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  1. Niagara Falls Comes To A Halt Again; Millions Of Gallons Of Cascading Water Is Frozen[Photos]
  2. One-in-a-century storm and flood hit New Zealand
  3. Strange "state of matter" found in chicken eye
  4. Scientists Decide that Now Is the Time to Revive a Frozen, 30,000-Year-Old Virus
  5. Winter Storm Titan Dumps Snow On U.S. West, Midwest, Heads East
  6. Powerful Magnitude 6.7 Earthquake Hits Off Okinawa, Japan
  7. Make the world your office
  8. Signs Of Change The Past Week Or So 2014 (2) - February
  9. Britain had wettest winter since 1766, Met Office confirms
  10. Human lincRNA Genes Contradict Evolution
  11. Fukushimas Radioactive Ocean Water Arrives At The West Coast
  12. 'Biggest observed meteorite impact' hits Moon
  13. Yellowstone Belches Ancient Helium, A Thousand Times More Than Anticipated
  14. California Almond Farmers Face Tough Choices (drought issues)
  15. Pacific Isle That Disappeared After Devastating Typhoon Reappears 100 Years After Its Destruction
  16. The Hydoplate Theory
  17. Earth Opens Up In Croatia Due To Heavy Rains And Floods
  18. Its Back - Polar Vortex Set To Return Next Week
  19. No cash, no cards: Mobile app lets you pay with just your smartphone
  20. Earthquake confirmed in Bristol Channel
  21. Wichita Neighborhood In Kansas Shock Residents As Pond Water Turns Blood Red
  22. Hubble Space Telescope Spies Spin of Nearby Galaxy
  23. How Stars Die: Lopsided Nature of Supernovas Revealed
  24. Southern Invasion Of Arctic-Dwelling Snowy Owls Spreads To 25 States
  25. Brazil Cities Rationing Water as Drought Saps Reservoir Supplies
  26. Powerful Magnitude 6.7 Earthquake Strikes Off The Caribbean Island Of Barbados
  27. The Jet Stream Is Taking A Dramatic Shift That Could Lead To Longer And Harsher Winters
  28. Gold price signals China credit bubble bursting as investors seek safety
  29. Japan: Six killed, over 1,000 injured as heavy snow continues to shatter records
  30. Get Ready for Another One: New Storm Takes Aim at Northeast
  31. American and British storms are 'holding hands' over Atlantic
  32. Waters Around Fukushima Have Increased Levels Of Radiation Lately
  33. Great Lakes Ice Cover Is The Largest We've Seen This Century - 78.7 Percent Covered
  34. UK storms : Huge waves crash into Newlyn, Cornwall
  35. Up To 100 Cars Pile-Up On Pennsylvania Highway
  36. Oops Bill Nye shot himself in the foot in his debate
  37. Medical Science
  38. Zoo in Denmark kills healthy giraffe to "prevent inbreeding"
  39. Bone-Chilling Winter Blast Wipes Out Power in South
  40. Slovenia Is Paralyzed By Thick Snow And Ice; Over 250,000 Affected
  41. Powerful 6.9 Magnitude Earthquake Shakes Western China - Casualties Or Damage Unclear
  42. UK Floods
  43. Opinion Future Story on BBC : Why I want a microchip implant
  44. Recent Snow Throughout North America Confirmed Military Snow
  45. Ninety flatulent cows start fire at dairy farm in Germany
  46. Forget The Internet - Soon There Will Be Outernet; Company Plans To Beam Free Wi-Fi To Every Person
  47. Terrifying Sinabung Volcano Eruption Spawns Amazing Towering Tornado-Like Twisters In Indonesia
  48. All American Credit Cards Will Disappear In 2015 And Be Replaced With This New Tech
  49. New surveillance technology capable of watching you, and you and you too
  50. UK's earliest footprints?
  51. Scientists blown away by Tasmania's giant jellyfish
  52. Monsanto Roundup and the Last Days violence
  53. SocGen bear growls: deflation shock-wave from Asia to trigger global recession
  54. 4406 U.S. record cold temperatures in January – 1073 Snowfall records
  55. Tsunami-Like Waves Hit Spain
  56. Severe Storm Encases Slovenian Town In Ice
  57. The North Star Polaris is getting brighter
  58. Will The Yellowstone Super Volcano Be Erupting Soon? There Are Two Different Reports.
  59. Severe Drought Has U.S. West Fearing Worst
  60. Landslide And Giant Boulder Destroys Building In Italy - Another Massive One Misses By Inches
  61. Who's godless now?
  62. Iran hit by biggest snowstorm for 50 years
  63. Storms raise havoc, Rome in turmoil
  64. Report: US Cattle Herd At Lowest Number Since 1951
  65. Aerial drone footage of 'catastrophic' Somerset floods UK
  66. Indonesia volcano erupts again; kills at least 14
  67. Daily Job Cuts
  68. Mountains Of Tumbleweeds Invade New Mexico Town, Burying Houses And Leaving Residents Trapped Inside
  69. IMF calls for ‘urgent action’ amid EM crisis as the Fed draws criticism from abroad
  70. Winter Storm Maximus to Bring Snow, Ice to Over a Dozen States, Including Drought-Plagued California
  71. Rattle And Hum
  72. World Bank's former chief economist wants to replace the USD with a single global super-currency
  73. Fukushima Deceit
  74. World risks deflationary shock as BRICS puncture credit bubbles
  75. Deep South shuts down as rare snow, ice hit region and Florida gets rare snow and ice
  76. Australia Braces for Second Heatwave, Bushfires as Cyclone Threatens Queensland
  77. California drought: 17 communities could run out of water within 60 to 120 days
  78. Former NSA Agent Becomes Cyber-Privacy Guru (new free privacy tool for net)
  79. Devils Breath Drug
  80. Unexplained Loud Jolting Booms Shake Homes In Kentucky And Illinois
  81. Large Parts Of Britain Could Be Abandoned To The Sea Forever After Recent Floods
  82. Strong 6.1 Strikes Indonesia And 6.1 Strikes Greece In Two Days
  83. Rick Santelli on the current emerging market volatility and central bank policies
  84. Acid Snow Falls In Seoul, South Korea - pH Levels Drop To "Abnormal" 4.2 On Average
  85. Out Of Nowhere An Arctic Snowy Owl Perches Itself Atop An Awning During Rush Hour In Washington
  86. Trying to deleverage China without blowing up the system
  87. End of physical currency a 'reality', says Visa
  88. Incredible Photos Of Volcanic Eruption With Lighting Storms Off Chile's Cordón Caulle In Chile
  89. California Experiences The Worst Drought Since Records Began 100yrs Ago
  90. Sea Ice Cracks Causing Toxic Mercury Buildup In Arctic Air
  91. China Starts Televising The Sunrise On Giant TV Screens Because Beijing Is So Clouded In Smog
  92. 98 Percent Of Pacific Ocean Floor Covered In Dead Creatures
  93. 'Fatal spiral' of fiscal crises threatens global economy in 2014
  94. Fish Freeze
  95. Biometric payment systems use hand and face, pulse wallet
  96. Family of 4 lives off the grid on less than $10,000 per year!
  97. Impressive holographic display
  98. Strong earthquake strikes north of Puerto Rico
  99. Over 75 Percent Of Carnivores Facing Extinction - Animals Include Bears, Dingoes, Wolves And Lions
  100. Reportedly Loud And Mysterious Booms Rattle Central Virginia Homes And Other States As Well
  101. One dead, widespread destruction in Tonga
  102. Strong And Rare Magnitude 5.1 Earthquake Strikes North Of Cuba, Florida Keys To Orlando
  103. "They Keep Growing" - Lake Michigan Waves Birth Giant Ice Balls
  104. Historical Flooding Hits Florida - Nearly TWO FEET Of Rain In JUST 24 HOURS Hits Palm Beach County
  105. Hand of God' Spotted by NASA Space Telescope (Photo)
  106. Freak Tsunami-Like Waves Seen On Oceans Across The Globe - Surfers Witness Waves Up To 90 Feet High
  107. 100,000 Bats Fall Dead From The Sky During A Heatwave In Australia
  108. some type of cyber storm?
  109. Snowy owl invasion of US extends to Florida
  110. Hubbles greatest hits
  111. Snowpocalypse 2014: Deadly winter storm Hercules threatens 100million people
  112. US dollar to dominate as spectre of 1914 returns
  113. 1/01/14 M6.6 - 37km W of Sola, Vanuatu
  115. Something Strange
  116. Peak District sinkhole appears in Foolow, Derbyshire
  117. Amazon testing drones for deliveries
  118. Thousands in El Salvador flee erupting Chaparrastique volcano
  119. Powerful cyclone bears down on western Australia
  120. Brain-like computers are learning from experience
  121. Disruptions: Coming in 2014: Extremely Smart Watches and Wearable TVs
  122. The starfish are dying, and no one knows why
  123. Mystery illness killing bald eagles in Western U.S.
  124. Video footage of thousands of fish jumping ashore in Lahad Datu, Sabah, Malaysia
  125. Cyprus Earthquake Felt In Northern Israel
  126. Carnivorous fish attack bathers in Argentina: "This is not normal... this is an exceptional event"
  127. 30 killed as worst floods in 90 years hit Brazil
  128. Mystery Dust Blankets Southeast Texas
  129. Computerizing people may be next step in tech
  130. 2 dead as unusual weather mix sweeps nation, threatens holiday travelers
  131. Top Ten Corporations Own 50% Of The World's Seed
  132. From Snow to Tornadoes: Christmas Travel in Jeopardy for Millions
  133. New island off Japan keeps growing and growing
  134. China credit crisis fears as central bank injects funds
  135. We are heading ‘toward the next crash’: Former UK PM Gordon Brown
  136. Signs Of Change The Past Week Or So December 2013 Pt 1
  137. Yellowstone magma much bigger than thought, study says
  138. Antarctica's Soggy Bottom: New Lakes & Streams Found
  139. 3D Food Processor
  140. Sun's Current Solar Activity Cycle Is Weakest in a Century
  141. Snow Covers Egypt for First Time in 100 Years
  142. Universe Really Is a Hologram According to New Simulations
  143. At least 3 killed, more than 2,000 displaced in Brazil floods
  145. Another cyclone brewing in Bay of Bengal
  146. Hurricane-force winds hit Britain and close in on Europe
  147. One of the Worst Ice Storms in Years Continues From Texas to Kentucky
  148. Gruesome mystery as river in Slovakian town turns red with blood
  149. Signs Of Change The Past Week Or So End Of Nov 2013
  150. Volcanic rock rains down on Sicily
  151. Natural wonders increase our tendency to believe in God and the supernatural
  152. A meteorological twist on Dave's Top 10. Interesting!
  153. Sinkholes Around The World
  154. Spy Drone Can See What You are Wearing From 17,500 Feet
  155. Glowing Lake In Puerto Rico Mysteriously Goes Dark, Scientists Don't Know Why
  156. Volcanic eruption in Japan gives birth to new island
  157. Fire In The Sky
  158. Very Unusual Tennis Ball-Size Hail Batters Eastern Australia
  159. Signs Of Change The Past Week Or So Oct/Nov 2013
  160. Events And Sightings Happening With The Sun, Moon, Planets, Fireballs, Meteors, Comets And Asteroids
  161. Ice Age-era cavern discovered in Indiana
  162. Cumbre Vieja?
  163. Counting Earth's Age in Lightning Strikes
  164. Rare flooding in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  165. Quantum physics proves afterlife, scientist claims
  166. Comets November 2013
  167. Mount Sinabung in Indonesia erupting
  168. Rarely Seen 'Asian Unicorn' Caught on Camera
  169. Signs in the Sun - no sun spots at all!
  170. "Anisotropic Rocks" Proof of Gods existence Bible inspiration
  171. Nicaragua’s Momotombo volcano awakening?
  172. Super Typhoon Haiyan, one of strongest storms ever, heads for central Philippines
  173. Signs Of Change The Past Week Or So October 2013 Part 1
  174. Angry sun spits two million-mph tongues of fire
  175. 7.3 magnitude earthquake hits Japan
  176. Yet Another Earthquake...In Israel
  177. Rapture insurance- This is crazy no???
  178. Blow to multiple human species idea
  179. Dr Kevin Hovind aka Dr Dino
  180. 7.2 central Philippines
  181. South Dakota 'catastrophic' storm leaves up to 100,000 cattle dead
  182. Powerful Cyclone threatens India
  183. Tropical Storm Karen Forms In the Gulf
  184. Big Bang Theory
  185. EMP, comet, or power grid shut down
  186. New major 7.2 major earthquake rocks southwest Pakistan
  187. What is Happening at the Dead Sea?
  188. strong 7.8 earthquake kills 30 Pakistan
  189. What's up with the moon????
  190. Signs of Change
  191. Dinosaur Feathers Discovered in Canadian Amber
  192. Secular Doomsday Ideas
  193. Terrible Storms in Maine
  194. After 36 years, Voyager 1 goes interstellar
  195. Light Earthquake Felt Near Jerusalem
  196. Spectacular Fireball Outshines Moon Over American Southeast - VIDEO
  197. The 5.8-magnitude quake hits China
  198. A magnitude 7.0 earthquake rocked Alaska's Aleutian Islands
  199. cosmic caterpillar' that's six TRILLION miles long
  200. Will All Pacific Ocean life die in the next 10 years?
  201. Pestilences (Matthew 24:7)
  202. Life started on Mars???
  203. Miniature "brain" created in a lab
  204. 5.1-magnitude earthquake in China topples 36 houses
  205. Very Strong 6.2 earthquake strikes Kermadec Islands Region
  206. Testing the mark?
  207. East Coast Seeing 274 dolphins dead this summer
  208. Famine Threatens the Very Survival of Human Civilization as the Tribulation Nears
  209. Bottomless Pit? Louisiana Sinkhole Swallows Up Trees
  210. Oceans Dead Zones Expanding as We Near Tribulation
  211. Stomach bug spreading in US
  212. Very Strong earthquake 6.1 Southwest Indian Ridge
  213. Blood-powered tattoo phones are creepy
  214. Technology Foretold
  215. Pre-Crime And Mind Control Technologies Are Already Here
  216. 5.3 magnitude Mexico earthquake
  217. More Quakes :A strong 6.5 earthquake Colombia coast
  218. Collapsing Earth
  219. Magnitude 5.7 earthquake strikes Tibet: USGS
  220. 6.5 Magnitude Earthquake Struck Maluku Islands in Indonesia
  221. Magnitude 6.3 quake strikes Peru
  222. Why Are Millions Of Fish Suddenly Dying In Mass Death Events All Over The Planet?
  223. Flood relief nowhere in sight for Midwest, Southeast
  224. A strong 6.0 quake shakes northeastern Japan
  225. A Young Earth—It’s Not the Issue!
  226. Did Meteors Trigger Noah’s Flood?
  227. Video Captures Inside the Italian Twister
  228. Muslim Writes Book on Jesus
  229. Tornado in Northern Italy
  230. Giant Hole in our Sun's Heliosphere
  231. Earthquakes
  232. Cassini Images Bizarre Hexagon on Saturn
  233. Mysterious hum driving people crazy around the world
  234. CIA wants to control the weather, climate change
  235. NASA working on Star Trek Warp Drive to travel faster than light.
  236. Noahs Ark
  237. Google's future: To implant chip in brain
  238. "Earthing" - I sense a disturbance in the Farce...
  239. Floods and Droughts in 2013 scattered around our world
  240. The Discovery Channel...Mermaids? Really??
  241. What Will the World Be Like 150 Years from Now?
  242. Dangerous heatwave enters fourth day as temperatures in Death Valley could hit 130
  243. Mouse cloned from drop of blood
  244. Medicine That Monitors You
  245. Fierce Asian tiger mosquito begins biting in New Jersey (and attacks at any time of day)
  246. Human organs 'could be grown in animals within a year'
  247. Mysterious new MERS virus spreads easily, deadlier than SARS
  248. Immortality within 90 years claims Google Expert
  249. Meet 'Schmeat': Lab-grown meat hits the grill this month
  250. Monsanto Executive Is Among World Food Prize Winners