syria moved missiles before alleged Israeli strike, report says
  129. Russia's Putin to meet new Iranian President Rouhani in September
  130. US House passes Iran sanctions bill to slash oil exports
  131. Philippines likely to keep troops in Golan for another 6 months
  132. Syrian opposition plans new government in August
  133. Temple Mount shut to non-Muslims till after Ramadan
  134. Palestinian NGO Network: Resuming peace talks now is "dangerous"
  135. Security experts: Missile used by Syrian rebels poses limited threat to Israel
  136. Jihadists fire ‘US-made ballistic missile’ at Sinai security HQ
  137. PA minister urges Palestinians to revolt against Hamas
  138. Diplomacy: Top EU official says Europe needs Israel
  139. Will Netanyahu nix lucrative economic project over new EU settlement guidelines?
  140. Syrian Missiles Were Moved Before Israeli Strike, Officials Say
  141. Bill Seeks to Advance US Embassy Move to Jerusalem
  142. Quartet to Israel and PA: Don't 'Undermine' the Talks
  143. Iran may also be enriching uranium using lasers, U.S. think tank says
  144. EU's Ashton says Morsi well, has access to media
  145. Iran bids for key position on UN disarmament committee
  146. Abbas: 'Not a single Israeli' in future Palestinian state
  147. Kerry: Talks aim to reach final-status agreement in 9 months
  148. Senior US officials: Palestinian referral of Israel to ICC unlikely while talks last
  149. Ahmadinejad will be Aneedinajob in 4 days...
  150. Livni on peace talks: Skepticism, pessimism and hope
  151. MK Hotovely: If PM Tries to Give Up Land, We'll Stop Him
  152. PM In Last Minute Bid to Pass Budget, and Save Government
  153. Jordanian King Pledges to Fight "Judaization of Jerusalem"
  154. Abbas meets with Egyptian interim gov't leaders in Cairo
  155. Palestinian, Israeli officials clash over format of Washington peace talks
  156. Oren: Israel will demand recognition as Jewish state
  157. US releases prisoners from Guantanamo
  158. Report: Israel Bombs Another Syrian Weapons Convoy
  159. Shin Bet Head Warned Ministers: Don't Release Terrorists
  160. Perpetrators of deadly attack on IDF base among those slated for release
  161. Report: Palestinians claim Kerry vowed to reject Israeli bid for interim deal
  162. Report: Hamas, Iran secretly met in Beirut to talk truce
  163. PA welcomes Israeli decision to free Palestinian prisoners, vows to work for release of all inmates
  164. Hundreds protest PM’s decision to release Palestinian prisoners
  165. Bayit Yehudi: Releasing terrorists is 'unparalleled disgrace'
  166. Talks with Palestinians to begin informally on Monday after cabinet approves prisoner release
  167. Egypt's deposed president Morsi likely to go to same prison as Mubarak
  168. Egyptian military launches operation 'Desert Storm' to root out Sinai terrorists
  169. Netanyahu on prisoner release: Sometimes PMs have to make unpopular choices for good of the country
  170. Civil war being sparked in Egypt?
  171. Elkin: Netanyahu Would Give the PA 86% of Judea and Samaria
  172. US using Syrian rebel supply lines as it prepares to send arms
  173. Legal group to Kerry: Pre-1967 lines as basis for talks contravenes US commitments
  174. UN: Egyptian authorities increasing 'anti-Syrian' hostility
  175. Syrian rebels urge Russia to halt support for Assad regime
  176. EU 'concerned' by Israeli restrictions on its activities in West Bank
  177. Protests across Tunisia after opposition leader is shot dead
  178. Netanyahu: We Won't Allow Sophisticated Weapons to Hizbullah
  179. Morsi's brother stands by Egyptian army in home village
  180. IDF planned to capture Hamas leader in 2008 as leverage for Gilad Shalit's release
  181. Netanyahu to bring referendum bill up for cabinet vote on Sunday
  182. Poll: Majority of Israeli Jews oppose prisoner release as gesture to Palestinians
  183. 1,000 paratroopers simulate operation behind enemy lines
  184. Hamas shuts down Al Arabiya, other media offices in Gaza
  185. Israeli official: Turkey wants to humiliate Israel, not reconcile with it
  186. 'Ya'alon orders freeze in permits for EU projects in West Bank'
  187. Turkey says Israel must admit to 'wrongful act' in Marmara case
  188. 80% of Gaza Tunnels Have Been Destroyed, Says UN
  189. UN chemical weapons team arrives in Syria
  190. Report: Syria's Assad asked Liberman not to impede Alawite state
  191. US plans to bring Iran oil exports down to zero
  192. Russia's Putin to visit Tehran for nuclear talks
  193. Russia: US drive to arm Syria rebels hurts chance for peace
  194. Pentagon: Obama to halt F-16 delivery to Egypt amid unrest
  195. Hezbollah's Nasrallah: Why didn't EU blacklist Israel's military wing, the IDF?
  196. Activists: Syria government rocket attack kills 15 Palestinian refugees
  197. Are Obama's leaks intended to cause an Israeli Syrian War?
  198. US House to Cairo: Honor Israel peace treaty or no military aid
  199. IDF intel chief warns: Syria becoming global jihad hub
  200. Despite resumed talks, Palestinians attack Israel at UN
  201. Al Qaeda on the Rise?
  202. Pentagon: U.S. military intervention in Syria could cost $1b a month
  203. Syria's opposition leaders lobby Paris for advanced weapons
  204. 'Palestinians seek assurances on '67 lines, prisoners before talks'
  205. Home Front Command simulates chemical missile attack on Tel Aviv
  206. Ya’alon: Egypt set for Sinai counter-terror op
  207. US court: No ‘Israel’ on passports of American citizens born in Jerusalem
  208. Lapid to back bill calling for referendum on any peace deal
  209. Hamas: Egypt is trying to restore sovereignty over Gaza
  210. Syria Turning into Jihad Center On Their Northern Border
  211. IDF intel chief: Syria turning into jihadi center ‘on our border’
  212. Dempsey: No-fly zone in Syria 'no less than an act of war,'
  213. The Seduction: Israel to Achieve Seat in UNSC with US Assistance
  214. Congressmen Moving Forward on Arming the Syrian Rebels Issue
  215. SPECIAL REPORT: Controversies in Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking persist
  216. Khamenei: The U.S. Can't be Trusted
  217. Report: PM Demanded US Free Pollard, as Israel Let Terrorists Go
  218. Morsi's family threatens legal action over Egyptian army 'abduction'
  219. Syria rebels seize Assad-controlled town in Aleppo
  220. 'Syrian army uses chemical weapons against Palestinians'
  221. Report: Abbas to hold referendum on any future peace proposal
  222. Hezbollah TV: EU yielded to US, Israel pressure to blacklist armed wing
  223. Report: One dead, seven injured in renewed Cairo clashes
  224. Israel applauds EU ban of Hezbollah’s ‘military wing’
  225. Netanyahu: Government to pass referendum law 'soon'
  226. EU welcomes Kerry efforts but stays away from mentioning the settlements
  227. Report: Netanyahu to Free 82 Terrorists
  228. Iran invites U.S., EU to Hassan Rohani's inauguration ceremony
  229. Monitors: Syrian forces kill at least 49 rebels near Damascus
  230. Iran predicts failure of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks
  231. Analysis: By relying on Iran and Hezbollah, Syria's Assad risks irrelevance
  232. Netanyahu: Morsi ouster shows weakness of Islamist movements
  233. Elite unit guards Israel against Sinai threats
  234. Netanyahu: Palestinians will need to make concessions to ensure Israel's security
  235. Analysis: Arab world pessimistic on resumption of peace talks
  236. Hamas: No Negotiating with the 'Occupation'
  237. Kerry's Plan: Israel Will Release Hundreds of Terrorists
  238. Kerry Announces Resumption of Peace Talks
  239. Report: Palestinians to demand Israel recognize general border as precondition for talks
  240. Kurd militants make 'final warning' to Turkey on peace process
  241. Israeli official: Talks with Palestinians would take months
  242. Analysis: PA’s hesitance to jump at Kerry deal reveals Arab League’s loss of clout
  243. Erdogan blasts West, Arab states for silence on Morsi coup
  244. Syria cracks down on anti-Assad dissidents
  245. EU officially publishes settlement guidelines despite Israeli objections
  246. Analysis: Kerry's Mideast breakthrough raises the stakes
  247. Kerry: Israel, Palestinians lay groundwork to resume talks
  248. Hezbollah's hideouts seem to have been exposed in October 2012
  249. Kerry announces meeting in Washington to finalize agreement on Mideast peace
  250. More Jordanians joining the Jihadists