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  1. U.S. Congress committee approves measure to back Israel in case of nuclear Iran attack
  2. France says Syria's Assad must give up power to end war
  3. Syrian rebels seize military base, kill 40 soldiers
  4. German intel: Assad strengthening hold in Syria
  5. 'Iran ups nuke capacity, but below Israel red line'
  6. Friends of Syria demands Hezbollah, Iran withdraw
  7. Amid Syria tensions, IAF chief says 'surprise war' a threat
  8. Jordanian FM hopeful Kerry will relaunch talks
  9. Iran has installed 700 nuclear centrifuges this year, diplomats say
  10. Syria’s rebels blame Putin for prolonged fight
  11. Syria opposition calls for reinforcements in embattled Qusa
  12. Turkey shuts Syria border crossing after deadly bombings
  13. Britain: Iran, Hezbollah increasing support for Assad
  14. Ahmadinejad says he'll challenge ally's ban from election
  15. Islamists release seven Egyptians kidnapped in Sinai
  16. Gaza Students: Clean the World of Jews
  17. U.S. Senate panel backs arming Syrian rebels fighting Assad
  18. Jordan refuses entry to Syrian refugees
  19. 'Hamas to close tunnels if Egypt will open border'
  20. Report: Top politicians banned from Iranian election
  21. Egyptian army secures Sinai in hunt for Islamists
  22. Steinitz: Iran wants dozens of bombs
  23. War drill set to test responses to chemical attack
  24. Gantz: If Assad escalates attacks, he'll bear consequences
  25. 'Eleven Palestinians have died under PA, Hamas detention'
  26. IDF to launch nationwide drill as officials ramp up war rhetoric
  27. Israel fires back at Syria
  28. Syria says it destroys Israeli vehicle in Golan
  29. Senior Hizbullah Official Killed in Syria Fighting
  30. Hague: No options off table over Syria
  31. Russia: Assad foes must come to meeting without conditions
  32. Obama 'concerned' over Hezbollah militants in Syria
  33. US Air Force to move forward target date for F-35 use
  34. Erekat throws his weight behind Kerry's bid to revive talks
  35. Report: Assad preparing missile strike against Tel Aviv in case attacked again
  36. Hamas confiscates rockets from Fatah's armed wing
  37. Israel is largest drone exporter in the world
  38. J'lem to vie for 2019 UNSC seat despite Berlin bid
  39. 'Thirty Hezbollah fighters killed in Syrian town'
  40. 'J'lem shouldn't be capital of Palestinian state'
  41. Iran's electoral watchdog may ban Rafsanjani
  42. Israel nixes UNESCO J'lem delegation at last minute
  43. Egyptian Foreign Minister: Obama Told Me Himself, “I Am A Muslim.”
  44. Netanyahu: Israel will continue to prevent transfer of arms from Syria to Hezbollah
  45. Assad: Little chance peace talks would succeed
  46. 'Assad ignored back-channel calming messages from Israel'
  47. 'US officials apologize for confirming IAF strike in Syria'
  48. ‘Time needed for Syria to master the S-300’
  49. Report: Syria has missile batteries aimed at Tel Aviv
  50. Arabs Riot, Call for 'Third Intifada'
  51. Powerful Blast Reported in Damascus
  52. Livni warns against Russian arms supply to Syria
  53. Assad: Israel supporting 'terror groups' in Syria
  54. Livni: No chance Israel can reach peace deal with Hamas
  55. Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu's message to Russian president Putin
  56. Ex-MI Head: Assad Will be 'Finished' if He Starts a War
  57. Report: Russia sends Assad 'ship killing missile'
  58. Palestinians, IDF, settlers clash across W. Bank
  59. Israeli official: We underestimated Assad
  60. Westerwelle: Nuclear Iran is not an option for Germany
  61. Erdogan: Palestinian unity is imperative for peace process
  62. US: Russian missiles to Syria could embolden Assad
  63. France: West should place 'decisive sanctions' against Iran
  64. Canada PM Supports Israel
  65. Russian Foreign Minister: We will Arm Syria
  66. Largest Syrian Brigade Nears Breaking Point
  67. Obama: Turkey and the US agree that Assad needs to go
  68. Turkey's Erdogan says sees opportunity for Cyprus deal
  69. Temple Mount closed over ‘security concerns’
  70. Russia: Iran must participate in Syria conference
  71. Turkey's Erdogan confirms plans to visit Gaza Strip
  72. UN warns PM over 'int'l law violations' in e. J'lem
  73. Jalili: Iran doesn't recognize Israel's 'red line'
  74. US adds sanctions on Syria, labels rebel chief a terrorist
  75. IDF to use spongetipped bullets in W. Bank
  76. KFC chicken smuggled into Gaza through tunnels
  77. Syrians say Assad choppers dropped poisonous gas
  78. Report: Iran told Nasrallah to prevent Assad downfall 'at all costs'
  79. Home front report: High likelihood of chemical terror
  80. Terror Group: Rocket Fire on the Golan Not an Accident
  81. Egypt: Terrorists Planned to Bomb Cairo Embassies
  82. 'Israel determined to stop Syrian weapons transfer'
  83. Bomber in Afghanistan kills 15, including six Americans
  84. Gul: Global response to Syria limited to rhetoric
  85. MKs to talk Iran, Syria at NATO Parliamentary Assembly
  86. US: Iran year away from atom bomb
  87. Palestinians mark Nakba with protests and rallies
  88. UN to support Syrian opposition; Russia opposed
  89. UN nuclear talks with Iran fail to end deadlock
  90. Treasury official: US to rigorously enforce Iran gold ban
  91. 'If Assad reacts to Syria strike, Israel will retaliate'
  92. US senators urge Obama to press Iran by increased sanctions
  93. Israel publicly warns Assad: If you attack us, we will topple your regime
  94. Road to Isaiah 17:1-14
  95. Iran's FM: Assad 'Unimpressed' by Israeli Attacks
  96. First Kurdish rebels reach Iraq under Turkish peace plan
  97. International Criminal Court opens initial probe into Gaza flotilla raid
  98. Report: Syria already has Russian S-300 missile system
  99. Christian teacher to be tried in Egypt for insulting Islam
  100. Fatah accepts Arab League land swap proposal
  101. Syria peace talks look doomed in advance
  102. Kerry, Russian foreign minister meet on Syria
  103. 'US softening opposition to Fatah-Hamas unity'
  104. Report: Hamas, Fatah to form unity gov't within 3 months
  105. Outrage at footage of Syrian rebel eating the heart of a soldier
  106. Ahmadinejad Could Face Up to 74 Lashes Over Election 'Violation'
  107. Assad has turned the tide in Syria
  108. Turkey says it has lost touch with fighter jet near Syria
  109. Hamas, Fatah to meet in Cairo for unity talks
  110. US: Syria peace conference likely to slip to early June
  111. Iran to chair UN-sponsored nuclear disarmament conference
  112. Iran's FM: We'll Participate in Conference on Syria
  113. Syrian Minister: We Have the Right to Enter the Golan Anytime
  114. Carter Calls on EU to Label Products from 'Illegal Settlements'
  115. Abbas Warns Israel Over Al-Aqsa Mosque
  116. Turkey says it is time for nations to act against Assad
  117. Observatory: Syrian war death toll rises to 82,000
  118. 'Turkey close to energy agreement with Israel'
  119. Israel opens diplomatic mission in Gulf
  120. Analysis: IDF cuts could harm Israel's readiness for war
  121. Intense Israeli air, ground activity
  122. Russia staffs Mediterranean fleet.
  123. Syria rebels free UN peacekeepers abducted in Golan
  124. Syria refutes Turkish blame for car bombs
  125. Palestinians, Syrians form units to fight for Golan
  126. Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood stages anti-Israel rally
  127. Retrial of Hosni Mubarak resumes in Egypt
  128. Iran nuke negotiator Jalili enters presidential race
  129. Turkish Deputy PM: Assad gov't 'usual suspects' in blasts
  130. Car bombs kill at least 40 near Turkey-Syria border
  131. Ashton Criticizes Israel Over Beit El and Temple Mount
  132. Russia: No plans to sell S-300 missile to Syria
  133. After Syria attack, Assad seeks Hezbollah support
  134. 'There is 'strong evidence' of Syrian chemical weapons use'
  135. Syria will 'Respond Immediately' to More Israeli Strikes
  136. 'Palestine was never a Jewish homeland'
  137. Iran vows response to alleged IAF strike in Syria
  138. Turkey: Syria crossed US chemical weapons red line
  139. Russia considering making it easier for Libya to buy arms
  140. Iran sentences US pastor to 8 years for Christianity
  141. Saudi King Abdullah clinically dead? Saudis deny report