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  1. Russian Nationalism Will Bring Russia Into Future Gog Mode
  2. Jerusalem: A Cup of Trembling
  3. Timing of Isaiah 17, Psalm 83, and Ezekiel 38
  4. Life is NOT what you think it is!
  5. God's Argument Against Evolution
  6. Before The Arise Of The Anti-Christ There Are Those Who Witness From Genesis to Revelation
  7. What Life Will Be Like If We Follow The Same Path As Europe
  8. Israel and UN Assurances
  9. U.S. 'Chose to Stay Silent' on Muslim Persecution of Christians
  10. Two Conflicting Views on the Rapture
  11. Carolyn Glick: Why Turkey is gone for good
  12. Tony Blair is being simplistic when blaming religion for present-day conflicts
  13. A Prophecy against Egypt
  14. Crazy Policy that will Destroy America in a Nuklear War.
  15. Who or what is GOG.
  16. Pope Frances Says American Jews and the Vatican Should Work Together...
  17. Whats the Diff?
  18. Kerry pushing a plan of death.
  19. Faith in Jesus
  20. Obama's War on Israel
  21. Why is America not in any way in Bible Prophecy?
  22. A Paper Tiger No More
  23. The Pentagon's Bow to Islamic Extremism
  24. Turin Shroud may have been created by earthquake from time of Jesus?
  25. Does God Control The Weather?
  26. The Gospel According to Schrödinger's Cat
  27. Israel Won't Submit to Boycott Threats
  28. AIPAC and Iran's War Against America
  29. Do Rapture Believers Believe They Will be Raptured Before The Mark of Beast is Made Available?
  30. 11 quotes that will shock and chill you... (ex-Soviet intelligence officer Ion Pacepa)
  31. Islam's Role in the End Times
  32. Delusional Diplomacy
  33. The Immortals
  34. A Good Man for All Religions
  35. Kerry's, EU's Veiled Threats
  36. Judea and Samaria Are Israel
  37. U.S. vs. Christians
  38. Iran Answers Appeasement with Warships
  39. Just one spark.....
  40. General Petraeus Betray Us?
  41. Is There a Second Chance at Salvation During the Tribulation? (2 Thess. 2:1-12)
  42. Iranian TV simulation video of attack to Israel and United States aircraft career
  43. What Does the Bible Say? Introduction, It's About Sin
  44. Hal Lindsey Report - 2/7/2014
  45. No Room for Us
  46. Ayatollahs Celebrate 35 Years of Terror
  47. Fear the Lord
  48. The Bible is the Most Remarkable Book Ever Written
  49. Israel as Proof of God's Existence: The Atheist's Problem
  50. Israel as Proof of God's Existence: Reoccupation of Jerusalem
  51. Exposed: The Muslim Brotherhood/Al-Qaeda Connection
  52. Fukushima 5.1 Earthquake
  53. Joel Rosenberg's latest post on "peace" process
  54. The Boss
  55. Hal Lindsey Has Told The World Obama Is Not The Anti-Christ. One preacher says Obama Paves the Way
  56. United States Financing Muslim Books
  57. If We Don’t Decide, the World community will Decide
  58. The Coming Kingdom (Part 22)
  59. What Is Considered Treason These Days?
  60. Mastermind of Terrorist Attack In Volgograd Killed
  61. Kerry's Israeli Supporters
  62. ObamaCare's Economic Destruction Exposed
  63. Vatican envoy rejects UN panel's critical verdict on clerical abuse scandal
  64. Is Luke 21:23-24 A Dual Prophecy?
  65. Communist Newspapers Proclaim Maoist Control 40% of India
  66. Who Are The Hungry?
  67. Time is way too short, where's the help?
  68. Israel as Proof of God's Existence: Preservation
  69. Threatening for Peace
  70. Pay Day for the Mullahs
  71. “We must stand up for Middle East’s persecuted Christians.” Joel C. Rosenberg
  72. What the Republicans Are Now Figuring Out?
  73. Christians must prepare the world for Jesus' return?
  74. I've been looking..
  76. Muslim Rape Culture
  77. Farm Subsidies for the Muslim Brotherhood
  78. Israel as Proof of God's Existence: Dispersion and Persecution
  79. Moral Collapse
  80. Haunting Prophetic Prospects
  81. We Have Lost Our Moral Compass
  82. What Part of Stupid...do you NOT Understand??
  83. Iranian General Says America Will Be Destroyed From Within
  85. The Rich Man and Lazarus, Parable or Prophecy?
  86. Jack Kinsella - End Times Observations
  87. What Does The Bible Say? Part 3, How Shall We Live?
  88. The Rapture Report - 02/01/2014 - Israel to See Increased Pressure in Weeks to Come
  89. The Rapture Report - 01/31/2014 - Israel Loses A Great Leader
  90. Antichrist, America, And The End Times by Greg Laurie
  91. Asking for Trouble
  92. Top Islamic Leader Calls on U.S. to Wage 'Jihad for Allah'
  93. Israel as Proof of God's Existence: Fulfilled Bible Prophecy
  94. Iraq and Iran Seek to Become World's New Oil Superpower
  95. Tony Blair,Peres:It's Time for Historic Decisions
  96. US Pushing Israel To Sell Jordan Valley Withdrawal
  97. Are the rumors true? Is Netanyahu about to make “painful concessions” for peace deal?
  98. Have the Jews been cast aside, or are they destined for glory?
  99. What Putin can't afford to lose
  100. PHOTO: President’s Brother Malik Obama Wears Kaffiyeh Declaring that Muslims Will Destroy Israel
  101. The Bride
  102. Israel as Proof of God's Existence: Proof of Changed Lives
  103. Amnesty: A Disaster for the American Worker
  104. Obama Blames U.S. for 'Extremism'
  105. Blood Moon Tetrad (2014-2015): A Sign of the End?
  106. Butterball Meets the Missing Link
  107. Israel as Proof of God's Existence: The Assault of Atheism
  108. German-Israeli Relations Sliding Downward
  109. Clinton "Regrets" Benghazi
  110. Did You Know?
  111. 1 Kings 22:19 -23
  112. Abbas Says No to Israel as a Jewish State
  113. The Arab Spring Killed the Left's Foreign Policy
  114. Kerry: Post-Assad Syria Will Be 'Pluralistic'
  115. Arabs Use Peace to Destroy Israel Piece By Piece
  116. Obama Is Getting His Dictatorial Ducks in a Row
  117. Most Used Scripture Verse Today?
  118. Prophecy being disregarded
  119. Could Russia start WW3?
  120. US Threatens Israel at World Economic Forum:Says Accept Negotiated End-Times Peace Deal or else
  121. Middle East envoy: Tony Blair,says West must promote religious tolerance
  122. What Does The Bible Say? Part 2, Our Security In Christ
  123. The Ten Worst Places to be a Christian
  124. Canada Takes Its Place at the Table
  125. Iran vs. Israel at Davos
  126. Hollywood's Muslim Lies
  127. Obama's Middle East Fantasies
  128. Pope Francis Says The Internet Is A Gift From God
  129. The Way
  130. Wiff of Smoke
  131. Al Qaeda in Jerusalem
  132. Europe: Naturally, Israel Will Be Blamed for Failed Peace Talks
  133. The Lord's Fierce Anger Upon Iran
  134. The Four Faces of Jesus
  135. A Cautious Middle East Forecast for 2014
  136. Putin's Showdown With Terror
  137. American Blood on Iranian Hands
  138. Evident Design
  139. The Surrender to Iran Begins
  140. Israel Bash-Fest Comes to Washington
  141. Confirmed: U.S. Chief Facilitator of Christian Persecution
  142. Gathering Storms: The Iranian Drive for Nuclear Weapons
  143. Statue of Satan
  144. No One Buy Nor Sell: How Close Are We? - Part I
  145. The Silence Is Deafening
  146. A Picture of Imminence
  147. Turkey, Russia and Iran Nexus
  148. John Kerry's Flying Circus
  149. ObamaCare's Attack on the Elderly
  150. The Elephant in the 'Christian Persecution' Room
  151. Elie Wiesel: Stop Iran from Going Nuclear
  152. Fraud Is Driving Us Closer to the Mark of the Beast
  153. Sharon's Prophetic Moment
  154. Pride...will steal your life away!! - Conclusion
  155. Canada Seems To Be Israel's Best Friend
  157. Does God and Jesus Christ Show Their Wrath By Setting Off Large Earthquakes?
  158. The Black Hand Sweeping the Middle-East
  159. Allah Means Curse In Hebrew. Quran Also Denies Jesus Christ. What Are Badges of Submission?
  160. What Does The Bible Say?
  161. A Hollow Victory
  162. Killings of Christians by Islamists Doubled in 2013
  163. The Truth Hurts
  164. What Churchill Would Make of Obama's Iran Appeasement
  165. In Plain Language Pharoah and the Palestinians
  166. Has Iran Gained A Foothold in Arabia?
  167. Revelation 12:7-9 Michael and His Angels War with Satan
  168. Bishops Ask Congress To Resettle Syrian Refugees
  169. A Politican Who is Defender of The Middle-Class
  170. Why Can't the Syrian Army and Hezbollah Be More Like the Israeli and French Armies?
  171. The Hal Lindsey Report: Prophetic Year in Review 2013
  172. Ezek Temple same as Trib Temple???
  173. Who Are The Hidden Ones? (Psalms 83:3) Are They The.......?
  174. Russian leader who threatened Sochi is dead. Another terrorist bomb goes off in 300 miles from Sochi
  175. 'i will make Jerusalem a burdensome Stone".Netanyahu rejects inclusion of Jerusalem in Kerry's peace
  176. Has Iran Gained a Foothold in the Arabian Peninsula?
  177. Saints Alive and The Decker Report
  178. The Fall of Islam: Islam's End -- IMPORTANT -- Maps Included!
  179. The Dangerously Irrational Iranian Regime
  180. Beheadings, Bombings and New York's Little Bangladesh
  181. New York Times Discredited on Benghazi
  182. How do you share Jesus with a Muslim?
  183. We Have Work To Do
  184. Pride...will steal your Life away!! - Part 2
  185. Where Is Homeland Security When You Need Them?
  186. Liberman Hints Israel, Kerry are on the Same Page
  187. What's the chance of an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal in 2014? - Joel C. Rosenberg
  188. If You Are Faithful to Confess
  189. The Fall of Islam: Islam's Eschatology
  190. Sharon's Final Road
  191. Israel in Twilight
  192. New Pacific Trade Pact In Progress. New World Order Is Getting Closer.
  193. China warns ‘firm response’ if Japan attacks its ships
  194. Helicopter to monitor radiation over Baltimore
  195. Well Done, Faithful Servant
  196. PRIDE...will steal your Life away!! - Part 1
  197. The Fall of Islam: Islam's Fight
  198. The Hound of Jihad
  199. First Kerry,Now Obama to pay visit to Pope soon!
  200. Guess Where Kerry Went?
  201. Lebanese Al-Qaeda Will Target Iran
  202. Belarus and Sudan delegates meet strengthening ties
  203. Obama Take Action Against Iran?
  204. Ariel Sharon: Larger Than Life
  205. The Reality Behind the ASA Boycott of Israel
  206. The Lessons of Munich
  207. The Fall of Islam: Islam's Spread
  208. The Great Inflation Scam
  209. Evil Days
  210. Kerry says Israeli-Palestinian peace process at 'critical point'
  211. Will the Ark Be Found on Earth or in Heaven?
  212. Kerry Offers Netanyahu a Peace Deal ‘He Can’t Refuse’
  213. The Imminent Return of Christ and the Invasion of Israel by Gog
  214. The Coverup Continues
  215. Seven Major Prophetic Signs Of The Second Coming
  216. Russia (Gog) is Making Iran Stronger
  217. Hal Lindsey Said Al-Qaeda Is Getting Stronger
  218. "Kerry Is Just Not in Touch with Reality"
  219. The Fall of Islam: Islam's Goals
  220. Syria: Armenian Christians Pressured to Convert to Islam
  221. Beneath the Islamic Republic of Iran's Charm Offensive
  222. Israel and the Death of Pan-Arabism
  223. The Grand Mufti's Sex Tape and Violence in Islam
  224. ‘Kerry threatens to cut PA aid if no peace deal signed’
  225. The Fall of Islam: Islam's Beliefs
  226. Al Qaeda: Bigger, Stronger & More Dangerous Than Ever
  227. Walking and Talking
  228. On Giant's Shoulders
  229. 36 Signs The Media Is Lying To You About Fukushima Radiation
  230. Five Signs of Hope (Maybe) for Europe
  231. Revelation 12:1
  232. God Only Wrote One Bible
  233. What Is the American People's Boiling Point?
  234. The Widow And The Oil
  235. The amount of people going in the Rapture
  236. Four blood red moons
  237. Jesus' Suffering and Crucifixion From a Medical Point of View
  238. will America fall before the Rapture ?
  239. Detroit: Enter at Your Own Risk
  240. Brief History of the Future