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  1. Poll: Bennett Comes Out on Top After Netanyahu Spat
  2. Turkey Fires on Al-Qaeda troops in Syria
  3. Iran can now build and deliver nukes, US intel reports Read more: Iran can now build and deliver nu
  4. Vigil in Front of PM's Residence: 'Sovereignty Now'
  5. Obama Defends, Israel Slams Iran Nuke Deal
  6. Israeli Minister Stirs Controversy After Calling For "3rd Temple"
  7. Don't Bite The Hand That Feeds You!
  8. Syria ships out less than 5 percent of chemical arms
  9. Khamenei Warns U.S.: Show Self-Restraint
  10. 'Mahmoud Abbas: Number One Anti-Semite'
  11. Netanyahu accepts Bennett non-apology, ending coalition crisis
  12. IAF chief: Israel will destroy Hezbollah bases in Lebanon, even ones in residential areas
  13. Lapid: EU considering striking central treaty with Israel should talks fail
  14. Ruins of Bustling Port Unearthed at Egypt's Giza Pyramids
  15. Israeli ruling coalition wobbles as U.S. peace proposal looms
  16. 'Peace Partner' Rajoub: The Resistance will Continue
  17. Min. Ariel Admits 'Mini-Crisis' with Netanyahu
  18. Kerry Plan: Arab Capital in East Jerusalem
  19. '170,000 Rockets Aimed at Israel'
  20. Who's Stoking the Tension Between Netanyahu and Bennett?
  21. Likud MK Backs Bennett Over 'Jews in Palestine' Storm
  22. Opinion: Is 1984 happening in 2014?
  23. PM Netanyahu demands apology from Bennett
  24. Hamas says it would never accept two-state solution, won't give up ‘one inch’ of land
  25. Tehran: We won’t dismantle any portion of our nuclear program
  26. Bush’s national security adviser: US is mismanaging Egypt, Syria
  27. Ex-CIA head: US would use force to stop Iran
  28. Palestinian Authority Claims Netanyahu has 'Nazi Genes'
  29. Netanyahu: Israel Demands Safety, Recognition
  30. Again: Hamas Cell Nabbed on Temple Mount
  31. Bennett Warns: Future Generations Won’t Forgive
  32. ‘Refugees’ Suffer, PA Still Cozy with Iran
  33. Outrage on Temple Mount: Strip Searches and Arrests
  34. UN nuclear inspectors in Iran to visit uranium mine
  35. Abbas: Three year maximum transitional period after agreement
  36. Ya'alon: US 'detaching from the Middle East'
  37. Yacimovich: Abbas agreed to Jewish settlers in a future Palestinian state
  38. Analysis: Israelis talking to one another and not with the Palestinians
  39. Poll: Most Americans think Obama not doing enough to stop Iran
  40. Iran FM: Israel uses nuclear issue to distract world from its 'crimes' against the Palestinians
  41. Left derides Bayit Yehudi MKs for attending prayer rally against peace talks
  42. Netanyahu: Failure to recognize Jewish state core of conflict
  43. Freed Terrorist Describes Murdering Students
  44. Bennett: Peace talks lead to Palestinian violence against Israelis
  45. Syrian opposition: Peace talks afternoon session cancelled
  46. US Congress secretly approves weapons flow to 'moderate' Syrian rebels
  47. To murder 6 million people, the Nazis showed us, you don’t even need fanatics
  48. In Israeli jails, Palestinians still earning degrees
  49. Bypassing sanctions and with help from Iran, Syria steps up missile production
  50. Ya’alon pans Iran deal, peace process ‘fairy tale’
  51. New York Times op-ed: Wipe Israel off the map
  52. Settlers in Palestine — a Netanyahu gambit backfires
  53. Tensions are running high between Naftali Bennett and Benjamin Netanyahu
  54. Livni: 'Negotiations Not to Expose Faults of Other Side'
  55. Report: PM 'Fuming' Over Bennett Comments
  56. Ya'alon: Palestinians see destruction of Jews as realistic possibility
  57. Analysis: Obama to confront a united Congress on Iran
  58. Report: Sisi to announce presidential bid within 72 hours
  59. Syrian opposition: Israeli jets bomb missile launchers in Latakia
  60. Yadlin: Israel should consider 'coordinated unilateral' action if peace talks fail
  61. US Congress secretly approves weapons flow to 'moderate' Syrian rebels
  62. Netanyahu settlement stand draws fire from all sides
  63. Israel PM under fire over son's Norwegian girlfriend
  64. Arab MK Warns: 'Palestine' Jews 'Won't be Loyal Citizens'
  65. Huge explosion rocks Assad coastal stronghold
  66. Israeli minister calls for 'Third Temple' in Al-Aqsa compound (East Jerusalem)
  67. Israel Reviewing Closely Its Neutrality Towards Syria
  68. King David’s Palace and the Millo
  69. Hamas Leader: Third Intifada 'a Matter of Time'
  70. Abbas's Spokesman: Livni Unfit to be a Negotiator
  71. Iranian Revolutionary Guards threaten US after Kerry says military option is ‘ready’
  72. Israeli expert on Syria: The West and Israel are not in hurry to get rid of Assad
  73. Deputy Minister Elkin: PM's Plan 'Delusional'
  74. Israeli defense computer hacked via tainted email
  75. Netanyahu: World Wising Up to Iran
  76. Rouhani: Israel Would be 'Crazy' to Attack
  77. Netanyahu Floats Idea: 'Settlers' to Live under PA Rule
  78. Ahead of Int'l Holocaust Remembrance Day, Bennett warns cabinet of rising anti-Semitism
  79. 'Jewish state' demand bares clashing Mideast narratives
  80. Defense Minister: Israel to allow limited building materials into Gaza
  81. Political allies Bennett, Lapid appear headed for rift
  82. Supreme Court upholds state's right to build controversial east Jerusalem road
  83. WATCH: IDF crack combat engineering unit simulates takeover of Hezbollah post
  84. Netanyahu says West has 'no chance' of striking final nuclear deal with Iran
  85. Europe: Naturally, Israel Will Be Blamed for Failed Peace Talks
  86. Turkey’s EU Reset?
  87. Netanyahu: No final status agreement with West will work
  88. Iranian Lawmaker Warns Americans Against Attacking
  89. Livni: A skeptical Israeli public will throw support behind peace agreement
  90. Senior PLO official: Kerry plan includes series of Israeli withdrawals
  91. Frustration grows over slow pace of Syrian chemical handover
  92. Person of the year in regional affairs: Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Sisi
  93. 29 killed across Egypt on anniversary of anti-Mubarak revolt
  94. Activists: 63 people die in Palestinian refugee camp near Damascus
  95. Israel warns of growing jihadi threat from Syria
  96. Kerry promises Palestinians an IDF-free state
  97. Israel Among Ten Most Powerful Nations In World
  98. Syrian Sides to Meet in the Same Room
  99. Netanyahu: I Will Not Evict Israelis from the Jordan Valley
  100. Iran's Zarif: We Never Sent Hezbollah to Syria
  101. Kerry: Israel's Security Must be Ensured in Peace Deal
  102. Iran's Zarif says priority in Syria is cessation of fighting, humanitarian crisis
  103. Report: US official downplays 'Qaida plot to bomb embassy'
  104. After rough start Syrian peace talks to go ahead
  105. Three bombs explode in central Cairo
  106. 1 Palestinian dead in clash with IDF on Gaza border
  107. At Davos, Kerry says US remains engaged in Mideast, is committed to peace process, Syria, Iran
  108. The Syrian peace process: An exercise in futility
  109. Two Bomb Blasts Kill At Least Five In Cairo
  110. Iran: We did not agree to dismantle anything
  111. Al-Qaeda Plot Against United States Embassy Foiled
  112. Rockets and tunnels: Hamas preparing for next conflict
  113. Sources: Talks with Iran on Permanent Deal to Start in February
  114. Abbas Wants Greater Russian Role in Peace Talks
  115. Rouhani: Iran wants good relations 'with all countries we officially recognize'
  116. Previously unknown pharaoh's tomb reveals Ancient Egyptian dynasty
  117. Netanyahu: Rouhani continues trying to fool the world
  118. Abbas seeks $1 billion energy deal with Russia
  119. Former PLO negotiator calls on PA to endorse 'resistance' against Israel
  120. Netanyahu: Israel isn't what's wrong with Middle East, it's what's right with Middle East
  121. Rouhani: If Israel attacks Iran, it will rue the day
  122. Tasty Life: Leopard Teeth, Calf Bones Found in Ruins Near Pyramids
  123. Likud Ministers: Peres 'Shooting His Mouth Off Again'
  124. Netanyahu: European Pressure could Harden Israel's Positions
  125. Ancient Church Mosaic With Symbol of Jesus Uncovered in Israel
  126. Iranian official on nuke agreement: "We did not agree to dismantle anything".
  127. PA Minister: Jihad Should be Directed at Jerusalem, Not Syria
  128. Feiglin: When I am PM, Tibi Will be in Jail
  129. Jordanian minister: Pursuit of nuclear energy program a ‘strategic option'
  130. Kerry at Syria peace talks: No way Assad can be in new gov't
  131. Iran's nuclear stockpile may rise for now despite deal with powers
  132. After IAF terrorist assassination, Islamic Jihad says 'blood of martyrs not in vain'
  133. 3 east Jerusalem al-Qaida recruits arrested, 'planned massive bombings'
  134. WATCH: UN chief Ban tries to quiet Syrian FM at peace talks
  135. Lapid: Press the world to recognize the Golan Heights as part of Israel
  136. US acknowledges reported al-Qaida plot on Tel Aviv embassy
  137. Rouhani says Iran-US animosity can flip to friendship
  138. Israel advances plans for 642 new settler homes
  139. 4,000 Year Calender Discovered Dates To The Time Of Abraham
  140. Abbas reportedly says he's ready to meet Netanyahu, possibly address Knesset
  141. EU Threatens 'Price to Pay' if Peace Talks Fail
  142. Mahmoud Abbas' Party Threatens to 'Bomb Tel Aviv'
  143. PA: 9 Month Talks Won't Be Extended Even A Day
  144. Peres: Recognition of Israel as Jewish state 'unnecessary'
  145. Photos: Amazing Discoveries at Egypt's Giza Pyramids
  146. Israeli opposition chief doubts Netanyahu's 'guts'
  147. Iran sends warships to Atlantic
  148. IAF strikes in Gaza: Terrorist, another man killed
  149. Report: IDF Forced to Dismantle 'Spy Device' on Lebanese Border
  150. Israel Signs Defense Agreement With Kazakhstan
  151. Islamic Waqf Revises History: 'Temple Mount, Kotel are Muslim'
  152. Report: Egypt's Sisi to quit post in a few days to run for president
  153. Al-Qaida-inspired Egyptian group claims rocket attack on Eilat
  154. Abbas rejects extending peace talks beyond nine-month timeline
  155. In flap with UN, a chance for the US to look tough on Iran
  156. Iran's military nuclear bid 'will be stopped': Israel
  157. Peace hopes fade as Israel plans 381 more settler homes
  158. Abbas wants Russia more involved in ME
  160. Canada's PM - full speech to Israel Knesset 20 Jan 2014
  161. Turkey's Associations With Other Nations In The Ezekiel 38:2-6 Nations in Gog's Alliance
  162. How Psalms 83 Prophecy Is Progressing
  163. Mideast may flare up if peace talks fail: Israel's Peres
  164. New Photo Evidence Shows Assad's Gruesome War Crimes
  165. US successfully pressures UN to rescind Iran invite to Syria peace talks
  166. Syria's Assad: 'Significant' chance I'll seek new term
  167. Bennett: Start Building in E1 Now
  168. Canada, Israel Agree: No Nuclear Weapon for Iran
  169. Tibi Screams at Netanyahu, Harper During Speeches
  170. Israel dividing families split between West Bank, Gaza, rights groups say
  171. Islamic law takes hold in northern Syria: Singing, smoking and pictures banned
  172. Doubt cast on Syria summit after UN invites Iran
  173. US begins Iran sanctions relief, sees tough talks ahead
  174. Harper announces $66 million aid program for Palestinian Authority
  175. Bennett: A Palestinian state will destroy Israel's economy
  176. Harper: Through fire and water, Canada will stand with you
  177. Blasts heard in Eilat, security forces looking for fallen rockets
  178. Iran halts higher-grade uranium enrichment, IAEA report shows
  179. Netanyahu pours cold water on interim nuclear agreement on its first day
  180. Nuclear Deal Would Leave Iran 2 to 3 Weeks From The Bomb
  181. Widespread Damage to Syria's Ruins Seen from Space
  182. Bennett says his goal is to 'torpedo' any agreement with the Palestinians
  183. Obama pragmatic, pessimistic on future of Mideast
  184. Dep. Defense Min. Hints at Israeli Strike on Iran
  185. MK Hotovely: 'Deal" Would Mean End of the Likud
  186. PA apologizes to Czech Republic over weapons in embassy
  187. Israel to preside over world disarmament organization for month
  188. Private peace talks prepare for public debut
  189. Hamas losing control of Gaza Strip
  190. Haniyeh Aide: Hamas Will Never Accept PA 'Concessions'
  191. Situation Safe Enough to End Gas Mask Distribution, Govt. Says
  192. Assad reportedly says giving up power not up for discussion
  193. IAF strikes Islamic Jihad terrorist in Gaza
  194. Israel releases West Bank-based Hamas leader to Ramallah
  195. Israel plans laser interceptor 'Iron Beam' for short-range rockets
  196. PM: Hamas should be wary of Israel's policy of responding forcefully to every rocket fired
  197. Islamic Jihad: Israeli strikes on Gaza threaten the ceasefire
  198. Netanyahu lauds Harper's 'moral leadership' upon arrival to Israel
  199. Muslim States Urge Greater International Pressure on Israel
  200. Yesh Atid 'Will Leave Government if Peace Talks Don't Progress'
  201. Canadian Prime Minister to Arrive in Israel Sunday
  202. Temple Mount Desecration: 'The Public Needs to Know'
  203. 'Kerry is not Messiah; He is the Enemy'
  204. Ya'alon should be careful not to incur the Americans' wrath
  205. IAEA inspectors arrive in Tehran for nuclear visits
  206. Report: Israel to return remains of dozens of Palestinians to PA
  207. Official results: Egyptians back constitution in landslide vote
  208. Netanyahu confidante: Jordan wants Israel to keep presence along West Bank boundary
  209. Kerry to unveil framework at end of month for continuation of Mideast peace talks
  210. Israel Says The United States Is Creating An Artificial Crisis
  211. Abbas Who Financed The Murder Of 11 Israeli Athletes In Munich Now Says Jesus Was A Palestinian
  212. Report: Netanyahu Supports Liberman Land Swap Plan
  213. Syria Offers Ceasefire in Aleppo, Denies Bombing its Own People
  214. IDF Spokesman to Hamas: We Won't Hesitate to Up the Ante
  215. Officials: Gaza Ceasefire Is Dead
  216. ‘Hillary Clinton mulled green light for Israeli strike on Iran’
  217. IAEA inspectors to visit Iran uranium mine
  218. White House: World security hinges on success of Iran nuclear deal
  219. Iran to have access to $4.2 billion in foreign exchange assets
  220. Report: Russia stepping up military aid to Syria's Assad
  221. Lebanon's Hariri willing to share power with Hezbollah
  222. Liberman summons European envoys to reprimand them over anti-Israel 'bias'
  223. Netanyahu says if Rouhani agrees to recognize Israel, he would consider meeting him
  224. Adina Kutnicki Sees the Iranian and Turkish Alliance
  225. Op-Ed: Sorry, I Don't Feel Pity for Sharon
  226. UN cancels Jewish exhibit at last minute on Arab complaints
  227. Security adviser to Obama says U.S. is an ‘Islamic country’
  228. PA Says Israel Succeeded in 'Imposing Its Agenda' on Talks
  229. Analyst: US Abandoning Middle East, Leaving Iran in Charge
  230. 'Israel will make Hamas suffer if Gaza rocket fire continues'
  231. Lebanon car bomb kills four in Hezbollah stronghold near Syria
  232. Hamas condemns Egypt threats against its rule in Gaza
  233. Netanyahu visits Jordan for talks with King Abdullah
  234. US House spending bill includes full $3.1 billion for Israel
  235. Minister Silvan Shalom to attend Abu Dhabi energy conference next week
  236. Netanyahu slams EU after Israel envoys censured over settlements
  237. Assad Gives Warning That Saudi idealogy Is Threat To The World
  238. Egypt voters overwhelmingly back constitution: official sources
  239. Iran's FM Condemned for Honoring Dead Hezbollah Terrorist
  240. Egyptian Officials: First the Muslim Brotherhood, then Hamas
  241. Amidror: US Cannot Force Dangerous Deal On Us
  242. Lapid Urges Caution in Negotiations, Calls PA 'Unreliable'
  243. Turkey reassured that NATO shield not designed for Israel
  244. Kerry 'undeterred' by Ya'alon comments, says 'believes in prospects for peace'
  245. Missile defense expert warns of growing strategic threat
  246. Netanyahu on Palestinian 'right of return': There is no room for maneuver
  247. Iron Dome intercepts 5 rockets fired at Ashkelon from Gaza
  248. For Those People Who Believe These Peace Talks Will Lead Somewhere
  249. Hamas prepares 13,000 teens for Martyrdom
  250. Armenia (Gog Military Associate) Joins Russian Economic Custom Union.