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  1. Federal Judge Upholds Louisiana's Ban on Gay Marriage
  2. Stolen Libyan Planes Now The Focus Of ‘Credible Intelligence’ Re This Terror Fear
  3. British media say woman, 82, beheaded at London house
  4. Putin was threatened by IS
  5. Rare virus might be causing central Ohio kids’ respiratory illnesses
  6. New ISIS threat: America's electric grid; blackout could kill 9 of 10
  7. Obama says US will destroy IS
  8. 11 missing airliners from Tripoli airport
  9. He has a plan...
  10. I think we've heard this before
  11. EU, U.S. Condemn State Land Designation
  12. Steve Sotloff
  13. UN Special Briefing on Ebola: the world is losing the battle to contain it
  14. Google’s Location History is Still Recording Your Every Move
  15. McKitrick paper: no warming for 19 years
  16. Japan prepares for loo paper shortage!
  17. It was already the worst Ebola outbreak in history. Now it’s moving into Africa’s cities.
  18. Teen Girls Planned to Bomb French Synagogue
  19. Disputed Kurdish Oil Tanker Goes Dark Off Coast of Texas
  20. Obamas attend wedding of their longtime chef
  21. Iran President Rouhani hits out at US sanctions
  22. Sunni rebels 'ready to turn on Islamic State'
  23. Intelligence nightmare: Extremists returning home
  24. Imminent Terrorist Attack Warning By Feds on US Border
  25. Arizona man arrested for burning, urinating on Bible
  26. Polish president warns Germany of Putin's 'empire' ambitions
  27. Is there a microchip implant in your future?
  28. Secret Service investigating potential threat against Barack Obama
  29. Imminent Threat to Southern Border
  30. Unusual respiratory virus strikes hundreds of metro kids
  31. Former American footballer O.J. Simpson set to revert to Islam
  32. UK terror threat level raised: Jihadist attack now 'highly likely'
  33. Polygamy effectively decriminalized in Utah as judge strikes down ban in victory for husband and his
  34. Angelina and Brad Married!!! Hooray!!!
  35. Jewish community ‘forced out’ of Guatemalan village
  36. Britain poorer than all US states except Mississippi
  37. To See or Not to See: Technology Peers into Ancient Mummies
  38. Wyoming sheriff says pastor actually shot himself
  39. Teaching to Kill: The Islamic State's Jihad Camps for Kids
  40. President Obama Says 'We Don't Have a Strategy Yet' to Fight ISIS
  41. Isis Sets Fire to Oil Wells in Northern Iraq
  42. Imam to Hannity: Convert-Or-Die Caliphate 'Coming to You in America,' 'You Don't Have a Choice'
  43. U.N. says 43 Golan Heights peacekeepers seized by militants
  44. Sister of accused Boston marathon bombers arrested after bomb threat
  45. Immigration could set stage for big U.S. budget showdown
  46. Report reveals the horrors of 1,400 sexually abused children in a British town
  47. Jerusalem police search for missing US student
  48. Investigative Unit ISIS Demands $6.6M Ransom for 26-Year-Old American Woman
  49. Islamic State might have taken advanced MANPADS from Syrian airfield
  50. Obama Sent No Representative to Memorial Mass for Beheaded Journalist James Foley
  51. Rapper Identified As Foley's Killer
  52. Hostage Steven Sotloff Is the Center of New ISIS Propaganda Campaign
  53. He won't be raising any flags...
  54. Obama's Golf Hobby
  55. US Hypersonic Weapon Explodes During Test Flight
  56. Mortar Shell Explodes at Recycling Plant Killing 2 NE St. Louis (Granite City IL)
  57. Fort Lee Shooting
  58. In grave robber territory, locals abuzz over Alexander-era tomb
  59. Congo declares Ebola outbreak in northern Equateur province
  60. U.S. Journalist Peter Theo Curtis Released After Being Held in Syria
  61. UK close to identifying jihadist
  62. "Massive USGS: 6.0 earthquake" shakes Northern California
  63. U.S. Sends Second Carrier to Asia Amid Tensions with China
  64. Rocket fired from Lebanon hits northern Israel: army
  65. Arabic Documents Found at TX Border
  66. Mystery air raid over Tripoli
  67. Is this the face of the next Muslim terrorist?
  68. ISIL vs ISIS
  69. St. Louis cop suspended for threatening to ‘kill everybody’
  70. The Jihadi no one is talking about
  71. Gen. Allen: Destroy the Islamic State Now
  72. Overkill
  73. Ebola crisis: Speed and extent of outbreak 'unprecedented'
  74. Obama considering air strikes on Syrian ISIS
  75. "'Aggressive' Chinese fighter jet" flies dangerously close to U.S. Navy plane
  76. Chicago A Top Terror Target; Ominous Tweet Connects ISIS Threat In City
  77. The Deadly Disease of Anti-Semitism Proliferates in Europe
  78. More British Muslims Fight For Islamic State Than Britain
  79. Malaysia Cracks Down On Teen For 'Liking' Israel
  80. Military brass, ex-officials pressure White House to expand ISIS fight to Syria
  81. Unidentified fever loose in Congo-Another plague?
  82. Introducing kids to adult/youth “gay clubs” in communities, outside of schools
  83. Tennessee teen in trouble for saying Bless You....
  84. ISIS threatens Chicago?
  85. Billions of Jellyfish-Like Creatures Invade US West Coast
  86. Up to 20 more Westerners may be held by ISIS
  87. Sen Imhofe-warns ISIS developing to blow up major cities in US
  88. US may have to align with Iran and Hezbollah
  89. Greek archaeology site sparks intense interest
  90. Pentagon Warns IS Threat Greater Than 9/11
  91. Hagel on ISIS: "They're beyond just a terrorist group...This is way beyond anything we have seen"
  92. The War On Christian Education Is About To Get Ugly
  93. Jihadists Prep For Takeover Of Spain
  94. Hagel Get Ready:Islamic State threat 'beyond anything we've seen'
  95. Pope Rehabilitates Marxist Priest
  96. IS 'Selling Oil From Seized Wells' In Iraq
  97. Palestine flag flys from Brooklyn Bridge
  98. AL-Qaeda merging with ISIS
  99. Islamic State warns it has sleeper cells in the West, raises the stakes with beheading of American
  100. Race-based hate crimes spike in D.C.
  101. Muslim Protestors attempt to storm Swiss Synagogue
  102. ISIS vows to break American cross
  103. IS says another US reporters life depends on Obama
  104. ISIS beheads American photojournalist James Wright Foley in warning to US
  105. Ebola deaths top 1200 rapidly spiraling out of control
  106. Pentecostals in the middle of Ferguson
  107. Two Ancient Mayan Cities Discovered in the Mexico Jungle
  108. ISIS Flag Displayed In Ferguson Missouri As Jihadist Try To Exploit Race Conflict
  109. ISIS Gets Angrier At America: "We Will Drown All Of You In Blood"
  110. Russia-China Launch Biggest Central Asian Military Drill, Testing Surface-To-Air Missiles
  111. Obama crafts Executive actions behind closed doors
  112. NPR story on Ebola rap song 'Ebola in Town' with lyrics
  113. Pope Francis: 'I only have two to three years left to live'
  114. O at African Summit-accept homosexuality or else
  115. Shoot on side order in Ebola wary Liberia
  116. Health network reports 4.5 million patients had information hacked
  117. Alabama hunters haul in 1,000-pound alligator
  118. 2 Killed and Dozen Are Injured as Weekend Shootings Plague New York
  119. Chinese troops enter 25 km deep into Indian territory in Ladakh
  120. Meanwhile, in Los Angeles...
  121. Hotel chain (Travelodge) in Britain removes Bibles from rooms
  122. Mob Destroys Ebola Center In Liberia Two Days After It Opens
  123. SWAT team swarms home of innocent woman in Indiana
  124. Mexico protests Texas National Guard troops on US border
  125. Terror State On Europe's Doorstep
  126. Debunking the Myth: Study Reveals Christians Far Less Likely to Divorce
  127. Nigeria fires 16,000 doctors with Ebola looming
  128. North Korea fires three short-range rockets as Pope visits South Korea
  129. More than one thousand march in New York as Ferguson protests spin-off across the country
  130. 5 Illegal immigrants detained in Albania with Ebola like symptoms
  131. Ebola moving too fast to handle
  132. Obama’s Campaign Against Israel
  133. Human Rights NGO Informs UN’s Ban: Hamas is the Bad Guy in Gaza
  134. First the UK, Now US Turning Backs On Israel
  136. Allen West Declares Obama An Islamist
  137. 2,100-year-old king's mausoleum discovered in China
  138. New Jersey man hangs flag associated with ISIS outside his home, sparking concern
  139. US victims of Hamas terror attacks take Arab Bank to court
  140. ISI threates to murder American pastor in Iranian prison
  141. Protest planned after LAPD officer shoots, kills man during struggle
  142. The police will recommend conviction against Ashkenazi
  143. Religion Unimportant to Most LGBT Americans
  144. Petition to protect Persecuted Christians
  145. Obama vacations as the world burns
  146. Violence erupts again after killing of black Missouri teen
  147. Greek PM says important tomb found in northern dig
  148. Kurds hold off ISIS await help from US-Baghdad
  149. Obama lifts ban on Libyans attending US flight schools
  150. Russia Is Conducting Military Exercises On Pacific Islands Also Claimed By Japan
  151. Iraq, Syria, Ukraine and Gaza are falling apart and John Kerry’s not helping
  152. In the ISIS of the Storm...
  153. President gives suprise opening to Gay Games
  154. Chaos, Looting In Ferguson, Missouri, After Teen Is Killed By Police
  155. As XXX golf's game gets better Iraq is in chaos
  156. Defiant Malaki digs in-Deploys special forces around Baghdad
  157. Breaking News CNN Iraqi Tanks Moving On Green Zone
  158. Spain promises Mega-Mosque for separatist votes
  159. Russia Forces US Submarine Out of Boundary Waters
  160. Women stoned to death in Syria for adultery
  161. IS repairing Mosul Dam
  162. Monsanto-Tekmira and Ebola
  163. Ebola?-Fifth African country testing
  164. Ebola-Nigeria confirms 2 more-Canada testing 1
  165. Ebola Cure In Sight in Israeli Lab
  166. Chinastainity Anyone?
  167. ISIS in Iraq
  168. Who are the Yazidi?
  169. Anyone See a Terrorist?
  170. ISIS hold hundreds of women captive
  171. Russian Bombers Roaming Closer to US Airspace
  172. Expect Ebola "Apocalypse" with "death tolls in numbers that we can’t imagine"
  173. Ebola spread to US inevitable says CDC chief
  174. Record amount of American renounce citizenship
  175. ISIS threatens US will raise the flag of allah over White House
  176. WHO: Ebola 'an international emergency'
  177. Chicago Imam: Violent Jihad Must be Waged Against Israel
  178. Kuwaiti Muslim Brotherhood Head: Erase All Jews
  179. Islamic State Supporters Visible Across Europe
  180. Int'l Reporters Confirm Hamas' Use of Civilians as Human Shields
  181. BLM, local law enforcement tensions near breaking point in the West
  182. Americans worry that illegal migrants threaten way of life, economy
  183. Ebola spreads to Nigeria. Goverment declares emergency : 'Everyone in the world today is at risk'
  184. Several Britons Quarantined for Ebola Amidst Claims Virus May Be Airborne
  185. NY Patient does not have Ebola
  186. Saudi being tested for Ebola dies
  187. Bodies dumped in streets as West Africa struggles to curb Ebola
  188. Spanish Priest with Ebola-returning to Spain for treatment
  189. Women Ordered To Stop Praying Inside Mall
  190. American tanks to be stored in Norway
  191. Worlds top PR companies rule out working with climate deniers
  192. Atheists Want Guard to Stop Bible Handouts
  193. Liberian dies in Morocco of Ebola
  194. 51 US Pastors go to Israel in solidarity
  195. NJ police ticket man for scripture on his vehicle
  196. Saudi Confirms Testing man for Ebola
  197. Baroness Warsi resigns from uk govt.
  198. Whale of a catch! Massive whale shark snared by Chinese fishermen
  199. Army to force out 550 majors; some in Afghanistan
  200. US cities' crackdown on homeless people is 'close to ethnic cleansing'
  201. 13 Illegal Immigrants Arrested in California Wearing U.S. Marine Uniforms
  202. Passenger dies at London Airport-returning from Sierra Leone
  203. U.S. nuclear deal with Russia fails as tensions rise
  204. Almost 100 killed during attacks in China's Xinjiang last week
  205. Ohio's toxic tap water still being tested day after do-not-drink order
  206. NFL to Use Tracking Chips on Players
  207. Latin America comes out in force against Israel
  208. Obama military downsizing leaves U.S. too weak to counter global threats, panel finds
  209. New York City Conducts Largest Ever Surprise Bioterror Response Drill
  210. Pentagon Official: The Facts Are In, And Obama’s Policy Is A Direct Danger To The United States
  211. U.S. struggles in Middle East, with fewer allies and less influence
  212. Obama on Putin: 'Sometimes people don't always act rationally'
  213. Obama says that after 9/11, 'we tortured some folks'
  214. Lake Erie Drinking Water Emergency
  215. School Plans To Tag Students With Microchip Bracelets To Encourage ‘Good Behaviour’
  216. Checkpoint Police Putting MARKS On People's Hands In Michigan
  217. Kremlin mocks Obama in a tweet
  218. Turkey offers help on captured Israeli, says Gaza ceasefire priority
  219. Conditioning your kids for the future MOB...coming to a country near you soon?
  220. UN Condemns Israel's Latest War Crime: Not Sharing Iron Dome with Hamas
  221. Ebola patient coming to U.S. as aid workers' health worsens
  222. Is Global Chaos The New Normal?
  223. Colorado to issue driver's licenses to immigrants
  224. German officer to serve as U.S. Army Europe's chief of staff
  225. House Republicans vote to sue Obama over healthcare law
  226. University Fires Christian Scientist for Discovery Proving Creationism
  227. Breaking News Weapons Found In UNRWA School For Third Time In A Week
  228. Christianity Outlawed In Central Indian Villages
  229. U.S. Ally Underwriting Jihadist Expansion Into Africa
  230. The TV Cameras Responsible For Civilian Deaths In Gaza
  231. Violence shakes Thailand's war-torn south
  232. Photos show border militias moving across Texas
  233. Illegal immigrants protest outside White House, with little fear of repercussions
  234. Banned in 160 Nations, Why is Ractopamine in U.S. Pork? (Op-Ed)
  235. Terrorist attack kills dozens in China's tense Xinjiang region
  236. Person close to Putin makes this startling statement
  237. Obama thanks muslims for "building the very fabric of our nation"
  238. Tougher stance on Russia
  239. Papal First: Francis Visits Pentecostal Church
  240. Russian Bear Gets Whatever It Wants
  241. White House Wants Repeal of Iraq War Authorization
  242. 1000s March in French City in Support of Israel
  243. Boston tornado & New Haven Tornado
  244. Will billionaire oligarchs pay for MH17?
  245. Kerry’s mistakes strengthen Hamas’s resolve
  246. Christians: The World's Most Persecuted People
  247. Samaritan's Purse American Doctor Tests Positive for Ebola Virus in Liberia
  248. Who Thinks President Obama Will Be Impeached? The White House
  249. US Military Dusts Off Decades-Old 'Readiness' Plans for Russia
  250. Just How Left-Wing Is Italy’s New Prime Minister?