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  1. Syria Fires on Israel
  2. Lebanon Firing on Israel
  3. Iran Refuses UN Watchdog Access To Parchin Nuclear Site
  4. Minister Says Israel Weighing Ground Incursion
  5. Official: 70% of Hamas's Arsenal Decimated
  6. Mashaal says rockets are aimed at military bases, not civilians
  7. Hamas voices support for membership of 'Palestine' in ICC
  8. Fighting continues for fourth day after cease-fire collapse
  9. Iron Dome intercepts rocket over greater Tel Aviv area
  10. Egypt, Abbas call for Gaza cease-fire and resumption of talks as fighting rages
  11. Video: IAF strikes 12-story Gaza City building, causing it to collapse
  12. Breaking: Rocket Strikes Galilee
  13. ISIS Commander Flees To Syria As United States Steps Up Air Strikes In Iraq
  14. Minister say Israel weighing ground incursion
  15. Baghdad-Suicide bomber kills at least 11 in the Interior Ministry Building
  16. Isil beseige town of Amerli amid fears of repeat of Sinjar massacre
  17. Israel Video Network
  18. Israel Closer to Full-Scale War, Hamas Vows to "Liberate Jerusalem"
  19. UN: Death toll from Syrian civil war tops 191,000
  20. Iran to Send Humanitarian Aid to Gaza
  21. Abbas and Mashaal Call on UN to 'End the Occupation'
  22. Report: France, UK preparing Security Council resolution to end Gaza fighting
  23. Arab states look to single out Israel at UN nuclear meeting
  24. Hamas executes 18 suspected collaborators with Israel in Gaza
  25. Netanyahu vows 'Hamas will pay heavy price' for death of Israeli boy
  26. Liberman says Israel's Gaza operation should end with 'Hamas waving white flag'
  27. US considering taking fight against Islamic State into Syria
  28. Netanyahu says "Hamas Will Pay"!
  29. Netanyahu: Hamas Will Pay a Heavy Price
  30. Bibi's Brother-in-Law: Only Invade Gaza if You Intend to Stay
  31. Turkey Supports Our Enemies
  32. 4 year old Israeli Child killed by mortar in south
  33. Acronyms can be interesting... ISIS stands for
  34. Rockets score direct hit on Ashdod Synagogue
  35. 'The IDF Has Technology to End the Operation in Hours'
  36. Hamas goes on collaborator killing spree
  37. What Iran wants in return for helping with Iraq
  38. ISIS' thirst for oil could lead to 'global catastrophe' if unchecked, experts say
  39. Powerless to stop Islamic State, West may have to join forces with Iran, Hezbollah
  40. Report: New UN Resolution Demands Talks Based on 1949 Lines
  41. Watch: Soldiers Thank Israel For 'The Best Day of My Life'
  42. Behind the scenes of targeted killing in Rafah
  43. Aliyah to Israel Up Dramatically
  44. Hold up of US missile shipment to Israel reportedly resolved
  45. Abbas, Mashaal, emir of Qatar hold 'positive' talks in Doha, Palestinians report
  46. Hamas executes 3 Palestinians suspected of 'collaboration' with Israel
  47. IDF mobilizing 10,000 reservists after Israel targets senior Hamas commanders
  48. Yadlin: Targeted assassinations important, but not a ‘silver bullet’
  49. Pentagon warns: Islamic State threat greater than 9/11
  50. ANALYSIS: Israel's killing of senior commanders is a moral and military blow for Hamas
  51. Phone Call from Mashaal Exposed Deif's Location?
  52. A Hamas Rocket Hitting Israeli Gas Platforms Could Re-Escalate The Gaza War
  53. PA Makes 'Political Decision' to 'Slaughter Settlers'
  54. ZOA: Stop Calling Terrorists ‘Militants’ — They’re Terrorists
  55. US Accuses Israel of 'Targeting' Murdered Arab Youth's Family
  56. New map of Middle East
  57. Op-Ed: Hamas’ Love Letter to ISIS (with Ten Tips)
  58. 3 senior Hamas military leaders killed in Israeli airstrike on Gaza
  59. Al-Qaeda in Yemen Announces ‘Solidarity’ With ‘Our Muslim Brothers in Iraq’
  60. US Military Launched Secret Rescue Operation in Syria for James Foley, Other Americans
  61. Gaza rocket fire hits new heights: 168 launched in one day
  62. Hamas Threatens Ben-Gurion Airport, Warns Airlines to Stay Away
  63. Netanyahu Says Hamas Has Taken 'Worst Hit Since its Inception'
  64. Netanyahu Reprimands Bennett Over Gaza Criticism
  65. Report: Qatar threatened to expel Mashaal if Hamas okayed Egypt-proposed truce
  66. Iran lashes out at Egypt for blocking humanitarian aid to Gaza, Rafah closed
  67. Hamas: Rockets targeted off-shore Israeli gas well
  68. Obama calls Islamic State a 'cancer' after graphic threat
  69. Conflicting reports on whether Hamas military chief Deif killed in IDF strike
  70. Netanyahu: Hamas leaders are legitimate targets, no one is invincible
  71. Orlando Muslims rally in support of Hezbollah
  72. Jerusalem warns West on Iran: Don't partner with one devil to fight another
  73. Jihadist Islamic State has 50,000 members in Syria: NGO
  74. Documentary on IS
  75. Obama knew of threat to murder Journalist
  76. Report: IAF kills Hamas armed wing chief Mohammed Deif
  77. Liberman Fires: 'Even Far-Leftists Would Topple Hamas'
  78. Labor MK Accuses Netanyahu of 'Paralyzing Israel'
  79. Danon: Netanyahu's Policy Brought 'Humiliation' on Israel
  80. Israelis Angry With Netanyahu Over Gaza Ceasefires
  81. Hezbollah kills ISIS leader
  82. 'It's time to abandon truce talks, reach decisive victory over Hamas'
  83. Meshaal, Abbas to Meet in Qatar Despite Hamas Coup Attempt
  84. Police Recommend Trying Arab MK Zoabi for Incitement
  85. Hamas: Israel 'Opened the Gates of Hell'
  86. Cairo talks: Everyone wants the truce to continue, except Khaled Mashaal
  87. Poll finds almost no support for accepting Hamas's demands
  88. Hamas official tells umbrella Hamas-funding group they are 'room full of terrorists'
  89. Hamas: Israel is escalating the situation to influence Cairo truce talks
  90. Head of Palestinian delegation presents 'final proposal' to Egyptians
  91. Op-Ed: Who Put the Cement into Hamas' Hands?
  92. Turkey calls for help with Syria refugees as tensions rise
  93. Around 30,000 Pakistani Protesters Breach "Red Zone"
  94. Firebomb Attacks in Jerusalem Set Home, Bus on Fire
  95. Heavy barrage of rockets fired at Tel Aviv area, southern Israel
  96. Hamas Launches Massive Rocket Barrage on Israeli Cities
  97. Israel Launches Airstrikes After Gaza Rocket Fire
  98. Islamic State Threatens to 'Drown Americans in Blood'
  99. Israel and Hamas agree to extend cease-fire for 24 hours
  100. Syrian opposition figure: Obama let ISIS ‘cancer’ metastasize
  101. Israelis and Palestinians agree to a 24-hour extension of their truce
  102. Israel agrees to end Gaza blockade: report
  103. While The US Is Taming The Islamic State In Iraq, Here's What's Happening In Africa
  104. Iran tells UN nuclear chief no talks on missiles
  105. Congressional Dems critical of Obama's efforts on ISIS, say 'mission is lost'
  106. 220 Wounded, Dead as Libyan Civil War Rages in Tripoli
  107. IDF destroys homes of the murderers of the three kidnapped Jewish teens
  108. Liberman: Balad party supports Hamas, has no place in Knesset after Qatar trip
  109. Report: US exerting pressure on ICC not to open war crimes probe against Israel
  110. Netanyahu unlikely to advance Likud race
  111. Hamas in West Bank 'planned to topple Palestinian Authority'
  112. 'Breakthrough' Reported in Cairo Talks
  113. Israeli official: Agreement by midnight unlikely
  114. A Strong Earthquake 6.1 Hits Southwest Iran
  115. Revived sanhedrin discusses temple
  116. Report: US Assigned to Pressure Israel in Truce Agreements
  117. Hamas: Israelis Won't Go Home 'Until We Let Them'
  118. Rouhani: We'll Reject Any Restraints on Our Nuclear Program
  119. UN watchdog chief holds top level nuclear talks in Iran
  120. Bennett calls on Israel to immediately halt negotiations with Hamas
  121. Netanyahu: Hamas will not be able to cover its military defeat with a diplomatic victory
  122. Hamas: Lifting the blockade of Gaza is the only way to ensure Israel's security
  123. Whose Bombing ISIS Positions Lately?
  124. Schabas vows to probe Gaza operation even without Israel's cooperation
  125. Israeli Arab lawmakers visit Hamas sponsor Qatar
  126. Iran attempted large-scale cyber-attack on Israel, senior security source says
  127. Israel threatens Hamas with massive retaliation as cease-fire enters final day
  128. Qatar to give $1,000 to Gazans whose homes were destroyed
  129. Analysis: The ‘State of Gaza’
  130. Activists protest to stop Israeli ship from docking in US, Canada
  131. US scores military victory over Islamic State at Mosul Dam
  132. Sisi receives offer of fighter jets, helicopters, weapons on Russia visit
  133. XXX Delays Arms To Israel While Confirming Advanced Armed Sales To Turkey And Qatar
  134. Which Jesus are the Sanhedrin expecting?
  135. Hamas admits intimidating foreign press who reported wrong ‘message’
  136. Hamas to Israel: Accept our terms or brace for war of attrition
  137. Islamic State militants execute 700 people from Syrian tribe
  138. Far-Left Groups Shocked by Public Backlash
  139. Abbas's Fatah Declares a Return to Terror Against Israel
  140. Abbas says Egyptian initiative only viable option for Israel-Gaza truce
  141. No deal in sight two days before Gaza cease-fire expires
  142. Islamic State Terrorists Slaughter 700 Sheitat Civilians In Syria, World Outrage Presumably To Follo
  143. Report: Israel rejects Egyptian proposals for cease-fire in Gaza
  144. UK muslim hackers target celeb and business bank accts for funding ISIS
  145. Hamas says latest proposals for long-term truce with Israel 'unacceptable'
  146. US Carries out airstrikes in Mosul dam area
  147. Gaza: Hamas continues to produce rockets
  148. Pakistan protest leaders vow no let-up until PM Sharif steps down
  149. Turkish PM Erdogan Wants Full Partnership In the Shanghai Cooperation Organization
  150. EU Offers to Take Charge of Gaza Border Crossings
  151. Iran Says Deal by November is Unlikely
  152. Israel Welcomes EU's Call on Gaza Groups to Disarm
  153. Draft terms for long-term Gaza truce revealed in Egyptian newspaper
  154. Netherlands suspends official who said Zionists created ISIS
  155. Hezbollah leader Nasrallah sees Islamic State as growing 'monster'
  156. EU backs Gaza mission to monitor Rafah crossing point on Egyptian border
  157. I thought all was well?
  158. ISIS in Gaza Has Israel on Watch
  159. Egypt's 11 point Ceasfire Plan
  160. Hezbollah's Nasrallah:ISIS State is a monster coming to devour region
  161. Nasrallah Comes Out Of His Cave Saying Israel Should Destroyed.
  162. Israel moving towards a cashless society
  163. Clashes in Pakistan after shots fired at opposition leader Imran Khan
  164. The New Song 'n' Dance Craze in Israel
  165. Abdullah II The 41st Descendent From Mohammad
  166. Iraq leaders say they can't defeat militants
  167. The unraveling of the Gaza blockade?
  168. Nasrallah: No red lines in Hezbollah's security war with Israel
  169. IDF: Iron Dome intercepted 90% of rockets
  170. And Now, Abbas's Daily Accuses US of Founding IS
  171. Liberman: No Cooperating with UNHRC's Gaza Probe
  172. Yaalon: Palestinians Asked for Lull Extension, We Agreed
  173. Bennett: For Every Rocket, Hit 20 Commanders' Homes in Gaza
  174. Report: Israeli source says Hamas's Mashaal torpedoing long-term truce
  175. PA to UNESCO: Destruction of mosques in Gaza is a war crime
  176. Netanyahu says Israel will respond forcefully even to a ‘drizzle’ of rockets
  177. ISIS And Iraqi Army Clash West Of Baghdad
  179. US: We will continue to provide military assistance to Israel
  180. 10,000 Rally in Tel Aviv, Say: Finish the Job in Gaza!
  181. Pakistan anti-government protest marches begin
  182. Iraqi troops, militants clash near Baghdad; UN declares humanitarian crisis
  183. Police arrest 57 Arabs for rioting in massive east Jerusalem sweep
  184. MK Shaked To Defense Minister List ISIS As A Terrorist Organization
  185. US livid with Israel? Hamas can’t believe its luck
  186. Israeli Officials: Obama is Weak and Naive
  187. Cabinet ministers: Netanyahu keeping us out of loop
  188. White House halts transfer of weapons to Israel
  189. Journalist: Israel is 'Stuttering' in Front of Hamas
  190. Hamas announces five-day cease-fire extension as errant rockets fly at Israel
  191. ISIS has encircled Aleppo
  192. Israel Not Taking Jordan, Egypt And The Saudis Belated Criticism Too Seriously.
  193. Islamic Militants Seize 2 Syrian Towns Near Border With Turkey
  194. Hamas and PA Reportedly Refuse to Return Soldiers' Bodies
  195. Netanyahu: UN Grants Legitimacy to Terrorists
  196. Liberman: If cease-fire ends, Israel should defeat Hamas as quickly as possible
  197. Khamenei: Iran's interaction with US limited to nuclear talks
  198. Netanyahu: UN committee should look to ISIS, Hamas for war crimes
  199. Israel transfers hurt Palestinians from Gaza to Ben-Gurion Airport for medical evacuation
  200. Knesset Committee: Everyone who wants to must be able to pray on Temple Mount
  201. Steinitz: No govt. will make diplomatic concessions to Palestinians without Gaza demilitarization
  202. IAF retaliates to Gaza rocket attacks despite claims of cease-fire extension
  203. NATO To Help Turkey If ISIS Attacks The Turkish Nation
  204. Watch: Muslims Force Closure of Temple Mount for Jews
  205. Sirens sound in southern Israel
  206. Thousands of Reservists Deployed to Gaza, Others Told to Prepare
  207. ISIS seizes wheat stores from state silos
  208. Ministers say Netanyahu concerned over cabinet dissent
  209. How Turkey became the shopping mall for ISIS
  210. Malaki warns of more trouble if replaced
  211. UN's Schabas Doesn't Deny Double Standard Regarding Israel
  212. Origins of Hierarchy: How Egyptian Pharaohs Rose to Power
  213. King Abdullah meet with Lebanons FM
  214. Abdullah to visit Saudi Arabia
  215. "Dead End" in Cairo
  216. XXX Lifts Ban On Libyans In US Flight Schools And Training In Nuclear Science
  217. Officials: 130 advisers heading to northern Iraq
  218. Pakistan rallies to test government, its democracy
  219. Iraq militants changing tactics, complicating US airstrike mission
  220. Egypt's Grand Mufti: IS is Damaging Islam
  221. Hamas official: This is second and final cease-fire with Israel
  222. Head of UNHRC's Gaza probe disputes claims he’s 'anti-Israeli'
  223. UK to suspend military exports to Israel, if fighting in Gaza resumes
  224. Liberman to 'Post': First get rid of Hamas, then hold PA elections, then pursue regional accord
  225. Opposition to Netanyahu strengthens after Gaza war
  226. Mideast powers endorse new Iraqi prime minister-designate
  227. Hamas says group preparing for 'long battle,' as three-day truce nears end
  228. Senators want UNRWA investigated over 'troubling' Gaza role
  229. Netanyahu 'Softening' Ministers for Concessions to Hamas?
  230. UK threatens to ban arms trade with Israel
  231. No progress made in Cairo negotiations
  232. Obama May Consider Sending 75 More "Military Personnel" To Iraq
  233. Islamic State Beheads, Crucifies In Push For Syria's East
  234. 'JV' terrorists? Obama under fire for having 'underestimated' militant threat in Iraq, Syria
  235. IS Actively Joining Gaza Terror War on Israel
  236. Putin Says Russia's Defense Industry Absolutely Self Sufficent
  237. Turkish activists say new flotilla to challenge Israeli blockade of Gaza
  238. Iranian General Says Hezbollah Ready to Open Second Front Against Israel
  239. Israel Offers Hamas A Seaport If Hamas Would Disarm
  240. Quran itself states that allah ordained the Holy Land for the Jews
  241. Hamas Brags of Holding Israel 'At Gunpoint' in Talks
  242. New Libyan Elections Down The Road
  243. The silence of Turkish Jewry
  244. Hamas Clarifies Truce Would Only Be to Plan Next War
  245. Bennett: Salary transfer to Hamas is calm for money to terrorism
  246. IS update, northern Iraq
  247. Iran Calls On Palestinians In Judea And Samaria To Take Up Arms Against Israel.
  248. Islamic militants crush tribal uprising in Syria
  249. Defense official: US airstrikes unlikely to hurt Iraqi militants’ ‘overall capabilities’
  250. UN watchdog questions appointments of Gaza panel