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  2. Joseph Chambers
  3. FFTF radio: False Prophet William Tapley Says Antichrist Arrives Gangnam Style
  4. FFTF radio: Is the Jezebel Spirit Targeting You? and Joel Osteen and Oprah Winfrey
  5. seeker driven Steven Furtick Audaciously Channels Stuart Smalley
  6. Recommendation of Apologetics book please
  7. Brannon Howse: How the AFA and FRC and Domionists got Obama re-elected
  8. Can we reclaim the Church from the Domionists and Emergents and Seeker-Driven folks?
  9. FFTF radio host: Make a mental note of "pastors" who are by claiming Mormons are Christian
  10. Jacksonville Florida Mega Church is Building Their Own Hotel????
  11. FFTF radio: Perry Noble Misses the Whole Point of Eve and Adam
  12. Apostasy Alert radio show for 11-2-2012: Mike Bickle of IHOP and other False Prophets
  13. Dominionists are Coming in for a Landing! (False Prophet Lou Engle and...
  14. 16,000 Halloween revelers rock Rick Warren's 'Blocktober' on Halloween Night
  15. Seeker Driven Church in Indiana 's Simpsons tv show "Praise" Song???
  16. FFTF radio: Martin Luther Against the Self-Indulgences of the Modern Seeker Driven Church
  17. Jesus Says To Bless Your Friends With White Floaty Comet Like Ions?!?!
  18. Seeker Church's 10 Year Celebration (Can You Spot What's Missing)
  19. A little help: Walid Shoebat
  21. seeker driven church Stevens Creek "Church" Culps Money Medley
  22. The "Church of Christ" and needing Water Baptism to be saved
  23. Revealing Apostasy: The Great Falling Away
  24. Brannon Howse radio: Rick Warren announces a ten year anniversary update of The Purpose Driven Life
  25. Paul Crouch's obscene hand gesture!
  26. another Seeker Driven Church invites Porn Star Ron Jeremy to speak on a Sunday Morning
  28. False Prophet Patricia King Loses Her Mind
  29. Billy Graham’s Evangelical Group Removes Mormonism From Cult List
  30. Jesus Ween?!?
  31. FFTf radio show for 10-16-2012: what does it mean to be a "Evangelical" nowadays
  32. FFTF radio for 10-15-2012: Brian Mc Laren and Mathias Grehn and False Prophet William Tapley
  33. Pale Horse Of The Apocalypse
  34. Homesexuality Nashville Church
  36. Acts 29 Network church and 2 WCA churches named "best" churches in Omaha (and my comment...
  38. FFTF radio show for 10-12-2012: False Prophet Patricia King and Will Mancini and...
  39. FFTF radio: False Prophets Rick Joyner and Jim Bakker Embrace Mormon "Christians"
  40. "Division among believers give unbelievers an excuse to not believe" - average seeker driven pastor
  41. Worldview Weekend radio show: What is the unbiblical legacy of Oral Roberts and why should his life
  42. Emergent Shane Hipps Says "Jesus Doesn't Claim Christianity As His Own"
  43. FFTF radio show for 10-9-2012: Putting Experience about Sound Doctrine
  44. Brannon Howse radio show for 10-5-2012: Tim Keller 's church in NYC and...
  46. Apostasy Alert radio show for 10-5-2012: How does "Christian" television fit into God's plan...
  47. NAR peddler and False Prophet Rick Joyner Hopes Romney will Fulfill MORMON 'White Horse Prophecy'
  48. even False Prophet William Tapley sees what's wrong with Ed Young Jr. but...
  49. FFTF radio show: October 04, 2012 on Joyce Meyer's Identity Theft and WOF peddling
  50. Rick Warren: “Slammed for Chrislam or Slammed for Love?”
  51. seeker driven pastors Joel Osteen and Rick Warren are doing a live event on FB with Oprah Winfrey
  52. WVW radio show: Churches canceled church services or changed their times for a ball game.
  53. FFTF radio for 10-2-2012: The Church is Dying and Here's Why
  54. Katy Perry, Lada Gaga Inspired Church Stage Design
  55. FFTF radio show: God Wants to Dream With You?!? and Doug Pagitt
  56. Worldview Weekend radio show: Jan Markell and Mike Huckabee promoting False Teachers
  57. When The Dollar Signs Are Larger Than The Cross...
  58. FFTF radio show: False Prophet and NAR peddler Patricia King Teaches the Law of Attraction
  59. Joel Osteen meets Jesus he knows me song by Genesis (youtube video)
  60. Apostasy Alert radio show for 9-28-2012
  61. Liberal pastors attack Hobby Lobby stand against abortion
  62. FFTF radio show for 9-27-2012: Donald Trump's Personal Flavor of Christianity and Liberty University
  63. Mark Driscoll needs to repent (as does his enablers in the Missional & Acts 29 Network Movements ...
  64. WOF pedddler Brian Houston tells people on twitter: Stop calling out False Teachers
  65. Worldview Weekend radio show: What are the causes of the pending death of discernment?
  66. Faith and the Force?? (Star Wars meets Christianity???
  67. Worldview Weekend radio show topic: Rodney Howard Browne & Kenneth Copeland as they ramble on...
  68. why are many christians so passionate about a football game, but not about GOD or...
  69. FFTF radio for 9-25-2012:
  70. FFTF radio for 9-21-2012: Steven Furtick Tells His Church to Dig Ditches and...
  71. Tony Jones says death to homeschooling
  72. Seeker driven church asks a important question: Which superhero did you wish to be as a child?
  73. Definition of Irony and Hypocrisy: a Omaha UCC leader calling others out for lying
  74. seeker driven pastor and WOF peddler Steven Furtick Should Just STOP!
  75. Kirk Cameron: In Your Face Compromise with Mormons and Domionists
  76. FFTF radio for 9-20-2012: Jesus's Wife and Perry Noble and...
  77. Worldview Weekend radio: Tmeaning of Philippians 2:5-8 & how the NAR and WOF types use those verses.
  78. John Downey: I Declare = Word-Faith Preachers are Agents of Satan
  80. Richard Foster’s mystical influence in mainstream Churches
  82. FFTF radio: Vertical Church and James MacDonald conference Debrief part 1 and..
  83. Fifty Shades of Grace?!?! (seeker church to do sermon series based on 50 Shades of Gray
  85. Emergent Church leader and John 14:6 denier Brian McLaren crossed the road…
  86. Brannon Howse asks: Who is Bill Johnson of Bethel Church in Redding, California?
  87. MOPS Heads Toward Contemplative Spirituality
  88. FFTF radio for 9-10-2012: False Prophet Patricia King and WOF peddler Joyce Meyer Allegorize...
  89. FFTF radio show for 9-11-2012: seeker pastor David Crank in st. louis missouri area and....
  90. Can false teachers bear good fruit?
  91. what is off or wrong on Brookside Church of Omaha's statement on their website
  92. RR radio Apostasy Alert radio show for 9-7-2012: how the NAR movement is hurting Bible Believers...
  93. Brannon Howse radio show: Why do some evangelical leaders and pastors compromise even late in life?
  95. FFTF radio: Does seeker pastor Steven Furtick's New Book "Greater" Rightly Teach God's Word?
  96. WOF peddler and Daystar TV host Kenneth Copeland: My Teachings Helped Topple the Berlin Wall
  97. Is God Your Genie in a Bottle? (aka the word of faith movement peddlers and...
  98. Sun Myung Moon, founder of Unification Church, dies at 92
  99. Bill Keller of Live Prayer on NAR enabler and Mormonism enabler Mike Huckabee
  100. RR radio Apostasy Alert radio show for 8-31-2012: The New Breed of young false prophets...
  101. Evangelical Election Prayer Effort Seeks to 'Save America,' Others Cite Ecumenical...
  102. SBC leader and seeker pastor Perry Noble Wants you to Rock And Roll All Night & Party Everyday
  103. Chris Quintana of RR radio on Stand up for Truth radio show today!!!! (topic: apostasy and...
  104. FFTF radio 8-27-2012: Sermon Review: A Delayed Dream, by Pete Wilson of Cross Point in Nashville
  105. Crystal Cathedral
  106. RR Radio Apostasy Alert radio show for 8-24-2012: Contending for the faith - to some that is a negat
  107. FFTF radio: seeker driven pastor Steven Furtick Channels Stuart Smalley
  108. Rick Warren cancels Obama-Romney forum at Saddleback "Church"
  109. FFTF radio for 8-22-2012: Steven Furtick Narcigetes Matthew 16 and...
  110. “Touch not?” (aka the seeker driven and WOF movement and NAR cult movement 's favorite words
  111. FFTF radio for 8-20-2012: False Prophets William Tapley and Todd Bentley return...
  112. Brannon Howse radio show for 8-20-2012 on Glenn Beck and David Barton and...
  113. why is Congresswoman Bachman (MN) going to event with Rodney Howard-Browne (is speaking)
  114. FFTF radio for 8-17-2012: False Prophets Patricia King & Joshua Mills claim Dominion Over Time
  115. Patriotic Idolatry: America for Jesus and the NAR and Jonathan Cahn
  116. Papillion Nebraska Methodist Pastor: Why I am doing a sermon on Nebraska Cornhuskers (and my comment
  117. RR Apostasy Alert for 8-17-2012: The New Mystics (aka John Crowder and Benny Hinn & the NAR movement
  118. NAR peddler and False Prophet Joshua Mills and his Intensified Glory Institute
  119. FFTF radio for 8-14-2012: Charismatic Lexicon aka the NAR cult movement's words they use
  120. Todd Friel: Run as fast as u can from the N.A.R. aka Cindy Jacobs and the AFA & Mike Bickle and...
  121. FFTF radio show for 8-13-2012: Rod Parsley Explains the Power to Get Wealth
  122. Ken Silva article: What GOD says about False Prophets and False Teachers
  123. 50 Shades of Grey meets the seeker driven pulpit!
  124. When Your “Favorite” Christian Leader Is In Serious Error, How Do You Respond?
  125. FFTF radio: Circle Maker Blasphemies (aka a radio show Lifegate Church of Omaha should listen to
  126. Pragmatism: the Trojan Horse Within Evangelicalism
  127. FFTF Sermon Review: Jerks of the Bible: Pharaoh by Stan Killebrew, Northview Church Carmel Indiana
  128. Stand up for the truth radio show on Willow Creek Association seeker-driven leadership summit
  130. What kind of church do you attend???
  131. False Prophet Cindy Jacobs claims she can raise people from the dead
  132. Perry Noble 's latest anti-discernment rant accidently causes him to attack Furtick, Young & himself
  133. The REAL Fast and Furious program (aka the apostasy problem in most churches nowadays
  134. Ohio Church Starts Professional Wrestling Organization
  135. August 6, 2012 Brannon Howse radio show on the Harbinger book and...
  136. SWRC radio show for August 20 2012: The Biblical Case against seeker pastor Rick Warren
  137. FFTF radio show: Steven Furtick Misses The Point of Scripture...Again
  138. Brannon Howse radio show for July 31, 2012: Glenn Beck and IHOP and...
  139. seeker driven SBC pastor Ed Young Jr. Hams it Up for His New Church
  140. FFTF radio: Circle Maker Review: What's Your Jericho? (and a open plea to Lifegate Church of Omaha
  141. "Physical Bodies in the new earth" What.......?
  142. RR radio Apostasy Alert radio show for 8-27-2012: Johnathan Cahn's The Harbinger and TBN and...
  143. FFTF radio show: Sermon Review: The Amazing Spiderman, Conquering Self-Doubt by Nate Anderson
  144. Sid Roth slams seeker driven churches (while he enables False Prophets to corrupt the churches
  145. Brannon Howse radio show for July 25, 2012 on Glenn Beck's latest spirtual event and...
  146. Michael Jackson Thriller Dance at The Potter's House Church Of Denver
  147. Seeker Driven "Pastor" Craig Groeschel Turning God's House Into a Gangsta's Paradise
  148. FFTF radio show on Christian Uprising to "Take Back" Hollywood?? (and my comments)
  149. FFTF radio show on the Harbinger book
  150. Seeker driven pastor & leader Steven Furtick promoting WOF peddler Rod Parsley???
  151. FFTF radio host Chris Rosebrough Short Circuits Jonathan Cahn and the Harbinger
  152. Christianizing Shamanism???
  153. Apostasy Alert with Jackie Alnor radio show for 7-20-2012
  154. A Postcard from Laodicea Church (aka the Emergent and Contemplative Prayer and seeker churches)
  155. 5 Theological errors to learn (and avoid) from the dumb-the-folks-down seeker driven church
  156. Live Prayer 's Bill Keller: One of the most perverted messages to come out of the church is...
  157. FFTF radio show for 7-17-2012: False Prophet and NAR peddler Patricia King and the Angel of Restorat
  158. from Jim Bakker's website: Rick Joyner and Sid Roth and Harbinger author are "Prophets"
  159. This will shock you! Salvation Army.
  160. scandal ridden TBN promoting the Emergent Church??
  161. False Prophets now teaching no rapture.
  162. False Prophet Beni Johnson (wife of False Prophet Bill Johnson of Bethel Church is Stressed Out
  163. Seeker Driven Pastor Ed Young's 8000 SF Mansion On the Market in Texas: A Steal at Only $2.2 Million
  164. Iowa ELCA runned "Christian" College Professor says JESUS "was a muslim"
  165. J. Lee Grady and Stephen Strang and Charisma Magazine = NAR? and NAR peddlers
  167. Real Tragedy is Not When Truth is Censored by the Government or Liberal Media But By "Christians"...
  168. Atheist Calls Out Pastor on Gays Can Go to Heaven Comments
  169. Facebook post gets TBN worker fired (TBN has at least now it's 3rd scandal in so many months now)
  170. Live Prayer's Bill Keller: why do Liberal Celebs like Joel Osteen and other seeker pastors
  171. WOF peddler and Daystar TV host Joseph Prince
  172. Seeker Driven Pastrix Kelly Dykstra at Ed Young Jr. 's C3 conference
  173. A Shepherd Guards His Flock (and names false teachers who are deceiving people
  174. Episcopalians Move Closer Allowing Transgender Ministers
  175. Joel Osteen is the voice of Evangelical Christianity??
  176. Apostasy alert radio show for July 6 2012: the Harbinger book and...
  177. PCUSA says you can't spank your children
  178. Ed Young Jr. and Skinny Jeans and Testosterone
  179. NAR peddler Lou Engle: "The Avengers" movie is a lesson in spiritual warfare against demons
  180. Wretched tv: a Slashed Church service? (seeker "church" in Southern Florida
  181. WOF leader Kenneth Copeland uses Steven Furtick and Rick Warren tactic/word on critics
  182. Obama Supporters Jim Wallis and Brian McLaren Praise OWS with their Occupy Theology
  183. Evangelical Calls on Alan Chambers to Step Down Over 'Gays Can Go to Heaven' Remarks
  184. Rick Warren: all my critics and discerning christians are arrogant?
  185. NewSpring's "Take the Land Money" Campaign (aka Perry Noble 's church in South Carolina
  186. Emergent Peter Rollins demands Christians stop talking about Jesus and ethics
  187. T.D. Jakes and Chopra: Apostate Christianity
  188. seeker driven pastor Tommy Sparger resigns from his church
  189. FFTF radio host: Dear Zondervan Books Company, every cent that U make from selling false doctrine...
  190. Word of Faith Teacher or Harry Potter Character said this statement...
  191. FFTF radio: Sermon Review: Brave by T.C. Mooney, Church by the Glades
  192. Apostasy Alert Radio show with Jackie Alnor for 6-29-2012: recap of latest on the TBN lawsuit & ...
  193. Ed Young in Meltdown Mode, Part 1: Ed Blasts Bloggers and Calvinists, Ridicules "Only" 26 Baptisms,
  194. Well-known Bible teachers to appear at conference with Ken Copeland & 2 Catholics at spirtual event
  196. Yoga on the Prayer Labyrinth in a Cathedral?
  197. Ecumenical traitors - If your favorite Christian leader is seen in this link...
  198. FFTF radio show: Sermon Review: Blacklisted by Chris Sonksen & Feelings Dreams & Spiritual Throughts
  199. FFTF radio show for 6-26-2012: Ed Young Jr. and Kong Hee and Kim Kardashian
  200. Phil Pringle friend Kong Hee arrested for alledegly misuing church funds?
  201. ‎'Harbinger' Author Appearing on Mormon Glenn Beck 's tv show to talk about....
  202. Caryl Matrisciana on the Emergent church and Mysticism
  203. $50 Just Might Change Your Life???
  204. Lady Gaga's Telephone and REALLY Bad Church Karaoke -(from a church in England
  205. False Prophets and NAR peddlers and "Healers" and the Quantum Touch
  206. seeker pastor Rick Warren: I am a Relationship Counselor and a Pastor and...
  207. Stand up for truth radio show on The sinking sand of the Emergent Church movement
  208. At the Movies "Sermon" Series Trailer (from Craig Groeschel 's "Life" Church in Oklahoma
  209. seeker pastor Tommy Sparger upset FFTF radio host aint paying much attention to him...
  210. Rock Revival?? - This latest exhibit in the Museum of Idolatry is the epitome of "Traditions of Men"
  211. Twitter damage control: Saddleback says don’t follow enemies
  212. Pastor Rap - Back To Church Sunday in Sept. 2012
  213. Brannon Howse radio show for June 20 2012 (with guest John MacArthur and....
  214. What is Love? "Sermon" Series (from a seeker driven church)
  215. People Will Not Go To Hell For Buying a Hammer From Home Depot but the False Teachers....
  216. That Dad of Mine (Thanks Ed Young and Fellowship Church Spiritual-ish Self-Help Center for...
  217. Stupid "Pastor" Tricks (Here's Erik Dykstra riding a four wheeler onto the stage on Father's Day
  218. Brannon Howse: The Myth of Binding Satan and Taking World Dominion
  219. WOF peddler Pringle Slandering Christians Who Disagree With Him
  220. FFTF radio: Mark Driscoll Wants a Mountain of Dead Bodies Behind Mars Hill's Bus
  221. Car show or Fathers Day service at Bill Hybels church
  222. Texas seeker church's "sermons" about box office wisdom:
  223. Jan Markell radio show: When Contending Becomes Cantankerous
  224. UP YOURS the "Sermon" Series
  225. *** PROSPERITY ***
  226. surprised that the American seeker-sensitive movement hasn't picked up on this
  227. Worldview Weekend radio show: the SBC and NAR peddlers and Emergents work together on...
  228. FFTF radio for 6-14-2012: Hunger Games movie sermon??
  229. Rick Warren just took a swipe at those who preach Jesus from every passage of scripture.
  230. Rihanna Shares WOF peddler Joyce Meyer's Teachings With Fans, Calls "Christian" Speaker 'Awesome'
  231. Like Mark Driscoll? Read through this.
  232. Church Mixed Martial Arts?
  233. Oliver North and Senator Jim DeMint To Speak with False Prophet and NAR peddler Rick Joyner
  234. Caryl Matrisciana on Jan Markell radio show on June 23 2012
  235. John MacArthur speaks out on New Apostolic Nuttiness and folks like Mike Bickle and Cindy Jacobs
  236. Christian and Country singer Carrie Underwood supports gay "marriage"
  237. Playful Puppies Bible?!?! (thanks Zondervan
  238. 2012′s Top Churches to Watch in America (lot of seeker churches are listed
  239. WOF peddler T. D. Jakes Celebrates 35-Years at Star-Studded Event
  240. RR radio show: Afterglow - Live with Johanna Michaelsen (subject: emergent church movement
  241. WOF peddler Phil Pringle’s Resurrection Rort and WOF peddling
  242. Biker Sunday?? (more seeker driven madness
  243. God at the Movies 2012 (seeker driven madness at seeker churches)
  244. Most Christians hate TBN and Daystar and the other so called "christian" tv networks???
  245. WOF peddler and TBN and Daystar tv host Creflo Dollar Arrested for Battery
  246. Worldview Weekend radio show on James Dobson and Jim Wallis and Lou Engle
  247. ‎'Porn King' Ron Jeremy To Visit Seeker-Driven Church in southern California
  248. Human Cannonball At Pastors Conference
  249. What does it even mean to be “Evangelical,” and where is the Evangelical Church headed?
  250. Gifts Within the Hyper-Charismatic Camp? what Gifts????