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  1. NAR and Mormonism Apologist David Barton: Unitarians were once a Evangelical Christian denom.
  2. seeker pastor Perry Noble: You’re A Firework At NewSpring Church
  3. NAR peddler and False Prophet Rick Joyner: Founders Were Dominionists
  4. Worldview Weekend radio show on NAR peddler Governor Rick Perry and his support for...
  5. C3 Global Goes to Haiti with Mrs. Young, Furtick, and...MacDonald?
  6. Ken Silva and others Advice Concerning James MacDonald And Perry Noble
  7. CCC of Omaha (a willow creek association church) 's prophecy series (and support of false teachers)
  9. The prosperity gospel – 'pagan teaching with a Christian face,' professor says
  10. Florida Pastor arrested for stealing 440 thousand dollar home
  11. FFTF Radio show: Your Pastor Might Be A Wolf If...
  12. FFTF radio show: Angry Sexy People? (Sermon Review "Sexy Angry People: We Are Wild" by Matt Sweetman
  13. Tomorrow is Sunday - How many worship services will look like this? (parody)
  14. RR radio apostasy alert radio show for 9-23-2011: Gary Busey and Ted Haggard and...
  15. Dr. Karen Rhode of First Unitarian Church of Omaha on repentance (and my comment)
  16. No Hell Rob Bell leaves His church
  17. Former TU Linebacker Dies After Unsanctioned Boxing Event At Tulsa Church (aka GUTS CHURCH
  18. Brannon Howse radio show on Joel Osteen and a topic on John Piper now endorsing....
  19. ODM version of cops tv show theme song aka Inner Circle song (song parody of mine)
  20. "pastor" Ted Haggard to go on celebrity wife swap for a week (and Gary Busey is also mentioned)....
  21. NAR Pam Olsen, co-chair of Rick Perry's Florida Presidency 5 leadership team, preaches 7 Mountains
  22. (semi-satire) This Much Truth In The Word of Faith aka Greed Gospel Message
  23. Discernment Fact: Wolves travel in packs. When a pastor invites a heretic to "preach" to his flock.
  24. SBC considers changing its name
  25. United Methodist Future in Jeopardy, Say 400 Clergy
  26. One Nation Under God Event featuring WOF and NAR enabler David Barton and....
  27. Head-banging Worship AKA Skull Church
  28. Perry Stone
  29. A day with James MacDonald of Harvest Bible Chapel and the acts 29 network
  30. Paula White: Dead Bodies and Tithes
  31. seeker pastor Perry Noble caught lying? (warning: some mild language
  32. Thomas Ice: the Modern Day church is drowning in apostasy and false teachings
  33. Acts 29 network loved Pastor Tim Keller Recommends A Book By A Female "Pastor?"
  34. SermonIndex.net Simulcast 2011 - Has The Church Lost The Fear Of The Lord?
  35. David Barton on WOF peddler ken Copeland 's tv show: Evil spirits make Congress "think really goofy"
  36. Liberal United Methodist Church denom. Future in Jeopardy, Say 400 Clergy
  37. Want to give your “hip and cool” seeker-sensitive life coach nightmares?
  38. Five Uninvited Guests (aka excuses by anti-discernment folks online
  39. Elevation ‘Video’ Church – A Visit to the Early Service at Matthews, NC
  40. Pat Robertson says Alzheimer's makes divorce OK
  41. Elevation Blakeney Opening Night- Pastor StevenFurtick Shredding it "I love rock and roll"
  42. Moody Network station drops David Barton's Wallbuiders Live Over Defense of Glenn Beck
  43. PastorMark.tv: A One-Stop Driscoll Shop
  44. Seeker Driven Prophet-Pastor Mentor Bil Cornelius Welcomes Rev Run To Church
  45. The Emergent Church and Old Liberalism (sermon by Pastor Pat Abendroth of Omaha Nebraska
  46. False Prophet & NAR Apostlette Cindy Jacobs : Texas Healed From Curse Of Native American Cannibalism
  47. Wretched: Charismatics Criticizing Charismatics like Crowder and Joyner and...
  48. Wretched radio : Satan the Worship Leader (aka from Tommy Sparger 's "church"
  49. FFTF radio: Double Crossed by the Crossing Church aka Erik Dykstra 's church
  50. Christian Book Distributors now selling the Koran.
  51. False Prophet Rick Joyner claims "Very Soon, God's Judgment Is Going To Come Upon Hollywood"
  52. Ex-Followers Rally against Controversial Elk River Church (aka Erik Dykstra 's church
  53. Muslim Receives Communion At Mars Hill Bible Church Of Rob Bell
  54. Church Disruptions: Should Children Be Allowed Into Main Hall? (Perry Noble and Furtick and...
  55. Christian 'Glee' tv show Star: Acceptance of Homosexuality Not a Contradiction to Faith
  56. FFTF radio: Who Does the Church Exist For? A Challenge to the Heretical Ecclesiology of the Seeker-D
  57. Is seeker pastor and James MacDonald friend Steven Furtick "Tweeting" Threats?
  58. Brannon Howse asks: Has Tim Keller become the Joel Osteen of reformed theology?
  59. Seeker Pastors abusing their congregations (aka Beeson and Furtick and Noble and...
  60. Wretched: Kids! Stay out of Perry Noble 's church
  61. SBC (aka Perry Noble and Rick Warren and Ed Young Jr. denom.) wants to work with Interfaith groups?
  62. Crossing Church Of Eric Dyktstra Draws Controversy
  63. New Faiths - New World
  64. Will The Oak Initiative help save America or give credibility to false teachers and ecumenicalism?
  65. Wizard of Oz-Themed "Sermon" Series to Be Preached at Florida seeker driven Megachurch
  66. Wretched: Drama or Tragedy? (seeker church meets Star Wars
  67. willow creek association church called Granger 'church' wants to remove "saved" and "born again"
  68. seeker pastor Steven Furtick’s “Code Orange Revival” Set to Erupt in January
  69. Emergent Tim Keller on Whether or Not Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus and Jews are Saved After Death
  70. Ken Silva article: Elephant Room returns with James MacDonald (aka Steven Furtick 's good friend
  71. The Seven Wonders That Will Change Your Life" book Not So Wonderful
  72. Liberty Council 's Matt Barber compares critics of Domionism to 9/11-truthers & Holocaust Deniers
  73. Wretched: Hokey is right! (Hokey Pokey dance as "worship"
  74. Pat Robertson: Only Mayors And Governors Should Be President
  75. Steven Furtick Bringin’ On Word Faith And The Pastrixes
  76. T.D. Jakes is the Spiritual Father Of Paula White?
  77. Beth Moore Praises Catholic Mystic Brother Lawrence And Obscures The Reformation
  78. Indiana Pastor: 'Saved' Should Be Removed From Church Vocabulary?
  79. Important Creeds of Christendom
  80. Jan Markell radio shows in Sept. 2011 and October 2011 with Eric Barger and Jack Kinsella and..
  81. Conference seeks to nurture children, 'new kind of Christianity' with help of Emergent Brian McLaren
  82. FFTF radio for 9-1-2011: "Pastor" Vince Antonucci's Comedy Show Canceled by Las Vegas Casino for...
  83. Joel Rosenberg has seen the light! (on Governor Perry and...
  84. Acts 29 Network Leader Matt Chandler and Seeker pastor Steven Furtick and Curious Decisions
  85. RR radio show aka Apostasy Alert radio with Jackie Alnor for 9-2-2011
  86. Brannon Howse 9-1-2011 radio show on False Prophet Mike Bickle and the IHOP movement
  87. James MacDonald friend and seeker pastor Steven Furtick And his friend “Prophet” Brian Carn
  88. Ken Silva With A Word From God For NAR False Prophet Chuck Pierce
  89. Are You Born Again?
  90. Attempts at the Impossible
  91. Worst Church Worldliness (aka EastLake Church
  92. Brannon Howse radio show on John Piper and acts 29 network leader Mark Driscoll
  93. Mark Beeson of seeker driven Granger Church of Indiana acts like a Cry baby
  94. Worldview Weekend Radio with Brannon Howse (guest Jack Kinsella on Glenn Beck's rally in Israel
  95. TBN preacher and WOF peddler Juanita Bynum Raises Brows With 'Tongues' Prayer on Facebook
  96. Blasphemous work of Satan
  97. what Parables Bookstores Sept. 2011 ad (page 8) calls Christian Living (page with 6 false teachers
  98. Rick Warren equates Critics and Discerning Christians with Satan
  99. Has John Piper Lost His Doctrinal Mind?
  100. Shark Weak??? (courtesy of seeker "pastor" Ed Young Jr.
  101. Contemplative Spirituality/Mysticism Invades Evangelicalism With Rick Warren And Kay Warren Leading
  102. Sid Roth radio show guest Katie Souza: Demonic Kings Hinder Your Healing
  103. Brannon Howse radio show for 8-29-2011: Glenn Beck and Pat Robertson and...
  104. Hey, Ann Coulter and Pat Robertson and others: If Dominionism Is A Liberal Conspiracy, Why Then...
  105. Best commentary on Seeker and Emrgent and NAR cult like churches
  106. Brannon Howse on Ears to Hear radio (subject: the Religious Trojan Horse in many churches nowadays)
  107. United Methodist Gay Rights Supporters Gather in Ohio
  108. John MacArthur On Reversal Of Reformed Revival (and Tim Keller and Mark Driscoll and John Piper and.
  109. Joel Osteen and his seeker driven Church Sued by New York Band for $3M
  110. FFTF radio show on False Prophets Chuck Pierce Cindy Jacobs and Manasseh Jordan (and Rick Warren
  111. Church replacing Israel? (One Messianic Jewish leader says many churches have done that)
  112. Jan Markell radio show with Jill Martin Rische (topic: Dr. Oz and Oprah and mysticism in the church
  113. seeker driven pastors enabler James MacDonald and Criticism
  114. NAR peddler C. Peter Wagner endorses False Prophet Todd Bentley
  115. Ken Silva article on Steven Furtick and T.D. Jakes
  116. Ken Silva article: False Prophet Pat Robertson plays the fool again
  117. RR radio Apostasy Alert for 8-26-2011: Christians with a Interfaith peddling Obsession
  118. Pastor Tim Keller and Richard Foster: When Christians Promote Mysticism
  119. A "Christian" School in Jackson, TN is featuring Mormon Glenn Beck on October 29.
  120. why are certain omaha churches still involved with InCommon (who is promoting Interfaith event
  121. Jan Markell article: Neo-Marxism in the Church?
  122. Jesus, Bombs & Ice Cream
  123. FFTF radio show: Seeker pastor Steven Furtick Curses Sofa Express
  124. what is a DOmergent?
  125. Brannon Howse radio show on Glenn Beck and Ann Coulter and David Barton
  126. Daniel Plan: Rick Warren’s church explains choosing “to use these doctors, who have been linked to o
  127. Battling a false teacher is not an easy task (and Titus 1:7-16
  128. Meet The Dean Of Greed Gospel University aka Michael Chitwood
  129. C. Peter Wagner spins the NAR cult
  130. Christian leaders: It's about time you test false teachers
  131. RR radio show for 8-23-2011 with special guest Caryl Matrisciana
  132. Brannon Howse and Justin Peters 8-22-2011 radio show on the Greed Gospel aka word of faith move
  133. Acts 29 Network leader Darrin Patrick creats his own theology?
  134. Mormon Glenn Beck tv special tonight on TBN (a alleged christian tv network)
  135. Word of faith peddler Paula White's Without Walls Sues Former Pastor for 'Stealing' Members
  136. Omaha UMC pastor Jane Florence on Matthew 16:13-19
  137. Apostasy Alert radio show with Jackie Alnor for 8-19-2011
  138. Jim Fletcher's An Open Letter to Brian McLaren (about McLaren's Israel bashing)
  139. Seeker pastor Steven Furtick's Elevation Church on Evangelism
  140. Worldview Radio show (show on Governor Rick Perry 's prayer friend Mike Bickle and Yoga and...
  141. Emergent Leonard Sweet Set For Adrian Rogers Preaching Symposium
  142. FFTF radio's twitter message to seeker pastors
  143. FFTF radio: 1989 Interview with Peter Drucker (aka Rick Warren and Bill Hybels hero
  144. Florida Pastor will not face charges of video voyeurism
  145. Rick Perry and The New Apostolic Reformation
  146. Ken Silva article: Would You Like To Hear The Voice Of Satan? (emergents and UCC folks and...
  147. Rick Warren Evicts Jesus from Isaiah 49
  148. Worldview Weekend Radio with Brannon Howse (Pro Family group enables/endorses NAR cult
  149. Seeker Driven Pastor Steven Furtick Show” At Harvest Bible Chapel aka church Of James MacDonald
  150. Spiritual Abuse of the Young (NAR and hyper charismatic madness)
  151. John Newton, Fanny Crosby, and….. Queen in church? YES thanks to churches like Andy Stanley 's
  152. Jack Van Impe on SWRC radio show (topic: GIVING HEED TO SEDUCING SPIRITS
  153. Homosexuality in the Evangelical Covenant denom. seems to be moving right along...
  154. Openly Gay Southern Baptist Clergy?
  155. Todd Friel on the NAR John Crowder wannabees and the Drunk Communion
  156. The Purpose Driven Plan To Destroy The Church
  157. Brannon Howse radio show (with guest Justin peters) on Don Piper and Todd Burpo and Bill Wiese
  158. Drunk Ushers During Offering (more NAR and Charismatic madness)
  159. One World Religion Takes Hold in America
  160. Disturbing revelations about former Prestonwood minister (Prestonwood is Jack graham's church)
  161. FFTF radio: Gay Bishop Gene Robinson Warns of Spiritual Arrogance Towards Homosexuals
  162. Worldview Weekend Radio with Brannon Howse radio show for 8-10-2011
  163. Emergent Church Leader Tony Jones Argues For Open Marriage And Polyamory
  164. The Hypocrisy of John Piper On Rick Warren
  165. Mike ratliff: How can we discern false teachers? (article on Mark Driscoll and...
  166. Crosstalk radio show: How Do You Do Church (show on seeker church movement
  167. Acts 29 network leader Mark Driscoll Has Personal Revelations From Jesus??
  168. Get Blasted with a Glory Bomb! (more NAR madness)
  169. one hit wonder Meja song best describes the prosperity gospel movement and creflo dollar
  170. Study: Born-Again Christians Getting Complacent (and my special side comment)
  171. Charles Spurgeon Addressing the Rick Warrens, Joel Osteens, Mark Driscolls and Bill Hybels Of Today
  172. What Has Wayne Grudem To Do With False Prophet Todd Bentley?
  173. RR Radio Apostasy Alert radio show with Jackie Alnor for August 5 2011
  174. Willow Creek association church Willow Creek (HYbels church) caving to pressure from gay activists
  175. Eric Barger on Jan Markell radio show on Saturday August 6 2011
  176. The Church Revival Heist?
  177. Seeker Driven Christian Miley Cyrus and Gay Marriage (and emergents and seeker driven christians
  178. Bishop Harry Jackson on TBN discusses 7 Mountains Dominionism, says prophets are coming to Congress
  179. Brannon Howse and Tommy Ice talk about the dangerous WOF movement and Gov. Perry NAR prayer event.
  180. Owner says it's a "church" ; Dallas police say it's a rave club
  181. Seeker Driven Pastor Erik Dykstra: True or False Prophet?
  182. Seeker Pastor Eric Dykstra: Submit or God Will Jack You Up!
  183. Willow Creek Association & other Seeker Churches Failing Youth With 'Cool' Ministers, Entertainment
  184. Brannon Howse radio show with independent Pentecostal pastor Bill Randles.
  185. The Shack Bible Project (aka the Emergents and Universalists in the churches "bible"
  186. Jackie Alnor: DO YOU REALLY WANT TO JOIN THE RALLY? (aka False Prophets & the sellouts who help them
  187. Wide Is The Gate - The Emerging New Christianity DVD
  188. Divorce and Remarriage, Political Dominion and NAR cult Style
  189. Texas governor's Aug 6th prayer event leadership team includes cult members?
  190. Ken Silva: Emergent Tony Jones worships a demon? (Tony says GOD is a woman)
  191. something I and rick warren agree on 100 percent (on people who call themselves "Apostle" ???
  192. FFTF radio show: Insider's Look at Seeker-Driven Churches Abuse
  193. Who will be in the apostasy
  194. Jan Markell Saturday July 30 2011 radio show with Brannon Howse and Justin Peters on...
  195. Why did Tim Challies trash the christian documentary film the Divided?
  196. The Spiritual Arrogance Of Gay “Bishop” Gene Robinson
  197. Essence of the Emergent Church movement (semi-satire)
  198. Wretched: Annihilating Greg Boyd’s Heretical Mythology
  199. RR apostasy alert radio show for 7-29-2011 on Mike Bickle and Rick Joyner and other False Prophets
  200. Worldview Weekend radio show for 7-29-2011 on Governor Perry and Mike Bickle and False Prophets
  201. Mike Bickle of IHOP wants book about Catholic mystics to be "manual for IHOP-KC"
  202. bad christian cliches that christians use (such as christ-follower and smokin’ hot and relevant and.
  203. Pastor Zamekio Jackson Said What?
  204. Rick Warren and Chrislam
  205. Brian McLaren Finally Comes Out of the Closet as a New Ager
  206. Wallis, Pastors, and Soros Funding: The Agenda to Yoke the Nation's Pulpits
  207. The Real Talladega Nights Prayer (not a joke sadly)
  208. Lifeway Encouraging Southern Baptists To Practice Lectio Divina???
  209. Brannon Howse on Crosstalk radio show talking about Governor Perry's false Prophet prayer gathering
  210. Houston Pastor Says "Response Organizers Exceptionally Foolish in Designating This A Christian Event
  211. When Godly People Teach Ungodly Theology: The Subtle Error Of Beth Moore
  212. Does the Word “Evangelical” Mean Anything Anymore?
  213. Brannon Howse: Why I Believe Christians Should Not Participate in Governor Perry's "The Response"
  215. arent seeker and emergent churches being hypocritical (billiefan2000 special comment)
  216. Prosperity Gospel Critic Justin Peters on Brannon Howse radio show
  217. SWRC radio 7-29-2011 show on stat of today's churches in america
  218. Gov. Perry of Texas partnering with heretical so-called "Christians" 4 Pro-Life causes. (NAR cult
  219. Pro-Family and Christian Leaders Unite With "Prophet" Cindy Jacobs. They Should Repent For This ...
  220. David J. Horn: At any rate, cost what it may, to separate ourselves from seeker and emergent churche
  221. Jackie Alnor apostasy alert radio show on IHOP and Mike Bickle and Rick Joyner
  222. Acts 29 Network group The Resurgence promotes Emergent Tony Campolo
  223. (satire and I hope becomes true) John Piper threatens Rick Warren with Farewell Rick Warren tweet?
  224. Hopecast: Toxic Churches & Ministries—The Victims Matter (emergents & Willow Creek association & ..
  225. College Group “Campus Crusade For Christ” Changes Name
  226. Wretched: Wolf! Wolf! AKA wof peddler and "healer" Peter Popoff
  227. Oral Roberts’ Grandson Coming Out As A Homosexual
  228. Interfaith worship provides education & ... (Liberal Churches and Universalism and John 14:6 bashing
  229. FFTF radio for 7-13-2011: New "Translation" Gives Jesus a "Human Touch"
  230. Rick Warren apologist John Piper asks Is It Ever Appropriate to Call Out Prosperity Gospel Teache
  231. Disheartened and confused and I don't know my head from a melon
  232. Alabama Baptist Convention (SBC) Encourages You To Learn Lectio Divina From Emergent Tony Jones
  233. Apostasy Alert radio show with Jackie Alnor for 7-15-2011: Harold Camping and Greg Laurie and....
  234. Response supporter (Gov. Perry event) Dr. Ed Young Promoting Contemplative Mysticism
  235. Conservative Presbyterian group condemns PCUSA pastors and Heartland Clergy for Inclusion for...
  236. More Communion Blasphemy (courtesy of False Prophet among other things John Crowder
  237. FFTF radio for 7-7-2011: A Seeker Pastor Explains Movie Sermons
  238. Worldview Weekend News: Governor of Texas Rick Perry Bases Call for National Prayer on Joel’s Army
  239. New Bible "Translation" Changes Jesus From ‘Son Of Man’ To ‘The Human One’
  240. John 14:6 denier and Emerging Church Progressive Theologian Tony Jones And Multifarious “Marriage”
  241. “Good” Experiences Aren’t Necessarily From God (message to Emergents and NAR movement and...
  242. Flash Eucharist?? (another gem from the United Church of Christ
  243. Monkey See Monkey Do "Christianity" Flash Mob Fail from United Church of Christ
  244. Texas Governor Rick Perry 's endorsers and NAR peddlers
  245. Worldview Weekend Radio with Brannon Howse for 7-12-2011:
  246. Ken Silva: PCUSA Officially No Longer Christian Organization As Ban Against Gay Clergy Lifted
  247. Emerging Church Progressive Theologian Tony Jones Points To Rob Bell
  248. Catholic Church interested in Crystal Cathedral
  249. why is the UCC church called First Central Congregational Church of Omaha obsessed with Bart Ehrman?
  250. Why Heretics Win Battles