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  1. Hamas Spells it Out: Our Aim is the Extermination of the Jews
  2. Ethics Committee bans Zoabi from Knesset for six months
  3. Tibi incensed Knesset didn't slow down for Id al-Fitr
  4. IDF forces kill five terrorists who emerged from Gaza tunnel entrance
  5. Report: Hamas executes alleged spies, shoots protesters in Gaza
  6. Hamas commander Mohammad Deif: There will be no cease-fire, victory will be ours
  7. Rocket barrages hit Israel from Beersheba to Tel Aviv area
  8. US denies report Obama told Netanyahu he trusts Turkey, Qatar as mediators
  9. Hamas spokesman: Israel has reached only a fraction of our tunnels
  10. Fifteen corpses found in Baghdad put Iraqi capital on edge
  11. Saudi Arabia Looking For A Military Alliance With Israel
  12. Israel And Hamas Agree To End The Hostilities
  13. Former Iranian Advisor To Iranian Minister of Defense Iran To Provide Missles To West Bank
  14. Hamas must be defeated the old-fashioned way, beginning with a demand for unconditional surrender
  15. Bibi asks the world to share the truth
  16. Iran's Supreme Leader: Muslims must arm Gaza.
  17. Arbitration by a dwindling empire
  18. Israel Hits Only Power Plant Providing Electricity To Gaza
  19. Turkish PM Erdogan returning Jewish American award
  20. Op-Ed: IDF, Don’t Take Your Foot Off the Gas Pedal
  21. Danny Danon Wants Obama to Lay Off Netanyahu
  22. Paying the (terrible) price of a justified war
  23. Bennett: Demilitarize Hamas, by Force if Necessary
  24. Just Heard Israel has taken out Gaza State Television
  25. Further support of ISIS - Barry wants repeal War Iraq Authorization
  26. $1B of USA Ammo/Missiles stored in Israel
  27. Iran: Hezbollah Can Fire Rockets 'Nonstop' at Israel
  28. IDF Begins Shelling All Along Northeastern Gaza
  29. Mashaal: Hamas is ready to coexist with Jews, but not the occupation
  30. Demilitarization is Palestinian obligation under Oslo accords, Steinitz says
  31. Hamas terrorist killed trying to infiltrate Kibbutz Nahal Oz
  32. Kerry: Hamas disarmament needed to resolve Gaza conflict
  33. Israeli inhabitants of areas around Gaza flee embattled South
  34. Netanyahu: We're prepared for an extended operation in Gaza
  35. Five IDF soldiers killed in Gaza as army death toll rises to 48
  36. John Boehner Urges U.S. Solidarity With Israel
  37. Attorney General Axes Criminal Investigation Against Hanin Zoabi
  38. War on waste: Pentagon auditor spotlights US billions blown in Afghanistan
  39. Iraq fights to block Kurd oil from entering Texas
  40. Fuel Tank Blaze Near Tripoli Airport 'Out of Control'
  41. Netanyahu slams UN cease-fire plan for not addressing Israel security
  42. Poll: Overwhelming Support for IDF Operation, Netanyahu
  43. US fuming over Israeli criticism of Kerry bid to secure ceasefire with Hamas
  44. Obama, Kerry Caused 'Long-Term Damage
  46. Kerry’s unique artistry
  47. ZOA: Does Pres. Obama “Have Israel’s Back,” Or Hamas’ Back?
  48. Netanyahu Vows to Continue Destroying Terror Tunnels
  49. Online Campaign Aims to Build Third Temple
  50. Hamas Television Propaganda Saying Hospital Was Hit
  51. US-Israel row benefits Hamas
  52. Satellite footage documents Gaza destruction
  53. 3 must see videos on Israel at the UN and Ted Cruz on Fox
  54. Senior Officer: 'We Have All of the Attack Tunnels'
  55. Ministers: We Should Have Attacked Harder
  56. Despite Cease-Fire Talk, Rockets Continue Falling
  57. Rage in Jerusalem: 'Reject Obama's cease-fire demands'
  58. Yadlin: Hamas won’t voluntarily demilitarize, IDF must do it for them
  59. Obama's wars on Israel
  60. UN demands cease fire
  61. Op-Ed: Madeleine Albright is Still Pressuring Israel
  62. U.S. Official: The Language Against Kerry Was Strong
  63. Danon Blasts Obama Over Ceasefire Demand
  64. Zoabi 'Too Busy' to be Questioned
  65. Video shows first American suicide bomber in Syria
  66. IDF Says it Was Not Responsible for UNRWA School Deaths
  67. Gaza truce: US rejects criticism against Kerry
  68. Israel admits mortar shell hit U.N. school
  69. Total of 56 rockets and mortars fired into Israel Sunday
  70. Report: Rocket kills 4 children in Egypt near Gaza border
  71. In phone call with Netanyahu, Obama stresses need for 'immediate' Gaza cease-fire
  72. Netanyahu calls on Hamas to accept Egyptian ceasefire proposal
  73. Israel offered medical aid to Gazans, but the PA refused to accept it
  74. Report: Hamas Losing Palestinian Arab Support in Gaza
  75. Report: Hezbollah Leader Among Air Algerie Casualties
  76. Egyptian Army Destroys 13 Hamas Terror Tunnels
  77. ISIS Destroys Tombs of Biblical Prophets Jonah, Daniel
  78. Islamic Jihad Said to Have Iranian 'Judgement Day' Missile
  79. Israel Rejects Hamas Truce Offer
  80. Bennett on cease-fire request: Now is not the time to take the foot off the pedal
  81. Livni tells Kerry his cease-fire proposal 'completely unacceptable' for Israel
  82. Hamas's drone and rocket development chief killed in IAF strike
  83. 'Freedom Flotilla II' set to sail for Gaza from Turkey
  84. Poll: 86.5% of Israelis oppose cease-fire
  85. Watch: Gazans fire rockets from school and cemetery
  86. No official Israeli response to Hamas call to renew humanitarian truce; rocket fire continues
  87. Somalian jihadist group Al-Shabab calls for attacks on Jewish targets worldwide
  88. NGO demands state allow legal representation to Gaza detainees
  89. Netanyahu: Future funds to rebuild Gaza must be linked to its demilitarization
  90. Palestinian Authority blasts Kerry for 'appeasing' Qatar, Turkey at Ramallah's expense
  91. Kerry's plan bans Israel from destroying Gaza tunnels
  92. Fatah Declares 'Open War' on Israel
  93. Destroy Hamas? Something worse would follow, Pentagon intel chief says
  94. Report: Hamas to Buy More Rockets From North Korea
  95. Israel Extends Truce for 24 Hours; Hamas Resumes Rocket Fire
  96. Jihadists seize Syria army base, behead soldiers
  97. Taliban Making Military Gains in Afghanistan
  98. 'Freewheeling Militia Violence' Forced US to Evacuate Embassy in Libya, Kerry Says
  99. Report: Hamas used child labor in tunnel building
  100. Son of PA President Mahmoud Abbas calls IDF a ‘Nazi army’
  101. Kerry ‘completely capitulated’ to Hamas in ceasefire proposal, say Israeli sources
  102. Iran: We Provided Hamas with Rocket Technology
  103. Leading Rabbi: This War is God's War, and Israel Will Win
  104. Muslims Burn, Loot Temple Mount Police Station
  105. Thousands gather in Tel Aviv to protest 19-day offensive in Gaza
  106. Egypt-Turkey relations: Egypt to summon Turkish envoy over Erdogan's Palestinian remarks
  107. Three more Israeli soldiers dead, bringing toll to 40
  108. Hamas spokesperson: We did not agree to extension of cease-fire until midnight
  109. Israel singles out Qatar as key Hamas terror sponsor
  110. Isis 'overruns' Raqqa military base
  111. Report: Hamas Morale Collapsing, Terrorists Flee IDF
  112. Israel's US Ambassador Smashes Biased Coverage on CNN
  113. Rabbi Says This War Is God's War And Israel Will Win
  114. Israel surprised by number, sophistication of Gaza tunnels
  115. IDF Soldiers Sing and Dance Before Gaza Incursion
  116. Ya'alon to Iron Dome troops: Prepare for significant expansion of Gaza op
  117. ‘‘We are working toward a brief seven days of peace."
  118. Israel agrees to 12 hours ceasefire starting at 7 am local time.
  119. Israeli defense minister tells troops Israel might significantly widen Gaza ground operation
  120. Israel ‘unanimously rejects Kerry ceasefire proposal’; IDF death toll rises to 35
  121. message from Nasrallah: Hamas, you’re on your own
  122. Israel to intensify cyber security as end of Ramadan approaches
  123. Cruz still demanding answers on FAA Israel flight ban
  124. Iranians push for Palestinian resistance at Jerusalem Day rally in Tehran
  125. IAEA asks for 1 million euros to oversee Iran nuclear deal extension
  126. Egyptian militants say Israeli drone kills three terrorists in Sinai
  127. 'If we don't deal with Gaza tunnels now, these threats will come to us'
  128. Israel launches criminal probe against Arab lawmaker who allegedly incited against cops
  129. Report: Five Palestinians killed in West Bank violence
  130. Nasrallah: Israel took advantage of kidnapping to start a war
  131. Missing Soldier Declared Dead
  132. Op-Ed: US Weapons Resupply - Also to be Grounded?
  133. Aharonovitch Says Ceasefire Would Be a 'Mistake'
  134. Hamas calls for 'third intifada' after violent riots in Jerusalem and West Bank
  135. Iraq Parliament Chooses New President, as Rebel Attack Kills 60
  136. Khamenei: Keep arming Palestinians until Israel is destroyed
  137. Inside Gaza: As fighting continues, situation for Gazans grows worse
  138. US official: Kerry won't remain in region indefinitely
  139. Pakistan Calls to End Gaza Blockade
  140. UN Chief 'Outraged' Over Rockets Stored in UNRWA Schools
  141. Rocket Fired at Eilat Area, Possiby Aiming for Ovda Airport
  142. Shas leader: Israel doesn't need army since ultra-Orthodox prayers protect it
  143. Netanyahu: UK understands what Israel is facing, having had its cities rocketed in WWII
  144. Egyptian army thwarts two attacks against Israel
  145. IDF drone unit source: We are up in the air 24/7, carrying out 100 flights a day
  146. Rivlin sworn in as president under shadow of Gaza operation
  147. Removing tunnel threat not a matter of days
  148. Fears grow other groups may join Hamas fight vs. Israel after Kerry peace effort fails
  149. Massive West Bank clashes reportedly leave 2 Palestinians dead
  150. Israeli planes vulnerable to missiles that downed MH17
  151. Israeli forces kill Palestinian in massive W.Bank clash: security
  152. More than 700 killed in Syria as ISIS tightens grip on east
  153. Netanyahu: Gaza Operation to Continue 'At Full Strength'
  154. Watch: Danny Danon Tells BBC 'We Won't Sit Back and be Attacked'
  155. UN Staff Killed in Attack on UN-run School in Gaza
  156. Local Jordanian Group Pledges Allegiance To Islamic State (ISIS)
  157. Turkey Part Of International Efforts To Broker Gaza Ceasefire
  158. Op-Ed: UNICEF Responds to Giulio Meotti's Article
  159. Op-Ed: Israel's Morally Impossible Self-Defense
  160. Op-Ed: Hamas Tunnels: Analysis and Initial Implications
  161. Gaza Strip Hamas Complain: "Their God Changes The Path of Our Rockets in Mid-Air"
  162. As a British Jew, I am now scared to talk about Israel and Gaza
  164. John Kerry: War Criminal, Liar, or Both
  165. Khamenei to Palestinian Arabs: Keep Fighting Israel
  166. Lapid: Retaking Gaza is on the Table
  167. Iranian Christian to Have Lips Burnt for Eating During Ramadan
  168. U.S., Canada Criticize UNHRC Over Bias Against Israel
  169. EU Tells Hamas It Needs To Disarm Israel Pleasantly Surprised
  170. Hamas Leader Mashaal Says Israel Must End Occupation & Disarm For Peace
  171. NETANYAHU: Hamas Is Like Isis, Hamas Is Like Al-Qaeda, Hamas is Like Hezbollah.....
  172. Iranian supreme leader calls for end to 'murderous' Israeli regime
  173. U.N. chief alarmed as rockets found in Gaza school go missing
  174. Israel singles out Qatar as key Hamas terror sponsor
  175. Kuwaiti Cleric to Hamas: No Ceasefire Until They Bow Before Us
  176. President Sisi Defends Egypt's Role in Israel-Gaza Conflict
  177. Hamas Claims Suspended Flights to Israel as a 'Great Victory'
  178. Hamas Refuses International Cease-Fire Efforts - Again
  179. Liberman: UNHRC is the Council for Terrorist Rights
  180. IDF destroys empty Gaza hospital being used as Hamas command center
  181. FAA extends ban on US flights to Israel by 24 hours
  182. Mashaal: Israel must end 'siege' for humanitarian cease-fire in Gaza
  183. Security cabinet discusses both expanding Gaza operation, cease-fire efforts
  184. Israel denounces UNHRC as ‘kangaroo court’
  185. UNHRC to investigate alleged Israeli war crimes
  186. Israel to finish Gaza tunnels assault before truce: Livni
  187. Hamas tactics exact high toll in Israeli ground thrust
  188. Op-Ed: Finally Obama Leads from the Front: The Hamas-FAA Move
  189. FAA Ban: Politically Motivated?
  190. Cabinet to deliberate on expanding Gaza operation
  191. Report: Dozens of IDF reservists refuse to enter Gaza
  192. Arabs clash with police in East Jerusalem
  193. ‘Their God Changes The Paths Of Our Rockets In Mid-Air’
  194. Jihadi cleric calls for Muslim fighters to join the fighting in Gaza
  195. Hamas Forces Children To Run To IDF Soldiers Strapped With Bombs
  196. IDF Returns Fire After Terrorists Attack From Gaza Hospital
  197. Israeli Ingenuity At Work - Artificial Island for *palestinians*
  198. British MP: I'd Shoot at Israel
  199. Kerry and Top Aides Checked with Metal Detector in Cairo
  200. Maps, IDF Uniforms Found in Gaza Terror Tunnels
  201. Anonymous - Message to Israel and Palestine
  202. Michael Coren - Sun News Canada - The anti-semitism & racism of Muslims and the Left
  203. Ancient (Egyptian) mummies digitally unwrapped to reveal new secrets
  204. Operation Protective Edge, Day 15: 100 Targets Hit Since Morning
  205. Bennett: The Enemy Hasn't a Chance Against the 'Eternal People'
  206. Report: Israeli Airstrike Targets Home of Hamas Arch-Terrorist
  207. Livni: 'No real option for cease-fire now'
  208. Foreign ambassadors forced to run to bomb shelter during visit to Ashdod
  209. EU calls on Hamas to disarm, condemns use of civilians as shields
  210. El Al says there is 'no chance' it will cancel flights to, from Israel
  211. UN releases ceasefire resolution draft
  212. Wife and grandchildren of Abbas run to Jordan
  213. Israel pounds Gaza despite international peace efforts
  214. Hamas in deep trouble
  215. The Jew and the Muslim mapping Hamas' missiles
  216. Livni: 'No real option for cease-fire now'
  217. 'Hamas must be held accountable for rejecting truce offers'
  218. 1,700 hamas Millionaires in Gaza
  219. Germany's Lufthansa says suspends service to Tel Aviv for 36 hours
  220. FAA bans US flights to Israel, Air France follows suit
  221. 7 grad rockets land in Beersheba
  222. Suspected terror attack in West Bank: Israeli in serious condition after being shot
  223. Arab rifts may complicate search for Gaza truce
  225. ISIS Torches 1,800-Year-Old Church in Mosul; Priest Says City Is 'Now Empty of Christians'
  226. Something Cool in Jewish Prayer for Israeli Soldiers
  227. Moral Clarity in Gaza - Charles Krauthammer
  229. US Intelligence Source Claims Hamas Has Many More Tunnels Than Isreal Says
  230. Minister Calls Out US on Pro-Palestinian Focus
  231. Fox News Report 9:14 A.M. Armed Forces Committee Buck McKeon
  232. Erdogan 'Not Talking' to Barack Obama
  233. Op-Ed: Kerry to the Rescue
  234. Egypt: Gaza ceasefire could include renewal of peace talks
  235. Hezbullah Chieftain Nasrallah To Give Important Speech This Friday On Jerusalem Day
  236. CNN NEWS UPDATE 7:37 A.M.
  237. Missing Soldier Named: Sgt. Oron Shaul, 21
  238. Interfaith Outreach In The Caliphate Islamist Storm Monastery And Expel Monks
  239. Jews In Chicago Are Threatened Over Gaza
  240. Jewish Lives Are In Danger In France
  241. What Fatah Is Really Like
  242. Tunnel threat could have been removed long ago
  243. hamas's Human Shields
  244. Report: IAF struck Sudan weapons stockpile headed for Hamas
  245. US, UAE to send $87m in aid to Gaza Strip
  246. Turkey Declares 'Three Days of Mourning' for Gaza
  247. Haniyeh: No Cease-Fire Unless Our Demands Met
  248. Cabinet ministers: IDF may have to reconquer all or part of Gaza to ensure security
  249. Palestinian man killed in clashes near Jerusalem; riots erupt throughout east of city
  250. Liberman threatens to close down al-Jazeera