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  1. FFTF radio show: Sermon Review: Blacklisted by Chris Sonksen & Feelings Dreams & Spiritual Throughts
  2. FFTF radio show for 6-26-2012: Ed Young Jr. and Kong Hee and Kim Kardashian
  3. Phil Pringle friend Kong Hee arrested for alledegly misuing church funds?
  4. ‎'Harbinger' Author Appearing on Mormon Glenn Beck 's tv show to talk about....
  5. Caryl Matrisciana on the Emergent church and Mysticism
  6. $50 Just Might Change Your Life???
  7. Lady Gaga's Telephone and REALLY Bad Church Karaoke -(from a church in England
  8. False Prophets and NAR peddlers and "Healers" and the Quantum Touch
  9. seeker pastor Rick Warren: I am a Relationship Counselor and a Pastor and...
  10. Stand up for truth radio show on The sinking sand of the Emergent Church movement
  11. At the Movies "Sermon" Series Trailer (from Craig Groeschel 's "Life" Church in Oklahoma
  12. seeker pastor Tommy Sparger upset FFTF radio host aint paying much attention to him...
  13. Rock Revival?? - This latest exhibit in the Museum of Idolatry is the epitome of "Traditions of Men"
  14. Twitter damage control: Saddleback says don’t follow enemies
  15. Pastor Rap - Back To Church Sunday in Sept. 2012
  16. Brannon Howse radio show for June 20 2012 (with guest John MacArthur and....
  17. What is Love? "Sermon" Series (from a seeker driven church)
  18. People Will Not Go To Hell For Buying a Hammer From Home Depot but the False Teachers....
  19. That Dad of Mine (Thanks Ed Young and Fellowship Church Spiritual-ish Self-Help Center for...
  20. Stupid "Pastor" Tricks (Here's Erik Dykstra riding a four wheeler onto the stage on Father's Day
  21. Brannon Howse: The Myth of Binding Satan and Taking World Dominion
  22. WOF peddler Pringle Slandering Christians Who Disagree With Him
  23. FFTF radio: Mark Driscoll Wants a Mountain of Dead Bodies Behind Mars Hill's Bus
  24. Car show or Fathers Day service at Bill Hybels church
  25. Texas seeker church's "sermons" about box office wisdom:
  26. Jan Markell radio show: When Contending Becomes Cantankerous
  27. UP YOURS the "Sermon" Series
  28. *** PROSPERITY ***
  29. surprised that the American seeker-sensitive movement hasn't picked up on this
  30. Worldview Weekend radio show: the SBC and NAR peddlers and Emergents work together on...
  31. FFTF radio for 6-14-2012: Hunger Games movie sermon??
  32. Rick Warren just took a swipe at those who preach Jesus from every passage of scripture.
  33. Rihanna Shares WOF peddler Joyce Meyer's Teachings With Fans, Calls "Christian" Speaker 'Awesome'
  34. Like Mark Driscoll? Read through this.
  35. Church Mixed Martial Arts?
  36. Oliver North and Senator Jim DeMint To Speak with False Prophet and NAR peddler Rick Joyner
  37. Caryl Matrisciana on Jan Markell radio show on June 23 2012
  38. John MacArthur speaks out on New Apostolic Nuttiness and folks like Mike Bickle and Cindy Jacobs
  39. Christian and Country singer Carrie Underwood supports gay "marriage"
  40. Playful Puppies Bible?!?! (thanks Zondervan
  41. 2012′s Top Churches to Watch in America (lot of seeker churches are listed
  42. WOF peddler T. D. Jakes Celebrates 35-Years at Star-Studded Event
  43. RR radio show: Afterglow - Live with Johanna Michaelsen (subject: emergent church movement
  44. WOF peddler Phil Pringle’s Resurrection Rort and WOF peddling
  45. Biker Sunday?? (more seeker driven madness
  46. God at the Movies 2012 (seeker driven madness at seeker churches)
  47. Most Christians hate TBN and Daystar and the other so called "christian" tv networks???
  48. WOF peddler and TBN and Daystar tv host Creflo Dollar Arrested for Battery
  49. Worldview Weekend radio show on James Dobson and Jim Wallis and Lou Engle
  50. ‎'Porn King' Ron Jeremy To Visit Seeker-Driven Church in southern California
  51. Human Cannonball At Pastors Conference
  52. What does it even mean to be “Evangelical,” and where is the Evangelical Church headed?
  53. Gifts Within the Hyper-Charismatic Camp? what Gifts????
  54. from Pennsylvaina: A "New" Christianity?
  55. Summertime In Seeker-Driven Churches is Dumb Time
  56. FFTF radio show: Benzbala Prayer Wheel & Batterson's Prayer Circles and...
  57. Calif. Church Erects Billboard in NC Apologizing for Gay Marriage Ban
  58. Christianity accoriding to John 14:6 denying Northside Christian Church of Omaha Nebraska
  59. Apostasy Alert with Jackie Alnor radio show for June 1: Lee Grady needs to get more serious on....
  60. Worldview Weekend Radio show for 5-30-2012 on NAR peddler Heidi Baker
  61. St. Louis Missouri area church says: You Are A Princess And This is Your Moment
  62. Seeker Driven Megachurch Bible (semi-satire)
  63. Fallen Televangelist Jim Bakker Now Hawking Apocalyptic Survivalist Gear On The Web
  64. I Think Sex Is? (seeker driven madness has invaded Alaska)
  65. Worldview Weekend radio show: False Prophet Mike Bickle 's 1985 comments and (my plea to...
  66. Pro-Gay Marriage Pastor Abandoned by Flock, in Danger of Losing Minn. Church (church is broke)
  67. seeker pastor Ed Young Jr. to do sermon series called Kool-Aid (no, I am NOT joking)
  68. FFTF radio show for 5-29-2012: False Prophet William Tapley and also Erik Dykstra and...
  69. Wretched: Pastoral Wackiness (aka WOF peddler Steve Munsey
  70. Doing the Doug E....During Church (from seeker church in Oshawa Canada
  71. Fire-breathing Pentecost Illustration (more seeker driven madness)
  72. Great "Pastor" Swap: Steven Furtick and Stovall Weems and Mark Driscoll
  73. Seeker Driven "Pastor" Perry Noble Takes 2-Month Leave
  74. something every pastor in Lincoln Nebraska and Omaha Nebraska and across the USA should read
  75. FFTF radio host: Mormons & Jehovah's witnesses are more passionate about preaching their false gospe
  76. Emergent Jim Wallis: we want Christians to become Universalists
  77. More Circus Church (aka more seeker madness from Plymouth Michigan
  78. Another Titanic Departure from Scripture (seeker driven church service on Easter aka April 8 2012
  79. Nacho Libre "Sermon" Video Clips from Wing Clips (a pro seeker driven church website)
  80. The Suicide of American Christianity:”“Drinking the “Cool”-Aid of Secular Humanism”
  81. Wretched: WOF peddler TD Jakes and new-ager Oprah and Anonymous "Christianity"
  82. Wretched tv show video: Preaching to Goats (aka seeker driven church movement madness)
  83. Charles Stanley on The Dangers of False Teaching
  84. Mark Driscoll promoting WOF peddler Brian Houston
  85. Christian radio show asks: Gay Marriage: Where is your church on this?
  86. FFTF bad sermon review: the Captain America movie Sermon from Believers Church in Virginia
  87. FFTF bad Sermon Review: Animal Planet by David Hughes of CBGlades in Florida
  88. Worldview Weekend radio show on the Value Voters Summit (and it's lack of discernment and truth)
  89. Seeker driven (SBC in name only) "Pastor" Ed Young Jr. Plays How to be a Hip Looking Pastor
  90. Rick Warren: Does anyone have the right to hear the gospel repeatedly when millions have never heard
  91. NAR peddlers saying Brownsville Revival like "revival" will happen soon in Omaha Nebraska
  92. Video that shows the Secret and New-age teachings sound like the Word of Faith and NAR movements
  93. Southern Baptist David Jeremiah Praises “vision God” gave to TBN's Paul Crouch
  94. Brannon Howse radio show on Mike Bickle and other NAR peddlers twisting Romans 8:18-23
  95. Perfect words to remember when it comes to speaking out on false teachers
  96. Wretched: Sex is a part of the Gospel? (aka seeker driven madness from...
  97. False Prophet and NAR peddler Patricia King and the Gold-Digger Bride of Christ
  98. anyone heard of a Terry Bennett or a Chris Berglund
  99. False Prophet Dayna Muldoon prophecies over a Calvary Chapel Pastor to her own dismay
  100. RR Radio Host Jackie Alnor on RR radio's Tonight Matters radio show
  101. Tommy Sparger: Jesus dont have problem with False Teachers like Brian McLaren and Rob Bell
  102. "Christian" Liberty University and their views on Mitt Romney and Mormon cult
  103. Lure of Eastern Orthodoxy
  104. FFTF radio host: Tough decision Seeker-Driven leaders have to make during the summer months...
  105. pastor friend of mine at small GARBC said what Omaha 's megachurches wont say
  106. John 14:6 denier Rev. Jane Florence of Omaha : We must act to quit calling things a SIN
  107. Seeker Driven pastor Craig Groeschel on 'Soul Detox,' Taking God's Word Seriously (and my comment)
  108. Jan Markell radio show for 5-12-2012: Why has the church abandoned Israel?
  109. FFTF radio: Resistance is Futile: You Will Be Assimilated Into the Community (show all should hear)
  110. Stand Up for Truth radio for 5-11-2012 with RR radio apostasy alert radio show host Jackie Alnor
  111. FFTF radio Sermon Review: John Bevere @ C3 Oxford Falls "Life You Were Meant to Live"
  112. Bobby Schuller to Preach on Mother's Day as Crystal Cathedral Honors Mother Teresa
  113. RR radio Apostasy Alert radio show: Jackie Alnor takes on NAR peddler William Boykin and other NAR
  114. Rick Warren's saddleback church to use Joyce Meyer teachings in "Bible studies"
  115. The Great Danger In the Christian Churches Today
  116. Tim LaHaye endorses Glenn Beck and Mormon Author?
  117. Wine. Is it or isn't it?
  118. 6-12 year olds to be trained to perform 'signs and wonders' (Mike Bickle and IHOP weirdness
  119. Disjointed and Seperate Apostate Movements in the church? (I dont think so)
  120. Number of Christian Leaders demand Romeny supporting Pastors to say truth on Mormonism
  121. Chrislam for Human Flourishing?
  122. Southern Baptists Assist The Roman Catholic Church To Infiltrate Evangelicalism
  123. Is Your Pastor a Postmodern Thomas Jefferson?
  124. Avengers movie "Sermons"
  125. Preterist RC Sproul attacks ODMers over James MacDonald and T.D. Jakes
  126. RR radio Apostasy Alert for May 5 2012: Oprah & How can one know for sure if they are born-again
  127. Prayer is Biblical but not ALL prayer is Biblical (example: NAR prayer events
  128. Beware of Pastors and Churches Who Threaten You With Death For Daring to Oppose Them or Their Minist
  129. False Prophet Pat Robertson: God Built CBN (meanwhile Pat enables False Prophets
  130. Richard Foster 's Celebration of Deception
  131. FFTF radio show: Is the Megachurch the New Liberalism? (aka willow creek association member churches
  132. WOF peddler Richard Roberts has been spared jail time but given an 18-month probation after..
  133. Brannon Howse radio show: Tri-Faith Initiative agenda in liberal Omaha Nebraska
  134. Contemplative Prayer Peddler Pete Scazerro at Leadership Conference 2012
  135. Matt Chandler promoting Contemplative Prayer?
  136. Emergent & Universalist Shane Hipps to speak at Willow Creek Association church (aka Hybels church)
  137. Elephant Room 3 Photo?? (semi-satire or not?)
  138. Worldview Weekend Radio for April 30, 2012: Oprah declares herself to be a Christian but she also g
  139. This is Christian Preaching??? (courtesy of WOF peddler Steve Munsey
  140. First Plymouth Church of Lincoln Nebraska 's Pastor's recent sermon denies John 14:6
  141. Tommy Spager of Springfield Missouri 's Northpointe "Church" Circus "sermons"
  142. NAR peddlers and False Prophets at America For Jesus rally in September 2012
  143. WOF peddler and "Pastor" Creflo Dollar Sells Manhattan Condo
  144. Schism emerges between California based and NAR peddling Bethel Church and local pastors' group
  145. NAR peddler Harry Jackson: God is Using Whitney Houston's Death to do 'Damage to the Kingdoms of Dar
  146. Brannon Howse & Carl Teichrib on How Social Justice & Interfaithism is Building a One World Religion
  147. seeker driven pastor Joel Osteen says he sees Mormon Cult as Brothers in Christ
  148. False Prophet Cindy Jacobs claims: "dawn warriors" will rise up and claim the university for Jesus
  149. Why Did Hank Hanegraaff of Take Part in a Pro-Occupy Wall street, Anti-Israel Conference
  150. Worldview Weekend Radio Show: How Christians and NAR peddlers are pushing Mormonism
  151. Jackie Alnor 's Apostasy Alert radio show for 4-20-2012 on Chuck Colson's Universalist-esque Legacy
  152. Cardinal Pell says Adam and Eve didn't exist
  153. NAR peddlers and False Prophets at The Freedom Federation 's 2012 Conference
  154. Stand up for the Truth radio: Collectivism in the Church: How did we get here? and Peter Drucker
  155. Worldview Weekend radio show with guest Dr. Randy White (topic: James Robison & other Universalists
  156. Why Are Some in the Prophetic Movement Still Naming Angels? (question for Todd Bentley & other NAR
  157. why Richard Land of the SBC needs to resign and why the SBC needs to do some house cleaning
  158. A Den of Robbers aka WOF peddler Eddie Long 's church aka New Birth church
  159. Is Oprah Trying To Get Christian Megachurch Pastors To Agree With Her ‘Many Ways To Jesus’ Ideology?
  160. C3 Church leader Phil Pringle shows us How to Manipulate a Bloke Into "Revival"
  161. FFTF radio shows for week of 4-16-2012 to 4-20-2012 aka review of the Worst Easter Sermons of 2012
  162. FFTF radio show: NAR peddler Kong Hee's Fleecing of the Masses
  163. Christianity the Only Means of Eternal Life? Some Leftist and Emergent Pastors Disagree
  164. Bill Keller of Live prayer: Oprah is "depressed," and not happy. and TD Jakes isnt helping her
  165. Why is an Official LCMS Publication Promoting Lectio Divina
  166. Maryland Church to Host 'Blessing of the Motorcycles'
  167. Indoctrination......It's Not Just For Communists. Emergents Like It, Too, for Their "New Kind of Chr
  168. seeker driven SBC pastor Perry Noble 's take on Adam and Eve and...
  169. FFTF radio show: Easter in 2012 at a Mosque? and more weirdness by some churches on Easter
  170. NAR peddler Pastor Jim Garlow's Church To Feature Mormon and Universalist Glenn Beck on April 22nd
  171. Worldview Weekend Radio show on False Prophet Rick Joyner (and where is the AFA and James Robison on
  172. RR radio Apostasy Alert for 4-6-2012 : Canadian Christians and Discernment
  173. Wretched Radio 's Response to "Monumental" movie (aka the NAR agenda movie
  174. Brannon Howse radio show on pre 1948 NAR movement and their agenda
  175. Evangelical Church Must Repent First to Stop Abortion, Says Florida Minister
  176. Liberty University trustees unanimous--Mark Driscoll is not welcome at Liberty University
  177. seeker driven church easter service: Batman: The Dark Knight – An Easter Story??
  178. North Carolina "Church Giving Away iPad, Prizes in Stadium-Wide Easter Egg Hunt
  179. SBC church FBC Jacksonville settles defamation lawsuit against Odmer/former member
  180. seeker driven TN pastor David Foster passes away at 58
  181. Brannon Howse radio: How the Emergent Church & New Apostolic Reformation are being peddled by many..
  182. Bill Keller: The Sad Commentary on So Many Pastors and Christian Leaders Right from God's word
  183. WOF peddler & TBN & Daystar tv host Dr. Fred Price Ask Members To Fund His Credit Union Through....
  184. FFTf radio show: Kim Kardashian's Designer Spirituality, is it Biblical Christianity?
  185. FFTF radio show: Plan B - Death of Plan A sermon by Brandon Thomas of Keystone Church of Keller Tx
  186. Breakaway Calif. Megachurch Wins in legal battle against liberal PCUSA
  187. Christian-Jewish Abyss
  188. Prosperity Gospel agenda being peddled at Whitney Houston 's Funeral
  189. FFTF radio show: False Prophet Manasseh Jordan Wants to Pray for You
  190. Apostasy Alert with Jackie Alnor for 3-23-2012: Is the Body of Christ prepared for economic collapse
  191. Calif. Pastor Who Believes in 'One God, Many Paths' to Hold Easter Services at Mosque
  192. WOF peddler Joyce Meyer Debuts Children's Book 'Every Which Way to Pray'
  193. The Prophecy Driven Life with Benny Hinn and Rick Warren (satire)
  194. Spiritual Formation Question
  195. James Robison will not Allow the Sinful & Immoral to Force their "Rotten Lifestyle" on America, but.
  196. Religious leaders unite to bless sustainability
  197. Evil Men and Imposters Grow Worse and Deceive
  198. Dr. Michael Youssef article: How the apostates take over (Part 1 and 2)
  199. FFTF radio show: False Prophets and NAR peddlers Patricia King & James Goll on God Encounters
  200. Marcia Montenegro Discusses "New Thought" (and who peddles in it in the christian community)
  201. Okla. Church Planning to Split From far-left Presbyterian Church USA
  202. Worldview Weekend Radio show on Kony 2012 and the emergent connections to it
  203. NAR Critic Slams James Dobson and 'Pro-Family Leaders' for 'Giving Credibility to False Teachers
  204. Misusing Scripture to Scare Christians: Gaines Suggests Non-Tithers Could Be Killed by God Just as A
  205. Brannon Howse radio show for 3-14-2012 on James Dobson and NAR peddler and False Prophet Lou Engle
  206. NAR peddler and False Prophet Patricia King to bring “Glory School” to Northeast Wisconsin
  207. Father, Daughter Pastors Create 'Hunger Games' Bible Study (wish I was joking on this)
  208. On Controversy
  209. Why is a Saddleback pastor teaching on the Kingdom Circles? (aka Rick Warren 's church
  210. "Beware of Christians" filmmaker meets "The Price is Right"
  211. Televangelist Robert Schuller leaves church board
  212. The Social Gospel, Yesterday and Today
  213. Rick Warren, Islam and the Real Issue
  214. Biologos
  215. Jan Markell radio show for 3-31-2012: "The Submerging Church" aka the leftist Emergent Church moveme
  216. RRR Apostasy Alert radio show with Jackie Alnor for March 9 2012 on so called christian magazines
  217. Mark Driscoll 'Obsessed With Sex,' Says Critic; Followers Ecstatic to See Pastor Go 'Mainstream'
  218. larry huch of daystar tv hit a new low today (with his so called passover show)....
  219. Another "Christian" Academy Brings New Age Mormon Glenn Beck to Their School to Speak.
  220. seeker driven SBC pastor Ed Young Jr.'s Flavour Conference 2012 for Ladies!
  221. Brannon Howse: why was David Jeremiah doing TBN 'S recent beg-a-thon
  222. Third Church Leaves Harvest Bible Chapel Organization
  223. seeker driven Granger Church in Indiana and their State of the Church address (and my response)
  224. seeker driven Crystal Cathedral Treading Water? Family Members Fired, 'Hour of Power' Goes to Reruns
  225. North Carolina Pastor and self professed Apostle accused of abuse .
  226. Pat Robertson Has Gone Off The Deep End!
  227. COMMENTARY: UM bishops should favor discipleship, not Discipline
  228. Colorado Megachurch Mulls Split From PCUSA Over Gay Marriage
  229. WVW radio show: To be “Loving” now means you embrace ecumenicalism (Glenn Beck and...)
  230. Christian Teens Tell Seeker Driven Churches: Challenge Us, Don't Water Down Gospel
  231. Jan Markell radio show for 3-3-2012: Why are Leftist "Christians" gathering in Israel to slam Israel
  232. Spiritual Deception in the End Times- Renegade Christians aka NAR peddlers like Todd Bentley and..
  233. Why Has Unitarian Bishop Carlton Pearson Been Allowed to Have Church At Pentecostal church in...
  234. Fat, Apathetic Christianity? (aka seeker driven and NAR madness in many churches
  235. Evanschultzical (aka a name many willow creek association pastors and other pastors call themselves
  236. The Many Faces of Christian Bloggers, as Seen By Our Critics (aka seeker and emergent and WOF types)
  237. "A Common Word between Us and You" document comes from Surah 3:64
  238. NAR & seeker driven churches in Omaha sign Nebraska Heritage Coalition calling Homosexuality a SIN
  239. The gospel according to Whitney sermon series. Really?
  240. seeker driven church's rap song Tithing and I Know It
  241. 100 Top Contemplative Proponents Evangelical Christians Turn To Today
  242. http://www.lighthousetrailsresearch.com/blog/?p=8407
  243. Rick Warren builds bridge to Muslims (and then will later deny it and complain...
  244. Daystar TV 's Robert Morris teams up with Willow Creek Association leader Bill Hybels and....
  245. FFTF radio: Atheist Penn Jillette is Making More Sense Than Many Christians??
  246. FFTF radio show: Sermon Review: The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig by a Pastor Tim Conder
  247. Universalism peddling Emergent Church Members Get Tattoos of Jesus' Death for Lent
  248. seeker driven Concert or Devoted Student Conference Opener at Healing Place Church in Baton Rouge
  249. Salvation Army and Labyrinths
  250. Assumed evangelicalism: Some reflections en route to denying the gospel, by David Gibson