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  1. Obama Speaks to Netanyahu, Offers to Mediate Ceasefire
  2. Israel doesn’t want a ceasefire, aims to deal Hamas long-term blow
  3. Blair: Israel won't be able to destroy Hamas
  4. State Department: Hamas is Responsible for Civilian Casualties
  5. Over 930 Terror Targets Hit in Gaza
  6. Hamas denies Israeli TV report that IDF killed head of Gaza rocket arsenal
  7. Abbas: Israel to launch a ground operation in Gaza in the coming hours
  8. Doubt cast on Iran nuclear talks as Kerry plans 'next steps'
  9. Washington unifies in support of Israel's Gaza operation
  10. Israel will not support a cease-fire; Palestinian ambassador accuses Israel of war crimes
  11. Netanyahu says more 'stages' to come in Gaza operation
  12. Is Fatah joining Hamas in its fight?
  13. Latest Developments With Hamas And Israel
  14. Top Obama Middle East Official Blasts Israel Over Its Treatment Of Palestinians In A Tel Aviv Speech
  15. Lebanon Warns Gaza Crisis Could Engulf Whole Region
  16. Kidnapped Israelis shot 10 times with silenced gun: U.S. lab
  17. Here is a live news feed from Gaza
  18. IDF strikes 80 Gaza targets in under thirty minutes
  20. Op-Ed: Land Invation: Beware the Trap Laid by Hamas
  21. IDF's hesitant opening strike
  22. Israeli hospitals continue to treat sick Gazans despite missile attacks
  23. Netanyahu's Gaza dilemma
  24. Someone Is Lying About Nuclear Materials Being In Iraq
  25. Kerry: Crisis in Israel, Gaza, needs de-escalation
  26. Despite Ongoing Rocket Fire, Israel Transfers Aid to Gaza
  27. Hamas Blames John Kerry for Gaza Operation
  28. IDF Warns Gazans Near Border to Evacuate Immediately
  29. Report: IDF Kills Senior Hamas Rocket Commander
  30. Israel PM Says Gaza Offensive to Intensify as Rockets Fly
  31. Salafist In Jordan Say Their First Priority Is Israel
  32. Op-Ed: Why This Operation is Different
  33. Hamas Calls For Third Intifada Against Israel What Is Fatah leader Abbas Up To?
  35. Murdered Arab Teen's Family 'Refused' Peres Visit
  36. Isis has nuclear materials
  37. Since beginning of Israeli operation: 234 hits, 61 intercepted, 590 targets attacked
  38. Pope Francis: ‘The Che Guevara of the Palestinians’?
  39. Iraqi Women Train To Fight In The Streets Of Baghdad
  41. Israel vows harsher strikes on defiant Hamas as conflict enters 3rd day
  42. XXX Loses. Iraq Will Break UP Into Three Regions As Kurds Declare Independence & Give Warning
  43. Abbas's Fatah Declares it Shares 'One Goal' With Hamas
  44. Peres: Ground Offensive Could Happen 'Quite Soon'
  45. IDF: 234 Rockets Have Hit Israel Since Operation Began
  46. Police find grounds to probe Zoabi for inciting against cop
  47. ANALYSIS: Stunned by Israel's fierce response, Hamas sends distress signals
  48. US Embassy in Tel Aviv closes due to rocket fire
  49. 'IAF destroyed more targets in 36 hours than in whole of 2012 clash'
  50. Abbas accuses Israel of 'genocide' in its Gaza operation
  51. Hamas: We attempted to hit the nuclear reactor in Dimona
  52. As casualties in Gaza rise, PM accuses Hamas of double war crime
  53. Israel builds trade gateway to Arab world, truck by truck
  54. Hamas Rockets Target Israel’s Dimona Nuclear Facility
  55. Lieberman smells elections in the air
  56. Second Infiltration from Gaza at Zikim
  57. EXCLUSIVE: IDF Captain on How His Troops Handle Arab Rioting
  58. Israel's President: Gaza ground offensive 'may happen quite soon'
  59. The Fallacy of "Cycle of Violence" Reporting
  60. Chosen People Ministries email message
  61. Hamas Kidnappers 'Intended to Murder Teens from the Start'
  62. Netanyahu: Hamas will pay a heavy price
  63. App Brings Israel’s Air Raid Warnings to Your iPhone
  64. Arab League States Total Rejection Of Jewish State Recognition--> No Peace Apparently Endorsed
  65. Watch: Arabs Gather on Temple Mount to Celebrate Rocket Strikes
  66. Abbas Says He'll Turn to International Community Against Israel
  67. Remains of Long-Lost Temple Discovered in Iraq
  68. Isis has chemical weapons. ..duh
  69. Iran 'Needs' 19 Times More Nuclear Centrifuges
  70. ISIS Issues a 'Passport' for its 'Caliphate'
  71. Arab, Muslim States Urge UN Security Council to Censure Israel
  72. Abbas and Sisi Discuss Situation in Gaza
  73. 120 Rockets Fired at Israel During Day 1 of Operation
  74. IAF targets Hamas naval commander; Palestinians say 11 have been killed
  75. Hamas: All Israelis now targets for missile attacks
  76. Airports Authority says Gaza operation may disrupt commercial flights
  77. Bennett physically attacked at Ha'aretz Peace Conference
  78. Jerusalem Municipality opens bomb shelters across city
  79. Syrian-made M302 rocket fired by Hamas at Hadera!
  80. 1st ever rockets hit Jerusalem
  81. Ceasefire - Not so Fast!
  82. Fatah Advisor Calls For Death of Jews
  83. WATCH: Hamas threatens long-range rocket strikes in new video
  84. Abbas's Fatah Threatens Israel: 'Prepare the Body Bags'
  85. Obama: Israel, Palestinians alike must show restraint
  86. BBC Warns – Gaza Photos Aren't Really from Gaza
  87. IDF Calling Up 40,000 Reservists; Ground Offensive Likely
  88. President Shimon Peres Insists Hamas, Fatah Separate
  89. "Protective Edge," What a Nebichy Name for Our Military Campaign
  90. July 7, 2014 ISIS Calls For War Against Israel
  91. Israeli military launches new Gaza airstrikes, prepares for potential ground invasion
  92. Abbas urges Mashaal to stop Gaza escalation
  93. Hamas to Beersheba ‘settlers’: Run before it’s too late
  94. Khamenei says US, Israel playing 'good cop, bad cop'
  95. Netanyahu speaks to father of Abu Khdeir, expresses condolences
  96. Livni holds emergency meeting with Israeli Arab leaders to calm inflamed situation
  97. US ship begins neutralizing Syrian chemical arms
  98. New law cuts National Insurance benefits for freed terrorists
  99. Hamas claims responsibility for rocket fire on Israel
  100. As Israel prepares wider campaign on Gaza, US signals limited support
  101. OPERATION PROTECTIVE EDGE: IDF announces major operation in Gaza as rocket fire escalates in south
  102. Arab protests spread in northern Israel
  103. Cabinet Gives IDF Green Light for Harsher Gaza Action
  104. 30 rockets fired at Israel in 10 minutes
  105. Police: Ignore Rumors of 'Imminent Danger'
  106. Israeli Army Calls Up 1,500 Military Reserves To Be Deployed Along Gaza
  107. Climate of fear pervades city following Jerusalem riots and spate of attacks against Jews
  108. Reports of possible kidnapping on child in Modi'in spark police search
  109. Israel mulling Gaza operation as Hamas mediation efforts stagnate
  110. The tragedy of the Arabs
  111. Three Suspects Confess to Arab Teen's Murder
  112. Hamas Demands Terrorist Releases to Stop Rockets
  113. Hamas vows revenge after 7 members killed
  114. War of independence isn't over yet
  115. Senior Likud Sources: Elections at the Start of 2015
  116. Knesset Speaker Asks MKs to Cool Down Rhetoric
  117. Liberman Announces Split with Likud
  119. Article Claims ISIS Is Just Five Miles From Baghdad's Airport Closing Fast
  120. Israel strikes 14 targets in Gaza - Syrian mortar fire hits Golan Heights
  121. Abbas Calls for UN to Investigate 'Settler Crimes'
  122. Sisi: Kurdish Independence Would be Catastrophic
  123. There cannot be one law for Israeli terrorists and another for Arab
  124. Deputy Education Minister: Restraint is a Scandal
  125. Jersey Judge OK’d Muslim Man Raping, Beating Ex-Wife
  127. 2 Islamic Jihad Terrorists Killed in Israeli Airstrike
  128. Ministers approve bill to put released terrorists back in prison
  129. IDF arrests Hebron terror suspect, Palestinian media says
  130. Abbas urges UN to investigate alleged revenge killing of Arab boy by Jewish extremists
  131. Riots rage after Jewish suspects arrested in investigation of murdered Palestinian boy
  132. IAF attacks in Gaza as rocket fire continues to pummel South
  133. Netanyahu unequivocally condemns murder of Arab teen Abu Khdeir
  134. One of six Jewish nationalists arrested confesses to revenge killing of Arab teen
  135. violence in Israel at highest level since Infitada
  136. Netanyahu Tells PA: Find Teens' Murderers, Like We Found Khder's
  137. Report: Mossad assassinated Samir Kuntar's right hand man
  138. Netanyahu, Liberman Spar Over 'Tough Talk'
  139. Peres advocates talks and ceasefire despite attacks
  140. It has been a busy day in Israel, with no stop to the rocket barrage and other attacks
  141. IDF's Twitter account hacked, fake post about possible nuclear leak
  142. 6 Jewish Extremists arrested over murder of Arab teen
  143. Middle Israel: Is Netanyahu over the hill?
  144. UK’s biggest trade union supports Israel's boycott
  145. What CNN Says And Does Not Say In 5:00 A.M. Current ISIS Report 6/6/2014
  146. Israel airstrike hits 10 Gaza targets after missile barrage does not cease
  147. State Dept. confirms US teen held by Israeli authorities amid reports he was severely beaten
  149. Map: U S bases encircle Iran
  150. Liberman: Arab Israeli rioters’ place not in Israel
  151. PM considers tougher response as Gaza rockets target Beersheba
  152. Calls to end Palestinian security cooperation with Israel
  153. Minister Calls to Cut Aid to Gaza, Target Hamas Leaders
  154. Bennett: Restraint Against Rocket Fire is 'Weak'
  155. Netanyahu visits gravesite of brother Yoni on anniversary of Entebbe raid
  156. Report: Autopsy finds murdered Palestinian teen was burned alive
  157. Iraq says footage purporting to show ISIS leader is false
  158. 15 Rockets Fired at South, IAF retaliates
  159. Gantz: IDF prepared to respond with force if quiet not returned to South
  160. Watch Israel News live 24/7 at i24news
  161. Hamas smells Israel’s fear of escalation, and so the rockets keep coming
  162. Indyk: Talks failed due to 'skeptisim' between Israelis, Palestinians
  163. Norway Calls on 'Occupier' Israel to Show Restraint
  164. Liberman: Not all terrorist targets can be destroyed from the air
  166. Stratfor discusses ISIS & Caliphate
  167. Intifada in the age of social media: Facebook page offers how-to guide on confronting Israel
  168. Israel skeptical of Iran nuclear deal by deadline, pledges to help Jordan push back ISIS
  169. IAF strikes in Gaza at 3 terrorist targets
  170. Bibi is the Price Tag
  171. Britain's Secret Plan to Arm Syrian Rebels Revealed
  172. ISIS Parades Scud Missile ‘Heading Towards Israel’
  173. UN condemns Israeli, Palestinian attacks
  174. Foreign Affairs: Obama’s Mideast - An autopsy
  175. On the brink of war: Hamas may still back down
  176. Rockets continue to fall on Israel as tensions rise
  177. Maps of the ISIS conflict
  178. Lieberman: Ceasefire with Hamas is a mistake
  179. Third Hamas Kidnapping Suspect Identified
  180. Indyk: The Peace Process is Dead
  182. Talk about Algeria flushing money down the toilet
  184. US declines to meet Iran ‘half way’ in final diplomatic push over nuclear crisis
  185. Israel investigating possibility that Arab boy was killed by Arabs because he was gay
  186. PM Hedges on 'Revenge' Theory Behind Murder
  187. Israel 'Gave Hamas 48 Hours to Stop Rockets'
  188. 15 Seconds to Save Your Life
  189. 'Next 24 hours will show if Hamas gets the message,' senior security source says
  190. Op-Ed: Us Jews Should Respond With More than Tears
  191. Murdered Arab Youth's Parents 'Gave Contradicting Statements'
  192. Watch: MK Ahmed Tibi Goes Berserk at Knesset Podium
  193. ISIS Makes Headway In Gaza And Sinai
  194. ISIS Captures Syrian Towns, Key Oil Field
  195. Escalation scenario starting to fulfill itself
  196. Ministers Demand 'Whatever Needed to Destroy Hamas'
  197. Islamic Jihad: 'Settlers' Are Legitimate Targets
  198. Saudi Arabia Deploys 30,000 Troops On Iraq Border: State Owned TV
  199. Multiple Fires Engulf Israel for the Second Day Running
  200. Surrounded: Mounting Al Qaida presence reported on all borders of Israel
  201. Center Field: Obama’s callousness toward the ‘kidnapped’ kids... and Israel
  202. Hezbollah braces for ISIS Strikes
  203. ISIS Trying Desperately To Draw Israel Into Their War
  204. Abbas: Netanyahu must condemn boy's death like we condemned kidnapping
  205. Zarif: Iran will not 'kneel' to West's demands
  206. Ashton Condemns Murder of Palestinian Arab Teen
  207. Abbas Asked Egypt to Block an Israeli Gaza Operation
  208. Abbas adviser forced to flee Temple Mount
  209. MK Tibi: Israel has been disturbing Arabs since 1948
  210. Palestinians biggest supporters of suicide bombing, says new survey of Muslim world
  211. Hundreds of Arabs riot across Jerusalem after Palestinian teen found murdered
  212. Iron dome intercepts two Gaza rockets over southern Israel
  213. Portugal joins growing list of EU states advising against doing business beyond Green Line
  214. In phone call, Netanyahu assured Kerry of justice for Arab teen murder
  215. Watch: Arab Rioters Beat One of Their Own in Jerusalem
  216. MKs Call on Netanyahu to Fire Livni, Begin War on Terror
  217. IF The US Decides To Support Shite Iraqi Maliki The Salafist in Jordan Will Start Car Bombings
  218. George Washington and King David
  219. ISIS captures weapons for 200,000 man army -- Thx to Foreign Policy of O
  220. Accurate political cartoon
  222. As Iraqi Violence Rages, Lawmakers Fail to Reach Deal on New Government
  223. Kerry: Time running short for Iran nuke agreement
  224. ‘Now that bodies found, world won’t abide large military campaign’
  225. Isis leader calls on Muslims to 'build Islamic state'
  226. Israel wants to go after Hamas, but doesn’t want all-out war with Gaza
  227. Russian Jets Poised to Fight ISIS in Iraq
  228. ISIS Parades Scud Missile 'Heading Towards Israel'
  229. Hotovely Calls for Death Penalty for Terrorists
  230. PA Government: Bennett is 'Racist', Israel Incites Against Us
  231. Kurd party leader to ‘Post’: US keeping us from independence
  232. Israeli jets pound Gaza, hit 34 targets in overnight strike
  233. Liberman: Israel should conduct widespread military operation in Gaza
  234. After teens' funeral, Netanyahu warns of further Israeli actions against Hamas
  235. US says Hamas involved, if not responsible, for fate of Israel's lost boys
  236. CNN 4:10 P.M. News Update On Iraq
  237. ZOA is Shocked, Mystified That ADL/Foxman Wrongly States “Klinghoffer” Opera is Not Anti-Semitic
  238. Kerry: Time running short for Iran nuke agreement
  239. Blast hits near Egypt's presidential palace; 2 officers killed
  240. Arabs Throw Stones at Ambulance Carrying Bodies of Murdered Boys
  241. Israel Awakes To The Fact The West Bank Looks More Like Gaza
  242. Isis caliphate a dangerous development
  243. Israel air force bombs terrorist bases in Gaza, blasts Palestinian kidnappers' Hebron homes
  244. ISIS shows off scud missile
  245. Gaza rockets aim at Kurdish oil route via Israel.
  246. Netanyahu’s commitment to 2 states seems shakier than ever
  247. Kidnapper's Mother 'Proud of Him to my Last Day'
  248. Hamas Asks Turkey to Stop 'Israeli Aggression'
  249. Cabinet Discusses Response to Murder, No Decision Reached
  250. Turkey rejects independent Kurdish state, wants Iraq unity government