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  1. Global SITREP A16-13: "I Will Set Egyptians Against Egyptians"
  2. The Superlatives of John 3:16
  3. Christian Heritage of America: Morality Necessary for Freedom
  4. Obama's Proxy War on Mideast Christians
  5. Obama's Visit to Hell
  6. Morsi's Deadline
  7. What are the tribes listed in Psalms 83:6-8 doing these last 6 months?
  8. Overthrow Morsi
  9. Showdown in Egypt
  10. Christian Heritage of America: Essential to Preserving Liberty
  11. Mathew 24 : 3-5
  12. Why Is The U.S. Arming Rebels That Eat Human Hearts And Massacre Entire Christian Villages?
  13. God's Word On It...
  14. Egypt Erupts
  15. Islamism's Tactical Advantage
  16. The Resurgence of the Israeli Military
  17. Christian Heritage of America: Foundation for Society and Government
  18. The Total Corruption of the Financial System
  19. The Next Voice You Hear
  20. Will That Day Ever Come?
  21. What is Truth?
  22. Revival: Deliverance From The Judgment To Come
  23. The Bitter-Sweet of the Doom and Gloom!
  24. Ark of the Covenant discovered in 1982 under Golgatha
  25. Professing to Be Wise They Became Fools
  26. No Sin Stronger Than His Love
  27. Standing Upon the Word of God or Not - Part Two
  28. Standing Upon the Word of God or Not - Part One
  29. The Bible According to Hollywood
  30. Conditionally Unconditional Love
  31. Erasing the 'Faces of Global Terrorism'
  32. U.S. Foreign Policy Is Failing Worldwide
  33. War of Psalm 83: Dispelling the Criticisms
  34. Malachi Speaks Again - Part 3
  35. Blind Date
  36. Hadrian's Plow
  37. The Superman Syndrome
  38. Different Seasons
  39. A Settlement
  40. Good Will Has Left the Building
  41. War of Psalm 83: Not Merely an Imprecatory Prayer
  42. Obama Sends U.S. Troops to Prop Up Morsi
  43. Shooting the Messenger
  44. War of Psalm 83: The Big Controversy
  45. Malachi Speaks Again - Part 2
  46. Malachi Speaks Again - Part 1
  47. The End Times Are Sneaking Up On Us
  48. Another Gospel
  49. Pastor JD Prophecy Update
  50. Excellent Hal Lindsey Report This Week
  51. The Whole Problem with the World...is SIN!
  52. The Bloody Altar: "The Ark of the Covenant!"
  53. "Noah Revisited"
  54. It's between YOU and GOD!!!
  55. The Cup Which He Drank: The Cup of Shame
  56. Wisdom of Solomon?
  57. Is SIN worth talking about?!
  58. Crowns and Seals
  59. The Only True Purpose Of Our Life On Earth
  60. Lets Have A Revival: Robust Christianity
  61. The anti-Christ must be somewhere on earth right now
  62. God's name revealed over all the earth
  63. Hated: Christ on trial in you
  64. TGIF: Removing Hindrances
  65. Iran sending 4,000 Revolutionary Guard forces to attack Israel in the Golan Heights
  67. Needed – Godly Men Standing for Jesus
  68. Speaking Truth to Power
  69. Heartbreak Hotel
  70. The Wise Shall Understand
  71. One Thing That It Isn't Is 'Painless'
  72. Islamizing the Public Schools
  73. Creation Training: The Big Bang Theory
  74. The 'Babel Effect'
  75. Mideast Red Star Rising
  76. The Dumb Police State
  77. Beirut: The Next Benghazi?
  78. Obama's Devious Definition of "Smarter Enforcement"
  79. Demand the PLO Ratify the Oslo Accords
  80. Creation Training: The Age of the Earth
  81. Creation Training: Why Genesis Matters
  82. What Makes You Happy?
  83. The Supernatural Triumph of Christ's Blood
  84. Is the age of the Earth old or young? Lamb & Lion w/ Mike Riddle
  85. Group sets meeting to increase tolerance of Muslims, culture
  86. A Broken & Crumbling World
  87. The Bible Doom & Gloom Syndrome: A Reputation Undeserved
  88. A Biblical View of What is Happening to Gold
  89. Pre-Conditions to Peace Talks
  90. Why are things so bad today?!
  91. It's ALL...Quicksand!!
  92. Filth and Evil
  93. America's Demise: Necessary Precondition for the End Time - Part 1
  94. Rapture Reaffirmation
  95. The Russian Bear Has Gas
  96. Creation Training: Mike Riddle on Building a Sure Foundation
  97. The Six-Day War - 46 Years Later
  98. Still the Land of the Free?
  99. Free Speech Battle in Small-Town Tennessee
  100. Obama's Disasters in the Middle East
  101. The Decade Without A Name
  102. Christians in America
  103. The Hell You Say...
  104. Is Jesus God In Human Form?
  105. THE BLOOD THEOLOGY IN THE HOLY BIBLE: "A Scarlet Cord from Genesis to Revelation"
  106. The Munich Solution
  107. Big Brother Comes Into His Own
  108. Israeli Forces on Syrian Border Have Been Put on Alert
  109. Spy Games & Double Standards
  110. Obama: Wounded...and Dangerous
  111. A Prophetic Manifesto: The Slide in Culture
  112. Christian colleges and churches “shaken” by pagan “Harlem Shake”
  113. Obama "Dreams of My Father" (Obviously the Devil)
  114. If the Root is Killed, What Happens To the Branches?
  115. Susan Rice's Prize For Lies
  116. An Israel-Hater Heads to the U.N.
  117. Six Fateful Days that Shook the World
  118. A Prophetic Manifesto: The Sealing of Fate
  119. By Faith
  120. What Are You Doing, Church?
  121. How Do I Know I'm Saved
  122. The New Testament in His Blood
  123. FBI expert: Quran is ‘revealed word of God’
  124. Will June 6, 2013 = 6.6.6 be a remarkable day?
  125. You Take Fairness...I Need Mercy
  126. Obama's Years of Collaboration with Terror Supporters
  127. Kerry Peddles the Snake Oil of Peace
  128. ISNA Discusses Interfaith Success with Erdogan
  129. A Prophetic Manifesto: The Blight of Cultural Christianity
  130. Alien Invasion
  131. Truth or Consequences
  132. The James Factor and Eternal Insecurity
  133. Iranian Terror Cells Infest South America
  134. The Turkish Summer?
  135. Looking for a Few Good Men in Syria
  136. Russia and Iran Stoke the Flames of War
  137. A Prophetic Manifesto: The Death of America
  138. Knowing Islam by Its Fruits
  139. Bodily Healing and the Blood Atonement
  140. Fantastic Eschatology Today update!
  141. Can Prophecy Be Saved?
  142. Turkey on Rye; Hold Everything
  143. Is This Not Great Babylon?
  144. Another Obama Assault on Free Speech
  145. Al Qaeda in Iraq Still Threatens America
  146. Hillary Turned Over Embassy Security to Hired Guns
  147. Obama's 'Wait and See' Foreign Policy
  148. Mass Anarchy Descending on Syria
  149. Turkish-Islamist Infiltration of Germany
  150. 'New' Arab Peace Initiative: Same Old Failed Plan
  151. Obama Administration Calls for the 'Human Rights' of Jihadi Murderers
  152. Current Prophetic Events: Persecution of Christians
  153. In Syria: Terrorists Are Fighting Terrorists
  154. Kathleen Taylor, Neuroscientist, Says Religious Fundamentalism Could Be Treated As A Mental Illness
  155. Lesbian Couple Featured in New "Family Show"
  156. The anti-Israel Obama
  157. shadow of the mark ?
  158. What 's up with Arab Gulf States?
  159. Where Are the Christians?
  160. The Revived Ottoman Empire?
  161. Thinking, Free of Thought
  162. Israel Attack This Summer?
  163. They Claim to Speak for God - Part Two
  164. The Riddle of Noah and Lot
  165. Obama's Iraq Surrender
  166. Extremist Muslim Moderates and Moderate Muslim Extremists
  167. Mainstreaming Hamas
  168. Iran Reports Saudi King's Death: A Green Light for War?
  169. Islam's 'Rule of Numbers' Explains London Beheading
  170. Showdown in Syria
  171. The ObamaCare Meltdown Begins
  172. Betrayal in Benghazi
  173. Current Prophetic Events: Heretical Doctrines
  174. Hal Lindsey will have a good word
  175. Rumors of War: Part 1
  176. The Angel of Light
  177. A Papal Faux Pas
  178. Jehovah Rapha, The Lord Our Healer
  179. "Lord!, Lord!"
  180. Gog, Reloaded
  181. No Prayer, No Power
  182. Current Prophetic Events: Muslim Antichrist
  183. Islam: Root Cause of Grooming and Rape Wave
  184. From London to Ramallah: The Bloody Hands of Islam
  185. Islam's War of Annihilation Against Hindus
  186. The Great Race Card Getaway
  187. Obama Surrenders the War on Terror
  188. Looking through the "Glass Panes" of Time!
  189. Syria's Evil Moron
  190. Memorial Day 2013: Jihad Is Stronger Than Ever
  191. A Memorial Day for Islamic Terror
  192. Current Prophetic Events: Islamic Wars
  193. In Antichrist's Shadow
  194. What’s Going On In Damascus?
  195. "Always Faithful"
  196. In Memorial
  197. The London Horror and Jihad Denial
  198. Thank you Hafez al-Assad
  199. Israel, Syria, Iran: Mounting Tensions and Threats
  200. Current Prophetic Events: Tribulation Today
  201. Does Jehovah God Really Heal?
  202. Time To Mount Up
  203. Steve Chalke backs gay relationships
  204. The Crushing of the "Rose of Sharon", And Divine Healing
  205. "Why does God allow the innocent to suffer"?!
  206. God Hates Sin – So Should We
  207. Off With Their Heads
  208. Afghanistan Comes to London
  209. Current Prophetic Events: United States in Prophecy
  210. Another viewpoint on the IRS scandal--dancing with the devil
  211. Will Boy Scouts Allow Openly-Gay Members In Its Ranks? Key Vote Comes Today
  212. Drip Irrigation: Growing Crops in the Desert
  213. Palestinian Patient Receives Life-Saving Liver Transplant
  214. A Gender-Neutral Army
  215. Kerry Returning to Israel for 'Peace' Mirages
  216. Obama Praises Jihad-Supporting Turkish Prime Minister
  217. Current Prophetic Events: Financial Collapse
  218. All Agog
  219. Deliver Us From Evil
  220. Obama's War on Fox News Reporters
  221. Obama: Serial Liar
  222. France's Growing Islamist Problem
  223. Palestinians at U.N. Warn of 'Consequences' for 'Apartheid' Israel
  224. Current Prophetic Events: Terrorism
  225. How Low Will We Go?
  226. JD Jarag Middle East Prophecy update 05-20-13
  227. The Start of a Spiritual Revival?
  228. More Secrets From Huma Abedin
  229. Interfaith Event Teaches That U.S. Is 'Aiding' Oppression
  230. Stephen Hawking's Moral Black Hole
  231. Current Prophetic Events: Ending in Israel
  232. Obama's "Dirty Tricks" Administration
  233. Demonic Divide
  234. Obama's Endgame
  235. Christian rights more likely to be challenged
  236. Germany's Merkel and Pope talk about a 'strong' Europe
  237. I remember the Old and Live in the Present!!!
  238. Ya got all the answers...Yet?!?!
  239. The Rapture and the Oil of the Holy Ghost
  240. Gog's Powerplay
  241. The Feast Of Pentecost
  242. The Man of Lawlessness: God and America
  243. Obama and the 'Official Truth'
  244. The Predestination Controversy
  245. Obama Scandals vs. Watergate
  246. The Man of Lawlessness: Decline of Society
  247. It's Official: Federal Debt Will Never Be Paid
  248. UN Pressures Germany to Bow to 'Hate Speech' Hysteria
  249. As in the days of Noah, they mocked: Rapture Palooza
  250. The Tales of Three Cities: Jerusalem, Rome, and Babylon